Kaazing Two Times Faster and Five Times More Efficient for Real-Time Web and Mobile

  Kaazing Two Times Faster and Five Times More Efficient for Real-Time Web and

  New Kaazing 4.0 release enhances performance of bandwidth utilization and
                      delivers highly scalable solution

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- September 18, 2013

Kaazing, the leading provider of live web and mobile communication and authors
of HTML5 WebSocket, today announced the launch of the new Kaazing WebSocket
Gateway 4.0. Through the company’s revolutionary standards-based architecture,
the new platform significantly improves bandwidth utilization by up to five
times, decreases latency by up to 50%, and reduces CPU utilization by up to
25% - bolstering performance and scalability. With these improvements,
customers can now handle more users and improve overall user experience
through faster data delivery, superior bandwidth optimization and CPU

“This newest release will help our clients in industries like banking and
gaming reduce bandwidth by as much as five times, and decrease latency by a
factor of two,” said John Donnelly III, executive vice president of Kaazing.
“For global gaming clients, this could mean a reduction from 60 millisecond
latencies to 30 milliseconds, thereby enabling better user experience, more
transactions and more revenue. This new release offers more features and is
easier to develop, requiring almost no custom coding to integrate and stream
message data. No other solution provider could surpass our newest release on
bandwidth efficiencies or performance.”

The Kaazing platform delivers data more efficiently than ever without the need
for custom coding, an application development approach that Kaazing has
embraced since inception. The 4.0 “code free” enhancements can save companies
weeks or months of work during initial deployments and ongoing maintenance of
their real-time applications.

The improved bandwidth utilization is due to the new use of binary encoding
and delta messaging that delivers only the net new data or message changes to
clients. By doing so, Kaazing significantly reduces the data overhead by up to
five times. These enhancements could represent hundreds of thousands of
dollars in development, maintenance and network costs for each real-time
project over its lifetime.

The new conflation feature optimizes the experience for slow clients such as
mobile users. Clients receive a single message that rolls up missed messages
and the latest data into one message, helping them keep up with real-time
data. Similar to the bandwidth enhancements, Kaazing’s new conflation feature
does not require a developer to write any custom code.

Additional key features of new Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 4.0 include:

  *Identical configuration means all cluster members have the same
    configuration for simpler maintenance and making it easy to scale up
  *Kaazing Command Center with new graphical interface for administrators to
    easily track, measure, and monitor key data and message delivery metrics
  *Performance enhancements that reduce CPU usage up to 25%, increasing
    throughput for improved latency and increased numbers of users
  *Last value cache allows latest data to be always available to be received
    by all users, no matter when they connect to the application

“For our TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) customers, the Kaazing
platform, which powers our TIBCO Web Messaging (TWM) product, delivers
incredible functionality,” said Denny Page, chief engineer of TIBCO. “It
enables the event-driven enterprise to deliver dynamic, timely data securely
to and from web and mobile. TWM provides critical business connectivity,
allowing messages to be delivered quickly, securely, reliably and at scale.
With the new and improved platform, our EMS customers who leverage TWM are
better equipped to deliver more responsive applications and further enhance
the end user experience.”

To find out how you can benefit by deploying the new Kaazing WebSocket Gateway
4.0, register for a free webinar at

About Kaazing

Kaazing provides the leading enterprise web and mobile communication platform
for live data delivery and is the creator of the universally adopted HTML5
WebSocket standard. The company’s high-performance web communication platform
is essential for always on, always connected enterprises that require secure,
reliable, massively scalable, and instant two-way data delivery. It delivers
more than 10x the performance for applications including real-time
transactions, monitoring, notifications, trading, analytics and collaboration.
Based in Mountain View, CA, Kaazing has offices in North America, Europe, and
Asia. Customers and partners include TIBCO, and Global 1000 financial,
transportation, logistics, healthcare, ecommerce and entertainment companies.
Learn more at http://www.kaazing.com or blog.kaazing.com, and follow @Kaazing
on Twitter.

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