Spartan ERV Redefines Price-Performance Equation With MPA 65'

Spartan ERV Redefines Price-Performance Equation With MPA 65'

New Apparatus Combines Features of a Pumper, Aerial and Rescue Truck, Starting
at $350,000

BRANDON, S.D., Aug. 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spartan ERV, a subsidiary of
Spartan Motors, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPAR), announced today the availability of its
MPA (Multi-Function Pumper / Aerial) 65', a new emergency-response apparatus
that redefines the price/performance equation for best value. The MPA 65' is
the first of its kind to meet the diverse requirements of the Fire Chief, the
Fleet Manager AND the Finance Manager. The MPA 65' will be featured at Fire
Rescue International (FRI) 2013, August 16 – 17, in Chicago (Booth # 3624).

The MPA 65' is another ground-breaking product of the Spartan/Gimaex Joint
Venture established in 2012 and combines the best technologies of Europe and
North America. Spartan ERV offers the MPA 65' at a price point that truly
provides more apparatus for less investment. It combines the functions of a
pumper, an aerial and a rescue unit, with a base price starting at $350,000.
Pricing for the MPA 65' built on a custom chassis starts at $425,000.

The ladder roller system of the MPA 65' reduces maintenance downtime by
eliminating the need to grease ladder sections. The ladder also features an
automatic leveling system that simplifies setup and continuously adjusts
itself for optimal performance, enhancing firefighter safety.

Previewed earlier this year during the Fire Department Instructors Conference
(FDIC) in Indianapolis, Ind., the MPA 65' has undergone additional development
since April. Numerous refinements were made based on customer input and
feedback received at FDIC, in addition to further rigorous testing and

The MPA 65' meets the needs of fire departments in rural areas; as the
enhanced value equation presents the option to purchase a pumper and get an
aerial for no additional cost. In the U.S., there are over 24,000 fire
departments that do not have an aerial device, primarily due to cost. The MPA
65' is truly a breakthrough product that is ideally suited for today's
price-sensitive marketplace.

This multifunctional apparatus encompasses all the features of a QUINT.

Technology for the Firefighter (Fire Chief)

  *Automatic Ladder Leveling: The automatic ladder-leveling system simplifies
    set-up, continuously adjusts for optimal performance and enhances
    firefighter safety. This system allows the truck to be stabilized on
    uneven terrain with one set of downriggers while the ladder automatically
    levels itself, giving the firefighter more time to focus on the task at
  *Multi-Axis Aerial Controls: The multi-axis aerial controls are integrated
    with a dynamic graphical display during aerial operation.
  *Stabilizer Controls: The MPA 65' utilizes an A-frame stabilizer system
    that allows for a narrow stabilizing footprint of 12' 10", making set-up
    possible in very tight situations. The stabilizers are easily set-up and
    retracted using single button operation. Reduced componentry and
    maintenance are made possible through a two-cylinder stabilizer design.
  *Automatic Aerial Stowing: The automatic aerial stow feature safely and
    accurately stows the aerial for transport.
  *Elevated Waterway: With the ability to carry up to 500 gallons of water,
    the MPA 65' features a 1,250 gallon per minute pump in addition to the
    1,000 gallon per minute telescopic aerial waterway.
  *Advanced Protection System (APS): The #1 cab safety system. APS includes
    eight airbags, advanced seat belts and outboard sensors which, taken
    together, provide best-in-class protection against frontal impact,
    rollover, side impact and occupant ejection.
  *Cab/Chassis Configurations: Multiple configurations allow for maximum
    versatility in using the Spartan Chassis within your fleet. This
    flexibility ensures the end user can standardize their fleet and meet all
    of the needs with one chassis manufacturer.
  *Single Axle Aerial: The single axle configuration provides enhanced
    maneuverability and reduced weight of the apparatus while maintaining all
    required functions.

Reduced Fleet Maintenance (Fleet Manager)

  *Spartan Chassis Maintenance Training: The end user is provided complete
    understanding of the vehicle which allows for reduced out-of-service and
    lower cost of maintenance.
  *Non-Proprietary Chassis Parts: Allows for quick replacement of needed
    components at a fair and reasonable market price. Available on the open
    market and easy to find; parts for a Spartan Chassis reduce out-of-service
  *Two Year Warranty: Providing a bumper-to-bumper warranty allows the
    department to protect their investment and reduce operating costs.
  *Plumbing, Aerial, Body Warranties: 10 year warranties for the plumbing,
    the ladder and the body ensures your apparatus will be safe for years to
  *Ladder Roller System: The ladder roller system eliminates the need to
    grease the ladder sections and minimizes maintenance and downtime. The
    greaseless system also reduces friction and stress on the ladder during
    operation increasing the life and performance of the ladder section.
  *A-Frame Stabilizer System: Reduced componentry and maintenance are
    achieved using two cylinders as opposed to the standard four.
  *Remote Diagnostics: Built-in long distance diagnostics, consisting of
    dedicated software and a modem device to communicate apparatus performance
    to an authorized technician anywhere in the world.
  *Single Axle: The single axle configuration provides enhanced
    maneuverability and reduced weight of the apparatus while maintaining all
    required functions.

More Apparatus for Less (Financial Manager)

  *QUINT Configuration: The MPA 65' is defined as a QUINT per the NFPA
    standard which includes: (i) a pump (500 gallons per minute), (ii) tank
    (300 gallons of water), (iii) fire hose (combination of crosslay & large
    diameter), (iv) an aerial device (more than 50'), (v) ground ladders (86'
    or more).
  *NFPA Compliant: Meets NFPA requirements for 1901 certification. Storage of
    pike poles and up to 115' of ground ladders in rear ladder storage
  *ISO Rating: When comparing total cost of the unit, the MPA 65' provides
    one of the highest ISO ratings.
  *Advanced Protection System (APS): Provides for firefighter safety -
    reducing any potential for lost-time injuries, costs of significant
    injuries or deaths. Note: The APS system is only available on custom
  *65' Three-Section Ladder: A product of the Spartan/Gimaex Joint Venture,
    the MPA 65' offers a three-section ladder on a single axle chassis, that
    includes the latest aerial technologies. The overall travel height of 10'
    6" provides clearance in older stations and bridges.
  *LED Lighting and Ground Lighting: All lighting on the MPA 65' is LED.
    Horizontal LED lighting installed and protected in the upper compartment
    overlay, illuminates the surface area around the truck and requires less
    current draw. Vertical LED lighting is installed in each compartment for
    better illumination and less current draw.
  *Compartment Storage: The MPA 65' offers 400 cubic feet of compartment
    space with the ability to add a variety of custom storage and mounting
    accessories. A raw finish is made possible through a non-welded aluminum
    body construction. The use of fasteners and bonding agents provide
    stronger joints and allow the channels that exist within the joints to
    secure appliances, equipment, shelving and trays, within the compartments.

The MPA 65' aligns with Spartan's D.R.I.V.E. initiative, as it redefines
technology and innovation. The apparatus is an example of developing exciting
products that exceed the expectations of our customers. Additionally, it
reaffirms Spartan's strength within the emergency response industry.

About Spartan ERV

Spartan ERV™ is a leading manufacturer of custom fire trucks and other rescue
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Spartan Motors, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures specialty chassis,
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