A Helping Hand for Canadian Wildlife

Earth Rangers Inspires Children to Help Save Four Native Species in Decline 
TORONTO, Sept. 9, 2013 /CNW/ - What do the Blanding's turtle, beluga whale, 
Western bumble bee and barn swallow have in common? They are all animals 
native to Canada with populations in decline. They are also the four animals 
that Earth Rangers across Canada will help protect through the Earth Rangers 
Bring Back the Wild program. 
Earth Rangers is the kid's conservation organization dedicated to educating 
children and families about biodiversity and empowering them to take action 
through a unique program called Bring Back the Wild. This national education 
and fundraising initiative teaches children about the importance of protecting 
animals by preserving their natural habitats and raises funds for research and 
the acquisition and restoration of wild spaces. 
Now in its fourth year, this kid-powered conservation program is launching 
four new conservation projects: 
Threats facing Blanding's turtles include habitat loss and fragmentation, 
illegal pet trade and predation. Our conservation project in partnership with 
the Toronto Zoo will help increase the Blanding's turtle population in Ontario 
through a head-starting program that involves raising young turtles indoors 
and releasing them when they are able to survive in the wild. 
Threats facing beluga whales include climate change, sea ice loss, pollution, 
predation and noise from boats. Our conservation project in partnership with 
the Churchill Northern Studies Centre will help purchase special underwater 
recorders to measure the effects of boat noise on belugas' ability to 
communicate, find food, raise their young and detect predators and support 
research on how environmental changes, like contaminants, affect beluga health. 
Threats facing Western bumble bees include habitat loss, disease and pests, 
pesticides, invasive species and climate change. Our conservation project in 
partnership with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum will fund research to better 
understand how we can help bees, study the number and variety of bees in 
Western Canada and create awareness about the importance of bees. 
Threats facing barn swallows include habitat loss, climate change and 
pesticides. Our conservation project in partnership with the Nature 
Conservancy of Canada and Bird Studies Canada will help rebuild five nesting 
habitats, help purchase 12.4 acres of land where barn swallows can make their 
nests and support research to see if barn swallows will adapt to artificial 
In conjunction with the launch of these new conservation projects, Earth 
Rangers is introducing a membership program to encourage children to engage in 
actions that directly contribute to the protection of wildlife. 
When a child signs up to become an Earth Ranger, they will be invited to 
participate in a variety of animal saving missions. Their first mission will 
be to complete a Bring Back the Wild fundraising campaign to help save an 
animal. Along with this action, kids will receive their own personalized Earth 
Rangers membership card as a symbol of being an important part of the Earth 
Rangers community. Once their campaign is complete, members will receive 
additional missions that encourage environmentally responsible behaviours. 
Our goal is to remind kids and their families that even small actions, when 
adopted by many, can have a huge impact. 
About Earth Rangers: Earth Rangers is the kids' conservation organization 
dedicated to educating children and families about biodiversity loss and 
empowering them to Bring Back the Wild™. Building on children's natural 
connection to wildlife, Earth Rangers' focus is to communicate to children a 
positive science-based message on the importance of protecting biodiversity 
and adopting more sustainable behaviours. Through programs including a 
children's website, www.earthrangers.com, a permanent studio at the Royal 
Ontario Museum and a School Outreach Program featuring live Animal 
Ambassadors, Earth Rangers is able to reach, inspire and enable millions of 
children each year to take action to help ensure the lasting survival of 
species in Canada. 
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Video with caption: "When kids sign up to become Earth Rangers they can help 
save animals, like the beluga whale. With help from Earth Rangers  across 
Canada, we're supporting research in Hudson Bay that studies the effects of 
boat noise on belugas' ability to communicate, find food, raise their young 
and detect predators.". Video available at:  
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