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Fujitsu Reorganizes and Integrates System Engineering Companies

Fujitsu Reorganizes and Integrates System Engineering Companies Handling Social Infrastructure

Strengthens organization for its solutions business

Tokyo, Aug 19, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited today announced its decision to reorganize and integrate two systems engineering companies that support customers operating social infrastructure systems in such sectors as finance, communications, energy, media, and the public sector.

On October 1, 2013, Fujitsu Advanced Solutions Limited will merge with Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems Ltd., creating a systems engineering organization handling all aspects of social infrastructure systems under one roof, from the building of social platforms to the development of sector-specific applications.

The reorganization and integration brings together technologies and know-how for social infrastructure systems into the new merged company, thereby strengthening the ability to generate solutions. In addition, by skillfully directing its system engineers, Fujitsu will offer services that contribute to the business expansion of its customers.

Background and Aims of the Reorganization and Integration

Up until now Fujitsu Advanced Solutions has mainly focused on developing sector-specific solutions for financial institutions and governmental entities. Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems' strength lies in building platforms for mission critical social infrastructure systems. Since being established, each company has built a solid position in its respective field.

As the market has evolved in recent years, however, there is an urgent need to create new businesses utilizing the cloud and big data, strengthen the ability to support large-scale social infrastructure systems, and upgrade solutions for modernizing customers' existing systems. Therefore, because of the need to enhance the ability to develop applications and build platforms for the development of large-scale systems, Fujitsu decided to reorganize and integrate these two systems engineering companies.

On October 1, 2013, Fujitsu Advanced Solutions will merge with Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems. In addition, the new merged company will have two subsidiaries. One, Fujitsu Public Solutions Limited, will focus on the public sector business, while the other, Fujitsu Advanced Solutions Tokai Limited, will concentrate its business efforts on financial institutions. As a systems engineering group handling social infrastructure, the new organization is designed to further strengthen systems development capabilities.

New Framework of SE Companies Involved in Social Infrastructure (as of October 2013)

Through this reorganization and integration, the new merger will be a one-stop company offering a full range of high-quality services as a partner to customers operating important social infrastructure systems.

Impact of the Reorganization and Integration

1. One-stop services provider

By integrating the capabilities of Fujitsu Advanced Solutions in developing sector-specific solutions with the capabilities of Fujitsu Mission Critical Systems in building system platforms for mission critical systems, the new company will offer a full range of services as a one-stop provider.

2. Develop and provide high-quality, highly reliable systems

Drawing on its accumulated technologies for building advanced system platforms, and with enhanced capabilities for rebuilding existing systems, including legacy applications for mainframe systems, the new company will develop and provide high-quality, highly reliable systems.

3. Enhanced ability to generate solutions

Leveraging the synergies of each company's resources and know-how, the merger will have an enhanced ability to generate solutions and will develop advanced service models.


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