Wonderful Ones Unite! Nintendo Unleashes The Wonderful 101

  Wonderful Ones Unite! Nintendo Unleashes The Wonderful 101

Heroic Wii U Game Features Epic Game Play Built for a Superhero … 101 of Them!

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REDMOND, Wash. -- September 12, 2013

Earth’s only hope against an alien invasion is a team of 100 fearless
superheroes, and they need YOUR help. Only you can unite these superheroes –
not to become the “Just OK 101,” or even the “So-So 101,” but rather the
Wonderful 101! Launching on Sept. 15 exclusively for the Wii U console, The
Wonderful 101 is an incredibly vibrant action game that lets players control a
team of superheroes that is trying to defeat alien invaders known as
GEATHJERK. Individually, these superheroes pack a decent punch, but unite them
together and they are unstoppable.

“The Wonderful 101 is one of the most over-the-top games on Wii U – in a good
way,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of
Sales & Marketing. “Featuring hordes of heroes and enemies on screen at once,
deep game play that rewards experimentation and several different uses for the
Wii U GamePad, the game illustrates the kind of original and refreshing
experiences that can only be found on Wii U.”

The Wonderful 101 is filled with a cast of colorful characters, led by the
dynamic Wonder-Red. Players can meet other heroes that will join the team,
such as the charming Wonder-Blue and the tough-as-nails Wonder-Pink. These
fellow superheroes each grant players access to a new ability.

The touch-screen actions performed on the GamePad controller are vital to the
success of the superheroes’ brave mission. By drawing certain symbols on the
screen or with the right Control Stick, players combine multiple heroes in a
Unite Morph. A circle forms Unite Hand, which delivers a powerful blow; a
straight line creates Unite Sword, which can be used to attack enemies on all
sides; a right angle activates Unite Gun, a morph that is useful against
aerial targets; and a wavy line unleashes the power of Unite Whip, which can
rip the armor from an enemy’s body.

By drawing circles around average citizens and sending them Wonder-Energy,
players can recruit them to become heroes in battle. The more citizens players
recruit, the more powerful their Unite Morph attacks become. To further
bolster their ranks, players can track down and recruit the rest of the
Wonderful 100, who have eccentric costumes and wild names, like Wonder-Guitar,
Wonder-Locomotive, Wonder-Signal and even Wonder-Toilet.

Unite Morphs are also used for puzzle solving in the sprawling and towering
game world. Drawing a straight line might create a ladder for scaling a wall
or a bridge to cross between buildings. Unite Hand might be used to turn an
oversized crank, while drawing a triangle might create a hang glider to fly
through the city. Puzzle solving also takes advantage of the second screen on
the Wii U GamePad controller by allowing players to control individual heroes.

The in-game Wonderful Mart lets players spend O-Parts acquired during battles
to unlock additional Unite Morphs, as well as new abilities and upgrades. The
game also challenges players to get top scores in their missions as they gain
strength and experience, and learn more devastating combos.

In addition to the frenetic single-player mode, The Wonderful 101 offers a
co-op multiplayer mode for up to five players. With one player controlling
with the GamePad and four others each using either a Wii U Pro Controller or
Wii Remote with a Classic Controller attached, friends can team up to take on
the game’s numerous and larger-than-life challenges.

The Wonderful 101 can also be purchased and downloaded in the Nintendo eShop
on Wii U. For more information about The Wonderful 101, visit

Remember that Wii U features parental controls that let adults manage the
content their children can access. For more information about this and other
features, visit http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu.

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