KeyNexus Brings Remote Key Encryption Management to Amazon Web Services

  KeyNexus Brings Remote Key Encryption Management to Amazon Web Services

Safeguarding Data with Cloud Security Solution that Separates Encryption “Lock
                                   and Key”

CloudBeat Conference 2013

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SAN FRANCISCO & VICTORIA, Canada -- September 9, 2013

KeyNexus, a division of Dark Matter Labs (DML), today announced the industry’s
first ultra-secure cloud encryption key management service. KeyNexus’
disruptive approach includes separating the “lock” from the “key” in the
cloud, while also promoting encryption interoperability across the public
cloud. Available in late September, the KeyNexus solution for Amazon Web
Services EBS storage partitions (AWS EC2) will enable organizations to store,
manage and audit their encryption keys separately from the cloud.

DML/KeyNexus Founder and CEO, Jeff MacMillan, will debut the product during a
panel at CloudBeat 2013 Conference in a session on “Security in the Cloud” at
1:35 p.m. PT on Monday, September 9^th, in the Sequoia Room of the Grand Hyatt
San Francisco.

DML produces a line of data encryption appliances that protect data assets
stored in databases, file systems and back-ups for organizations of all
sizes.At KeyNexus, these appliances power sophisticated key management for
the cloud, making its cloud-based data far more secure than security systems
that store encryption keys and data on the same cloud, or enterprises that
store keys in a less secure location on-site. Using these hardware security
modules (HSMs) to physically protect the keys, KeyNexus will enable simplified
management of everything from remote key rotation to migration of encrypted
data between various cloud, SaaS and mobile platforms.

“Partial solutions for cloud security management are available today, but many
are cost-prohibitive and require a cloud vendor to manage all keys,” said Jeff
MacMillan, CEO and founder of KeyNexus. “Enterprises face the problems of cost
and complexity for internal key management and many cut corners, storing keys
in the cloud. However, if enterprises don’t store and manage encryption keys
in a location that is separate from the data, it’s essentially like leaving a
house locked, but with the keys in the door. This approach leaves data
vulnerable and users without control or visibility into the key management

KeyNexus offers affordable, immediately accessible subscriptions providing
cloud users the security of enterprise encryption appliances, without the
traditional capital cost. The KeyNexus approach makes it possible for
businesses to access and search data within the cloud without risking data
security. It allows tools like Hadoop to be automatically deployed on AWS in a
manner that allows stored data to be encrypted yet still accessible for Big
Data processing. Additionally, the KeyNexus cloud key management service is
agnostic to where the key is utilized, enabling easy movement of data across
various cloud and mobile environments. The result: encryption keys are
securely stored and managed in a single dashboard on the KeyNexus SaaS
platform, always accessible to the customer, and yet never stored on the same
cloud as the customer’s encrypted data.

“Inkiru used KeyNexus’ key management for data protection in the public cloud
and for the creation of technology to authenticate and authorize users into
the Inkiru platform,” said Liam Lynch, former Inkiru CISO. Lynch was a
founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and former eBay Chief
Security Architect and now serves as an advisor for KeyNexus. Building on the
success of its secure platform, Inkiru has recently been acquired.

KeyNexus’ AWS solution offers a variety of additional attributes:

  *Seamless encryption for EBS storage partitions implemented on several
    variants of Linux Amazon Machine Instances (AMIs)
  *Remote management and rotation of encryption keys, enhancing governance,
    risk and compliance (GRC) objectives for organizations using the KeyNexus’
    SaaS platform
  *Key provisioning interoperability between any cloud platform, application
    or device capable of connecting with KeyNexus’ APIs.

KeyNexus protects access to customer keys by deploying nodes in multiple,
redundant, geographically diverse, SSAE16 SOC-1 certified private datacenters
across the U.S., each co-located with hardware encryption appliances and
connected to AWS via high-speed private fiber channels and virtual private
networks. KeyNexus’ North American (and soon global) network of key management
nodes will operate independently in each jurisdiction, providing customers the
level of key visibility, auditability and compliance they are seeking,
ensuring their keys are never stored outside their jurisdiction of choice.

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availability of KeyNexus AWS offering later this month.

About KeyNexus
Founded in July 2012 as a division of Dark Matter Labs Inc., KeyNexus delivers
the industry’s first disruptive, ultra-secure cloud encryption key management
service the separates the “lock and key” and promotes encryption
interoperability across the public cloud. Dark Matter Labs manufactures
industry leading encryption and key management appliances for businesses in
all industries requiring strong data-at-rest security and industry compliance.
Using these appliances, KeyNexus offers an ultra-secure, external key
management service for applications that reside in the Cloud, an environment
where the deployment of encryption appliances has not previously been
possible, affordable or practical. KeyNexus’ primary focus is delivering
secure key management, storage and provisioning of keys and will partner with
encryption vendors on a variety of cloud, mobile, SaaS and developer
platforms. KeyNexus is first available for AWS EBS partitions in September.
More information about KeyNexus is available at


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