Photo Release -- Exa Releases PowerFLOW 5, the Fifth Generation of Its Patented DIGITAL PHYSICS Fluid Simulation Technology

Photo Release -- Exa Releases PowerFLOW 5, the Fifth Generation of Its
Patented DIGITAL PHYSICS Fluid Simulation Technology

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exa^® Corporation
(Nasdaq:EXA), a global innovator of fluid simulation solutions for product
engineering, today announced the release of PowerFLOW^® 5, the fifth
generation of its patented DIGITAL PHYSICS^® fluid simulation technology. With
over 40 man-years of research and development behind it, this release
significantly improves PowerFLOW's inherently transient fluid flow and heat
transfer solutions for aerodynamics, thermal, and aeroacoustics applications.
PowerFLOW 5 delivers a level of accuracy and robustness that enables
manufacturers to rely on simulation-driven design and to eliminate physical
testing for an even wider range of applications. The PowerFLOW 5 platform
allows Exa to extend the range of PowerFLOW capabilities to speeds greater
than the speed of sound and positions Exa to provide solutions for many
fluids-related engineering problems in aerospace.

PowerFLOW 5
 PowerFLOW 5 visualization shows great
 detail in the turbulent separated wake
 behind a vehicle driving in a cross
 wind. This newest release of PowerFLOW
 improves prediction of small scale
 details more accurately.

PowerFLOW Simulation
 PowerFLOW aerodynamic simulation of
 airplane wing.

Photos accompanying this release are available at

PowerFLOW 5 features a comprehensive revision of its core fluid simulation
technology, including an enhanced model for turbulence, improved treatment of
the critical boundary layer at the fluid-solid interface, and a
ground-breaking, patent-pending thermal solver based on our proprietary
lattice Boltzmann technology. The results are further improvements in
PowerFLOW's industry leading accuracy and numerical robustness that widen the
gap between Exa's transient lattice Boltzmann solution and traditional codes.
The PowerFLOW 5.0 Suite, the first production release based on the PowerFLOW 5
platform, is available immediately. It has been extensively validated against
a large suite of industrial cases.

"I believe PowerFLOW 5 is a breakthrough in physics simulation," commented
Hudong Chen, Exa's Chief Scientist and Vice President of Physics. "Not only
have we implemented a unique lattice Boltzmann-based thermal solver, but the
overall level of accuracy and numerical robustness we now achieve will allow
us to push the technology into realms many thought would not be possible. I'm
pleased with the success we are seeing in new developments based on the
PowerFLOW 5 platform, especially simulation of transonic and high Mach flow."
These have been some of the key open challenges in the fluids physics
community. "I'm thrilled to be working with leading adopters in the aerospace
and ground transportation industries to deliver industrial solutions to these
problems," he continued.

These and other ground-breaking capabilities will be made available on top of
the PowerFLOW 5 platform as a series of Capability Preview releases. Exa will
partner with a selected set of customers to provide access to new capabilities
that have been thoroughly tested by Exa and together we will ensure they
satisfy our customers' industrial use cases and meet their high standards of
quality and accuracy prior to incorporation into a production release of

Exa's President and CEO, Stephen Remondi, remarked, "PowerFLOW 5 will benefit
both our existing customers and customers in new markets. It strengthens and
widens our range of solutions and will allow us to address new industries,
especially the aerospace sector. I'm proud of the role Exa continues to play
in developing break-through science that solves real world engineering

PowerFLOW 5.0 Production Release

The PowerFLOW 5.0 Suite includes many other exciting new capabilities:

  *Unique, patent-pending technology for enhanced simulation of acoustic
    absorption in porous materials
  *Extended-precision option for accurate prediction of low-amplitude
  *Improved user productivity and turn-around time with further automation of
    the PowerCASE^™ setup process
  *More accurate simulation of very long thermal transient, required for
    cabin comfort, key-off, soak, defrost, & demist applications
  *More accurate heat transfer prediction in regions of rotating geometry,
    particularly important for brake systems
  *Major improvements in PowerTHERM^® simulation performance, improving
    conduction, convection, and radiation solver performance by up to 1000%
  *Battery and human thermal analysis improvements in PowerTHERM

"In addition to other flow-induced HVAC system noise contributions,PowerFLOW
5.0nowprovides the ability to predict low frequency blower noise," remarked
Kang-Duck Ih, Ph.D., Technical Fellow, Hyundai Motor Company."By identifying
noise sources early in the design process,we can eliminateone of the
topcustomer complaints. PowerFLOW continues to be our preferred solution for
aeroacoustics applications."

About Exa Corporation

Exa Corporation develops, sells and supports simulation software and services
to enhance product performance, reduce product development costs and improve
the efficiency of design and engineering processes. Our simulation solutions
enable our customers to gain crucial insights about design performance early
in the design cycle, thus reducing the likelihood of expensive redesigns and
late-stage engineering changes. As a result, our customers realize significant
cost savings and fundamental improvements in their engineering development
process.Our products include, PowerFLOW^®, PowerDELTA^®, PowerCLAY^®,
PowerVIZ^®, PowerSPECTRUM^®, PowerACOUSTICS^®, PowerINSIGHT^®, PowerCOOL^® and
PowerTHERM^® along with professional engineering consulting services. A
partial customer list includes: AGCO, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover,
Kenworth, MAN, Nissan, Peterbilt, Renault, Scania, Toyota, Volkswagen, and
Volvo Trucks.

Founded in 1991, the company is headquartered at 55 Network Drive, Burlington,
MA, USA 01803. Tel: 1.781.564.0200; Fax: 1.781.564.0299; Email:;

For more information about Exa Corporation or images please contact:

Michelle Murray-Ross, Exa Corporation, 1.781.564.0251;

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