TriQuint Expands Industry’s Largest SMT Optical Modulator Driver Portfolio with New 100-200 Gb/s Solutions

  TriQuint Expands Industry’s Largest SMT Optical Modulator Driver Portfolio
  with New 100-200 Gb/s Solutions

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HILLSBORO, Ore. -- September 24, 2013

TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ:TQNT), a leading RF solutions supplier
and technology innovator, today announced four new optical network products
that expand the company’s industry-leading portfolio with miniaturized and
integrated modules. TriQuint high performance optical components reduce
overall system costs, simplify RF design and shrink board space for today’s
100 Gb/s optical fiber networks and future 200/400G systems.

In a market once dominated by connectorized modules four or five times the
size of TriQuint’s surface mount technology (SMT) modulator drivers, it’s easy
to see why smaller, more economical solutions continue to win market share.
While legacy ‘gold brick’ modules once met needs, they were complex to
assemble, burdened by high cost and power dissipation, while also demanding
substantial PCB real-estate.

TriQuint introduced the first SMT modulator drivers for high-capacity optical
networks, and has since built the industry’s largest product portfolio.
TriQuint solutions offer higher performance, ease of manufacturing, greater
efficiency and integrated functionality. TriQuint’s unique semiconductor
passivation technology enables modulator drivers and other products to endure
harsh conditions better than any other, which lowers maintenance and extends
operational lifetimes.

“As we expand our optical product portfolio, we remain committed to improving
the performance and lowering system costs for our customers. TriQuint
solutions continue to set RF performance and reliability standards for current
100G and next-generation high capacity networks required to support the
exponential growth in video and data demand,” remarked James L. Klein, Vice
President and General Manager for Infrastructure and Defense Products.

Infonetics Research forecasts continued growth for 100G networks and
components, particularly for lower cost formats such as CFP2. “Operators no
longer view 100G as an exotic technology and the market is entering a new
stage of growth where lower equipment cost is a critical catalyst to wider
adoption. Lower cost 100G networks will accelerate adoption of the technology
into higher volume parts of the market, such as the metro. High performance,
surface-mount solutions like TriQuint’s continue to play key roles in the
transition to 100G systems and beyond,” said Infonetics’ Andrew Schmitt,
Principal Analyst, Optical.

New TriQuint Solutions

TGA4894-SL – TriQuint’s new lead-less SMT  dual-channel linear driver reduces
part counts by half compared to single-channel devices while meeting the
higher order 16 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) requirements for
200/400G systems; it is based on TriQuint’s proven single-channel solutions.
The new TGA4894-SL exhibits high gain, low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and
high channel-to-channel isolation. The TGA4894-SL’s high gain (33dB) is a key
benefit. When paired with commonly utilized / low-power DACs, it provides
sufficient gain to deliver more than 7Vpp to industry-standard modulators;
this results in low THD (<3%), a key requirement for 200/400G systems.

TGA4957-SM – TriQuint’s TGA4957-SM is designed for 40/100G long-haul and
regional markets as well as ultra-long haul (1000-4000+km) systems employing
DP-BPSK modulation. It reduces the device footprint by 50% compared to prior

TGA4840-SM – This new modulator driver provides world-class power dissipation
not exceeding 165mW for 32G baud rates in a miniaturized form factor. This
enables TriQuint to grow its portfolio into short-reach / access network
applications including those connecting smartphones and tablets. The
TGA4840-SM is ideal for ‘hot pluggable’ modules supporting the CFP2/CFP4
standards that are one-half to one-quarter the size of standard CFP modules.

TGA2565-SM – TriQuint’s new SMT wideband clock driver covers three key
frequencies: 11.3, 14.5 and 16.5 GHz. The TGA2565-SM integrates analog gain
control (AGC) that eliminates an off-chip component and utilizes industry
standard plastic encapsulated SMT packaging. This solution reduces part counts
while covering three frequencies with one product.

TriQuint representatives will be available at ECOC in London on September 25
in Meeting Room 9. Contact TriQuint to discover ways TriQuint’s latest RF
optical solutions can reduce costs and improve performance in your design.
TriQuint modulator drivers, clock drivers and transimpedance amplifiers
deliver industry-leading solutions. Visit us online for complete optical RF
portfolio details and register to receive product updates and TriQuint’s

Product Solutions Technical Details: Contact TriQuint for additional

                             Frequency           Gain                  IQ
Part         Description     (GHz)        Vpp    (dB)    3dB    +V     (mA)
TGA4957-SM     28 Gb/s 6          DC-28           4-8       22         25        4-5       450
TGA4840-SM     CFP2 / CFP4        DC-32           1.5       10         28        3.3       50
TGA4894-SL     100 Gb/s           DC-34           5-8       35         25        5-7       650
               Linear Dual
               Driver, 2
TGA2565-SM     Optical            11.3,           27        27         17        6         210
               Clock Driver       14.5 16.5       dBm
            Integrated      (11-17)                               


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production facilities and those of our vendors to meet demand, the ability of
our production facilities and those of our vendors to produce products with
yields sufficient to maintain profitability, as well as the other “Risk
Factors” set forth in TriQuint’s most recent 10-Q report filed with the
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these and other risks could cause actual results to differ materially from
expectations expressed / implied in forward-looking statements.


Founded in 1985, TriQuint Semiconductor (NASDAQ: TQNT) is a leading global
provider of innovative RF solutions and foundry services for the world’s top
communications, defense and aerospace companies. People and organizations
around the world need real-time, all-the-time connections; TriQuint products
help reduce the cost and increase the performance of connected mobile devices
and the networks that deliver critical voice, data and video communications.
With the industry’s broadest technology portfolio, recognized R&D leadership,
and expertise in high-volume manufacturing, TriQuint creates standard and
custom products using gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium nitride (GaN), surface
acoustic wave (SAW) and bulk acoustic wave (BAW) technologies. The company has
ISO9001-certified manufacturing facilities in the U.S., production in Costa
Rica, and design centers in North America and Germany. For more information,

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