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Anglo American Withdraws from Pebble Project

                 Anglo American Withdraws from Pebble Project

PR Newswire

VANCOUVER, Sept. 16, 2013

VANCOUVER, Sept. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (TSX:
NDM; NYSE MKT: NAK) ("Northern Dynasty" or the "Company") reports that Anglo
American (US) Pebble LLC ("AA Pebble"), a wholly owned US subsidiary of Anglo
American plc ("Anglo American"), has given notice under the Pebble limited
partnership agreement that it is withdrawing from the Pebble copper project in

Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive  of Anglo American,  said: "Despite our  belief 
that Pebble is  a deposit of  rare magnitude  and quality, we  have taken  the 
decision to  withdraw  following a  thorough  assessment of  Anglo  American's 
extensive pipeline  of  long-dated project  options.  Our focus  has  been  to 
prioritise capital to projects with the highest value and lowest risks  within 
our portfolio, and reduce the capital required to sustain such projects during
the  pre-approval  phases  of  development  as  part  of  a  more   effective, 
value-driven capital allocation model."

As of June 30, 2013, AA Pebble has funded US$541 million of expenditure on the
Pebble Project. Following the AA Pebble withdrawal, PLP will proceed under the
sole ownership of Northern Dynasty.

In light of the parties' shared desire to ensure an orderly exit, the detailed
aspects of AA Pebble's withdrawal from the Pebble project are being  developed 
and implemented.

Northern Dynasty CEO Ron Thiessen  commented "Northern Dynasty will again  own 
100% of one of  the world's most  important copper &  gold resources and  will 
have the benefit of $541 million  worth of expenditures, which opens the  door 
to  a  number  of  exciting   possibilities  for  Northern  Dynasty  and   its 
shareholders and the  Pebble Project and  its stakeholders.  Northern  Dynasty 
and the Pebble Partnership have both the expertise and resources necessary  to 
advance the Pebble Project."

About the Pebble Project

The Pebble Project is an initiative  of the Pebble Partnership to  responsibly 
develop  a  globally  significant  copper,  gold  and  molybdenum  deposit  in 
southwest Alaska into a  modern, long-life mine, which  will benefit not  only 
the owner, but the people, culture and  industries of the State of Alaska,  as 
well as suppliers, consultants and industries in the Lower 48 United States of
America. A recent study authored by IHS Global Insight, entitled The  Economic 
and Employment Contributions  of a Conceptual  Pebble Mine to  the Alaska  and 
United States Economies found the Pebble Project has the potential to  support 
15,000 American jobs and contribute more than $2.5 billion annually to US  GDP 
over  decades   of   production.   A   copy  the   study   is   available   at

The project  is  located  200  miles southwest  of  Anchorage  on  state  land 
designated for mineral exploration and development. It is situated in a region
of rolling  tundra approximately  1,000 feet  above sea-level,  65 miles  from 
tidewater on Cook Inlet and presents favourable conditions for successful mine
site and infrastructure development.

About Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.

Northern Dynasty is  a mineral  exploration and development  company based  in 
Vancouver, Canada, which  holds indirect interests  in over 600  sq. miles  of 
mineral claims in southwest Alaska, USA. Northern Dynasty's principal asset is
the Pebble Project, an advanced-stage initiative to develop one of the world's
most important mineral resources.

Ronald W. Thiessen
President & CEO

                             Sole Responsibility

No regulatory authority accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of
this release. Northern Dynasty is solely and entirely responsible for the
contents of this news release. No other party, including any parties which
have an interest in the project, are in any way responsible for the contents

           Forward Looking Information and other Cautionary Factors

This release includes certain statements  that may be deemed  "forward-looking 
statements".  All  statements  in  this  release,  other  than  statements  of 
historical facts, especially  those that address  potential mine  feasibility, 
economic effects, estimated resource quantities, grades and contained  metals, 
are forward-looking statements because they are generally made on the basis of
estimation and  extrapolation  from  a  limited  number  of  drill  holes  and 
metallurgical  studies.  Although  the   Company  believes  the   expectations 
expressed  in  its   forward-looking  statements  are   based  on   reasonable 
assumptions, such statements should not be in any way construed as  guarantees 
of the ultimate size, quality or commercial feasibility of the Pebble  Project 
or of the Company's future performance. The likelihood of future mining at the
Pebble Project  is  subject  to a  large  number  of risks  and  will  require 
achievement of a number of technical, economic and legal objectives, including
obtaining  necessary   mining   and  construction   permits,   completion   of 
pre-feasibility and final  feasibility studies, preparation  of all  necessary 
engineering for  an  open  pit  and/or  underground  workings  and  processing 
facilities as  well as  receipt of  significant additional  financing to  fund 
these objectives as well as funding mine construction. Such funding may not be
available to the  Company on  acceptable terms  or on  any terms  at all.  The 
mineralization at the Pebble  Project has not yet  been classified as ore  and 
there is no assurance  that it will  ever be classified as  ore. The need  for 
compliance with extensive environmental and socio-economic rules and practices
and the requirement for the Company to obtain government permitting can  cause 
a delay or even abandonment of a mineral project. The Company is also  subject 
to the  specific risks  inherent in  the mining  business as  well as  general 
economic and  business  conditions.  For  more  information  on  the  Company, 
Investors should review the Company's annual Form 40-F filing with the  United 
States Securities and  Exchange Commission and  its home jurisdiction  filings 
that are available at

SOURCE Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.


For further details on Northern Dynasty please visit the Company's website
at or contact Investor services at (604) 684-6365 or
within North America at 1-800-667-2114. Review Canadian public filings
at and US public filings at
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