Cool Planet Shows That High-Performance, LCFS Conforming Gasoline Can Be a Reality in Trials with Ventura County, CA

  Cool Planet Shows That High-Performance, LCFS Conforming Gasoline Can Be a
  Reality in Trials with Ventura County, CA

 Replicates successful tests with Google, prepares technology for commercial

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CAMARILLO, Calif. -- August 27, 2013

Cool Planet Energy Systems, a developer of small scale biorefineries which
convert non-food biomass into gasoline, jet fuel, and soil enhancing biochar,
today announced another milestone toward commercializing their technology, by
completing a joint vehicle road test with Ventura County, CA. Officials ran a
5% blend of Cool Planet’s renewable, low-carbon gasoline for six weeks during
their normal operations. The demonstration received special approval from the
California Air Resources Board (CARB).

“Today’s milestone brings us one step closer to commercializing our drop-in
ready, cellulosic gasoline technology and improving the yields of commercial
agriculture,” said Cool Planet CEO, Howard Janzen. “Our reliance on foreign
oil and greenhouse gas emissions are problems that must be addressed, and Cool
Planet has demonstrated with Ventura County that we can deliver solutions.”

The Ventura County Parks Department showcased the fuel in its Parks Department
sport utility vehicle to demonstrate the versatility of Cool Planet’s
renewable fuel. This follows tests that Google conducted in 2012 [(1)] showing
the performance and clean air attributes of the fuel passing all of the
checks. The Cool Planet low-carbon fuel was derived from plant sources, and
converted into fuel at their demonstration facility in Camarillo, CA. The
production of the fuel can further offset CO2 through long-term carbon
sequestration in the form of soil enhancing biochar.

“Our vehicle test with Cool Planet marks a critical first step in finding a
clean energy solution for the County of Ventura and beyond, particularly in
using one of our Park’s department vehicles,” said Dennis Scamardo, Vehicle
Fleet Manager, County of Ventura, CA. “We are excited to be working with Cool
Planet on this venture and are happy to do our part to improve the environment
and the community in which we live.”

External testing of the fuel was conducted at various points during the fleet
demonstration. Carbon-14 dating proved that Cool Planet was successfully
turning renewable plant material into drop-in fuel.

“Smog tests of the demonstration vehicle showed identical results to control
vehicles while carbon dating highlighted the renewable sourcing of fuel
carbon,” said Mike Rocke, Cool Planet’s Vice President of Strategic

Running continuously, Cool Planet’s production system has a rated capacity of
200,000 gallons of biofuel per year through the R&D, and pilot systems now in
place. The company is currently raising the equity and siting their first
commercial facility in Alexandria, Louisiana that will produce up to 10
million gallons per year of renewable fuel.

About Cool Planet

Cool Planet is deploying disruptive technology through capital efficient,
small scale biorefineries, to economically convert non-food biomass into
high-octane gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel. The process also generates
value through biochar production, which can be returned to the soil, enabling
fertilizer and water retention for increased crop productivity, and more
robust plant health. The process can be carbon negative, removing up to 150
percent of the carbon footprint for every gallon used, reversing the
consequences of fossil fuels. Cool Planet’s technology has a broad portfolio
of pending and granted patents. Global investors include BP, Google Ventures,
Energy Technology Ventures (GE, ConocoPhillips, NRG Energy), and the
Constellation division of Exelon.

(1) Previous testing: Cool Planet’s biofuel has already been successfully
tested internally at the Company’s headquarters in Camarillo, CA and through a
field trial by Google Inc. at their Mountain View, CA headquarters, with an
OnDemand campus vehicle, known as GRide, which has operated seamlessly using
this fuel for more than 2,400 miles.

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