Guardtime Announces Alliance to Deliver Authenticated Data

  Guardtime Announces Alliance to Deliver Authenticated Data

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SAN FRANCISCO -- September 18, 2013

Guardtime, the creator of keyless signature technology (KSI) for validating
the integrity and authenticity of digital data, today announced a strategic
partnership with New Context Services, a Neo Innovations Company. Under the
agreement, San Francisco-based New Context Services (New Context) will be
leading Guardtime’s commercial global initiative for training and
certification as well as verification and qualification of new products and
applications integrating KSI.

“Guardtime’s technology is a crucial and critical step for the future of data
security,” says Joi Ito, co-founder of Digital Garage. “Both an individual’s
privacy and international data protection are going to be reliant on
commercial organizations staying vigilant in the protection and assurance of
all data.”

The alliance will focus on Big Data, the industrial Internet and product
innovation teaming Neo Innovations, New Context, and Guardtime with those
industries looking for product innovation, enterprise scale and data

“The decision to select Neo Innovations as our strategic product development
partner was very clear,” said James Blom, President of Guardtime US. “Neo is a
global innovation leader in building disruptive cloud based products and with
New Context they now have the systems integration and data security expertise
that will enable Guardtime to deliver hybrid cloud solutions which have
integrated authentication, attribution and integrity for secure logging and
cloud orchestration.”

James added, “The alliance is focused on combining Neo, NCS’s & Guardtime
expertise to design, build, make and operate information and software
assurance data services for firms in aerospace, automotive, insurance,
financial services and healthcare. Guardtime knows its crucial to align with
companies that build innovative products and services that are orchestrated
for cloud platforms; Leveraging architectures which require systems
integration teams that deliver business process and engineering systems
outsourcing from Singapore to San Francisco to New York to Edinburgh.”

“Security, data assurance, systems architecture, software engineering, UX, UI
and product development need to be thought of as one ecosystem as opposed to
individual silo’s that do not communicate with each other. It’s our
responsibility as community of practitioners that we understand you can not
build anything of scale without approaching it from a holistic viewpoint. Lean
and Agile methodologies need to bring everyone to the table, and we all must
iterate together to build robust products,” said Daniel Riedel, CEO of Neo
Innovations. “We created New Context Services as a new division focused on
providing world class systems automation, security architecture and
Information assurance. As we did with Neo Innovations we have brought together
the best minds in the industry to lead this effort.”

Daniel added, “We will be pairing Neo’s great work around products with NCS’s
systems architecture and security expertise with Guardtime’s technology in
analytics-heavy industries such as M2M (machine to machine), automotive,
telematics, the connected and autonomous car, as well as products and services
that work with that data.”

“We look forward to the opportunities that New Context Services empowered with
such technologies such as Guardtime can bring to the DG Portfolio. This
alliance will help bolster the foundation of Innovation that Digital Garage is
known for,” commented Kaoru Hayashi, Group CEO of Digital Garage.

"Establishing this alliance is another step in our vision to transform society
to one where electronic data is more reliable than physical and where all data
comes with irrefutable proof of integrity and authenticity," said Mike Gault,
CEO of Guardtime. “We are increasingly seeing the need for building modern and
innovative solutions around our technology, as we see change in design such as
the integration with a connected car where data assurance is no longer a
feature of a product but instead is becoming a requirement.”

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About Neo Innovation

Headquartered in San Francisco, Neo Innovation, Inc. ( is a global
product innovation company with offices in North and South America, Asia and
Europe. Rooted in the belief that ‘building the right thing’ requires bringing
together the best in business, technology and design, Neo takes an iterative,
collaborative, evidence-based approach to product design and creation. Our
global teams are composed of world-class engineers, designers and product
managers. Neo’s clients cover the spectrum from startups to large enterprises
and governments and include world-recognized organizations like Time, American
Express, PayPal, Sunlight Foundation, GE, AT&T, ICANN and Turnstone.

About New Context Services

New Context Services, Inc., a Neo Innovation company, is focused on providing
world class Systems Automation, Operations, Security Architecture and
Information Assurance. A team of world class experts in security and
operations is working with our partners to create a new level in data trust.

About Guardtime

Guardtime brings transparency and accountability to digital society. Founded
in 2007, Guardtime invented Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) - a
technology that allows any type of electronic activity to be independently
verified using only formal mathematical methods, without the need for trusted
administrators. Deployed by world governments, KSI provides an independent
audit trail for everything that happens in digital society, limiting liability
and making it impossible for insiders or sophisticated cyber attackers to
manipulate data and cover their tracks. Implementing Guardtime KSI technology
ensures reliable communications, travel, shopping, banking, and identity and
privacy protection.

About Digital Garage

Tokyo-based Digital Garage (JASDAQ: 4819) focuses mainly on 3 business
domains: Incubation of Internet Startups, Marketing business and Online
Payment Platform business. Since its inception in 1995, the company has
pioneered various domains of Internet businesses in Japan, including portals,
media representation, e-commerce, mobile communication and blogging. An
investor in Twitter and Path, Digital Garage has created partnerships to
customize the Japanese versions of Twitter and LinkedIn.


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