Novel® Fungicide is Novel, Unique Homeowner Product for Use on Turf and Gardens

  Novel® Fungicide is Novel, Unique Homeowner Product for Use on Turf and

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COLUMBIA, Md. -- August 19, 2013

A biofungicide with a new mode of action so unique it is named Novel, Novel®
fungicide will be available for homeowner use as early as year-end 2014. The
new disease control product for use on residential turf, landscapes, fruit
trees and vegetable gardens will be available at local home and garden centers
and features an environmentally and family friendly profile. Availability of
Novel fungicide is a result of a collaborative effort between Certis U.S.A.
L.L.C. and Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, to market a new
0.5%SC formulation of Novel fungicide to Certis USA distribution partners who
service the residential markets. Certis USA will market Novel fungicide as a
concentrate to be mixed in water or fertilizer solutions plus the concentrate
can be used as a Ready-to-Spray (RTS) formulation to easily treat home lawns
for broad-spectrum control of foliar diseases, such as Rhizoctonia brown
patch. Novel fungicide also controls Alternaria (leaf blight, early blight),
Botrytis (blight, grey molds), powdery mildew and other diseases effecting
homeowner shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetable gardens.

The active ingredient of Novel fungicide is polyoxin D zinc salt that is
derived through a natural fermentation process perfected by Kaken scientists.
Polyoxin D zinc salt controls plant diseases by inhibiting the formation of
chitin, a vital component of fungal disease cell walls. This unique, non-toxic
mode of action makes Novel fungicide an ideal product for use in outdoor
settings around homes where children, adults and pets participate in
recreational activities and hobbies that include gardening, landscaping and
lawn maintenance.

“Today consumers are seeking green, sustainable, environmentally friendly
products that are effective and leave no chemical residues,” said Tim Damico,
Certis USA Executive V.P. NAFTA. “Novel fungicide is just one of the many
products marketed by Certis USA that has this profile. We have the broadest
line of EPA-registered biopesticide products used by commercial orchard and
vegetable growers, and we are dedicated to making as many of them available to
the homeowner as possible. Our 70% extract of neem oil (Trilogy®), for
example, is one of the best-selling biofungicides in the home and garden
segment.” Other Certis USA biopesticides that are available to the consumer
are: Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) that controls caterpillar pests, Bacillus
amyloliquefacians (Ba) that controls soil and foliar diseases, and
azadirachtin, another product derived from the neem tree, that is a natural
insect growth regulator that controls whiteflies, aphids and several other

Headquartered in Columbia, MD, Certis USA is a leading manufacturer and
distributor of a broad line of sustainable biopesticide products for specialty
agricultural and horticultural markets and the home and garden market. For
more information about Certis USA or its products, visit


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