Caskeid from Imagination Provides the Ultimate Solution for Wireless Multiroom Audio

Caskeid from Imagination Provides the Ultimate Solution for Wireless Multiroom

Caskeid Delivers Synchronised Performance of a Wired System, Wirelessly

LONDON, Sept. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG),
a leading multimedia, processor, communications and cloud technologies
company, announces Caskeid, the world's most accurately synchronised wireless
multiroom connected audio streaming technology.

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A tried and tested system, Caskeid enables any compatible* audio device to
stream music to Caskeid-enabled audio components or media servers over
standard domestic Wi-Fi networks with low-latency synchronisation that is far
superior to any other multi-speaker solution on the market today and
indistinguishable from the timing accuracy of a wired system.

This is enabled by Imagination's unique technology that was created leveraging
Imagination's in-depth understanding of both Wi-Fi and audio. Caskeid is the
ultimate wireless connectivity technology, enabling wireless speakers and
audio systems including docks, smart-devices, radios and servers to work
seamlessly and robustly in unison.

The unique technology within Caskeid delivers outstanding audiophile-quality
stereo playback with less than 50µS delay; a true 'Wi-Fi Hi-Fi' that is good
enough to replace wires**, satisfying even the most demanding audiophile***.
Indeed, the synchronisation offered by Caskeid is so accurate that customers
will be able to build everything from straightforward multiroom wireless audio
products to fully wireless surround sound systems with separate tuned speakers
across stereo sources.

Caskeid works seamlessly with Imagination's new FlowAudio cloud-based music
and radio service which delivers access to over 24 million music tracks as
well as hundreds of thousands of radio stations, on-demand programmes and
podcasts. FlowAudio was announced by Imagination separately today.

Caskeid technology is available for licensing from Imagination now as part of
its portfolio of advanced connected consumer technology products for custom
SoC design. The first Caskeid compatible audio modules are already shipping
from Frontier Silicon, part of Toumaz Group, with more to follow. Caskeid
based products are shipping from Pure, Imagination's consumer electronics
division, with more to follow from other leading consumer audio brands.

Says Tony King-Smith, EVP marketing, Imagination: "The result of years of hard
work from our leading signal processing, communications and systems engineers,
Caskeid is uniquely effective at maintaining extremely low latency seamless
synchronisation of audio streams across one, two or many wireless devices.
Caskeid is the latest example of how Imagination is developing its
system-level technology solutions portfolio to help more of our semiconductor
and OEM/ODM partners deliver stunning, high-quality products at aggressive
price/performance points. High-quality audio is in our blood: we think Caskeid
demonstrates yet again what is possible with Imagination."

Caskeid is supported by an app framework for Android/iOS that provides full
control and configuration for all Caskeid products. OEMs/ODMs can leverage the
off-the-shelf app framework or can work with Imagination to customise an app
for their brand.

Discover the magic of Caskeid with Jongo from Pure

Pure's Caskeid enabled Jongo speaker family, shipping in the UK, USA and other
markets, demonstrates the capabilities of the technology. The Caskeid-enabled
Jongo range includes the compact Jongo T2, mid-range Jongo T4 and powerful
Jongo T6 wireless stereo speakers; the Jongo A2 wireless hi-fi adapter and the
Jongo S3 portable wireless speaker. To learn more, visit

Editor's Notes

*any product featuring Caskeid is capable of working perfectly with any other
Caskeid compatible product

**Caskeid also works over Ethernet

***the human ear finds it hard to discriminate between sounds with less than
50µS delay between them; Caskeid works well below that figure, making it
indistinguishable from a wired system

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