Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation Supports Rebui

Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief Foundation Supports Rebuilding of
Kesennuma Seafood Market 
Tokyo, Aug 23, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) -  Mitsubishi Corporation Disaster Relief
Foundation (The Foundation) is pleased to announce its decision to contribute
to the rehabilitation of "Umi no Ichi", a major seafood market
located in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture in north eastern Japan. The
Foundation will provide financial support in the amount of 50 million yen to
Kesennuma Sangyo Center, which runs the market. The Foundation's
contribution complements support already being provided by the Kesennuma
Shinkin Bank, a local credit union, and boosts efforts to rehabilitate the
market, with a target to reopen in March 2014. In addition, through the
Kesennuma Kibo Foundation, established in February 2013 with financial support
from The Foundation and Kesennuma Shinkin Bank, earnings gained through the
project will be reinvested in local industry as part of overall efforts towards
reconstruction in the region. 
Located next to the Kesennuma Fish Market, the Umi no Ichi complex is also
home to the Rias Shark Museum and the Aquarium of Ice, two unusual attractions
unique to Kesennuma. The facility was a source of dynamism in the city prior to
the disaster, both as a bustling center of business activity and as an
attraction for over 1 million tourists each year. Some 20 shops currently
occupy the complex, but the local fishing industry took a major fall as a
result of the earthquake and tsunami. Rebuilding Umi no Ichi will not only help
revive fishing industry sales, creating an additional 120 jobs with return to
pre-disaster levels, but will also be a major step in restoring dynamism in the
Kesennuma was severely damaged during the Great East Japan Earthquake,
including the loss of over a thousand lives to the tsunami that followed.
Nearly two and a half years on, infrastructure is gradually being rebuilt, but
rebuilding the fishing industry, the backbone of the economy, is far from
complete. The government of Kesennuma City, Kesennuma Shinkin Bank and The
Foundation will therefore continue working together to provide support for
recovery efforts in Kesennuma. The aim of these support initiatives is to
contribute to the recovery of industry and employment generation and,
ultimately, the overall recovery of the region as a whole. 
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