01 Communique Reports Results for Third Quarter Fiscal 2013

TORONTO, Sept. 5, 2013 /CNW/ - 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. (ONE:TSX) today 
announced results for its third quarter 2013 which ended July 31, 2013. The 
loss for the third quarter 2013 was $584,941 compared to $697,693 in 2012 a 
decrease of $112,852. Excluding non-cash expenses for stock-based compensation 
and depreciation the adjusted loss for the third quarter 2013 was $235,187 
compared to $271,456 in 2012. The Company completed the quarter with 
$3,566,150 of cash and cash equivalents. 
"The cash operating expenses to run our business, excluding the costs 
associated with intellectual property revenue, were reduced for the third 
quarter to approximately $400,000," said Andrew Cheung, President and CEO for 
01 Communique. "Reducing expenses to this level still allowed us to continue 
with development of a competitive product offering and continue to vigorously 
defend our intellectual property rights against LogMeIn Inc. and Citrix 
Systems Inc. Going forward, we will continue with these two main objectives." 
Citrix Litigation Update - 
On May 8, 2013 a hearing took place in front of the United States Patent and 
Trademark Office's ("USPTO") Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB") in respect 
of the Citrix Systems Inc. ("Citrix") appeal of the results of the inter 
partes re-examination of our United States patent number 6,928,479 ("'479 
Patent") which Citrix had requested. We are now waiting for the PTAB to 
render their written report. We are confident in the merits of our case and 
believe the PTAB will uphold the validity of the '479 Patent. Previously the 
jury in the LogMeIn lawsuit upheld the validity of the 479 Patent as did the 
USPTO patent examiner in the Right of Appeal Notice ("RAN") and the Examiner's 
Report filed last year as part of the appeal process. 
LogMeIn Appeal Update - 
We disagree with the jury's finding of non-infringement in the LogMeIn Inc. 
("LogMeIn") case and, as previously announced, on June 26, 2013 we filed a 
notice of appeal with the United States Court of Appeal for the Federal 
Circuit (Appeal Nos. 2013-1479). LogMeIn has filed a cross appeal, (Case No. 
2013-1525) in respect of the Court Order concluding that our patent was valid 
and enforceable. Their cross appeal has been consolidated with our appeal. As 
part of the appeal process we filed our Appeal Brief with the Federal Circuit 
on August 26, 2013. We are confident in the merits of our appeal. 
Financial Highlights - 

    --  Revenue for the third quarter 2013 was $729,860 compared to
        $582,440 for the same period in 2012, an increase of $147,420
        primarily a result of increased revenue from licensing
        intellectual property. Revenue from intellectual property for
        the third quarter 2013 was $669,500 (2012 - $500,000).
    --  Cash operating expenses which exclude stock-based compensation
        and depreciation were $965,254 for the third quarter 2013
        compared to $857,185 in 2012 an increase of $108,069 primarily
        a result of an increase in expenses relating to intellectual
        property revenue.
    --  Excluding expenses related to intellectual property revenue of
        $568,442 (2012 - $425,000), cash operating expenses for the
        third quarter 2013 were $396,812 compared to 2012 of $432,185 a
        reduction of $35,373.

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for the adequacy or the accuracy of this release.

About 01 Communique
Established in 1992, 01 Communique Laboratory Inc. (TSX: ONE) offers a suite 
of remote access services designed for small-medium sized business, mobile 
professionals and IT service providers. 01's software as a service offerings 
are deployed on-demand and include functionality enabling on-line meetings, 
remote computing and IT support. 01's suite of products includes its remote 
access offering I'm InTouch (www.imintouch.com), its online meeting offering 
(www.imintouchmeeting.com) and its remote support offering I'm OnCall 
(www.imoncall.com ) products are protected in the U.S.A. by its patents 
#6928479 / #6938076 / #8234701 and in Canada by its patent #2309398 and 
Japan by its patent #4,875,094. For more information, visit www.01com.com or 
call (905) 795-888 or (800) 668-2185 (North America only).

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the factors discussed under "Risk Factors" in the company's Annual Information 
Form filed on SEDAR. Although the forward-looking statements contained in this 
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events or circumstances.


                                                        01 Communique Laboratory Inc.
                                                       SELECTED FINANCIAL INFORMATION
                                            Consolidated Statements of Financial Position
                                                          31-Jul-13                            31-Oct-12


Current assets:                                                                                         
    Cash and cash equivalents                        $    3,566,150                         $  4,547,375
    Accounts receivable                                                                          282,981
    Prepaid expenses and other                                                                    35,676
    assets                                                   69,080

Property and equipment                                                                            17,261
                                                     $    3,695,028                         $  4,883,293

Liabilities and Shareholders'                                                                           

Current liabilities:                                                                                    
    Accounts payable and                             $    1,117,028                        $     407,770
    accrued liabilities
    Deferred revenue                                                                                    
                                                             25,916                               34,596
                                                          1,142,944                              442,366

Shareholders' equity:                                                                                   
    Share capital                                                                                       
                                                         39,997,277                           39,566,407
    Contributed surplus                                                                                 
                                                          4,384,066                            3,752,710
    Agent options                                                                                       
                                                            111,780                              248,400
                                                       (41,941,039)                         (39,126,590)
                                                     $    3,695,028                         $  4,883,293
                                                       01 Communique Laboratory Inc.
                                                  SELECTED FINANCIAL INFORMATION
                          Consolidated Statements of Operations and Comprehensive Income
                             For the 3 and 9 month periods ended July 31, 2013 and 2012
                                 for the 3 months ending                  for the 9 months ending
                             31-Jul-13            31-Jul-12               31-Jul-13     31-Jul-12

Revenue                       $729,860             $582,440              $1,096,299      $753,812

Cost of                                                                                          
revenue                            -                     38                     -             261
                               729,860              582,402               1,096,299              


Selling,                       530,394              614,430               1,306,409              
general and                                                                             1,622,145

Patent                         568,442              425,000               1,965,542              
enforcement &                                                                             425,000

Research and                   216,172              244,092                 657,864              
development                                                                               737,567

Interest                         (207)                                     (19,067)              
                                                    (3,327)                              (12,221)
                             1,314,801            1,280,195               3,910,748              

Loss for the                 (584,941)            (697,793)             (2,814,449)             
period and                                                                            (2,018,940)

Loss per                                                                                         
common share

Basic                        $ (0.009)                  $                $  (0.043)            $ 
                                                    (0.012)                               (0.033)

Diluted                      $ (0.009)                  $                       $              $ 
                                                    (0.012)                 (0.043)       (0.033)

average number
of common

Basic                       65,203,807           60,636,502              65,080,948              

Diluted                     65,203,807           60,636,502              65,080,948              
                                                      01 Communique Laboratory Inc.
                                                 SELECTED FINANCIAL INFORMATION
                                            Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
                            For the 3 and 9 month periods ended July 31, 2013 and 2012
               three months ending                           nine months                        
                         31-Jul-13          31-Jul-12          31-Jul-13               31-Jul-12

provided by
(used in):


Loss for the       $     (584,941)   $      (697,793)   $    (2,814,449)        $    (2,018,940)

to reconcile
the loss

for the
period to
net cash
flows from


Depreciation                                    1,538                                           
                             1,754                                 5,657                   7,099

Stock-based                348,000                                                       925,507
compensation                                  424,799            631,356

income                       (207)            (3,327)           (19,067)                (12,221)

Change in                                                                              (217,898)
non-cash                   (1,303)             87,633            908,318
                         (236,697)          (187,150)        (1,288,185)

Interest                                                                                  12,221
income                         207              3,327             19,067
                         (236,490)          (183,823)        (1,269,118)


Issue of                                                                                 375,450
common                         -              275,450            294,250


Purchase of                                                                                    
capital                      (572)              (665)            (6,357)                 (1,455)

Increase                                       90,962                                  (930,237)
(decrease)               (237,062)                             (981,225)
in cash

Cash and                                                                               3,121,417
cash                     3,803,212          2,100,218          4,547,375
beginning of

Cash and           $     3,566,150     $    2,191,180     $    3,566,150         $     2,191,180
end of

SOURCE  01 Communique Laboratory Inc. 
INVESTOR CONTACT: Brian Stringer Chief Financial Officer 01 Communique (905) 
795-2888 x204 brian.stringer@01com.com 
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