Security Solutions Discussed by Industry Leaders in Interviews With HP, ImageWare Systems,

Security Solutions Discussed by Industry Leaders in 
Interviews With HP, ImageWare Systems,
Linear, T-Systems and CyberLock 
RYE BROOK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 08/14/13 --  ImageWare Systems,
Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY) and Deutsche Telecom (OTCQX: DTEGY) 
HP Enterprise Services 
Mr. Steve Lazerowich, Director, Cybersecurity Solutioning, HP
Enterprise Services, U.S. Public Sector, told us, "Today, there is
simply no way to provide 100% protection. As events have recently
shown, it's not just the bad guys on the outside trying to gain
access to your information; organizations must also be mindful of the
insider threat. The best approach is defense in depth, or in other
words, a multi-layered approach to protecting systems. It starts at
the outer most perimeter with firewalls and network intrusion
prevention systems. Systems need to be segregated on separate network
segments so that a failure in one area does not expose all systems.
Servers also need their own end point protection including host
intrusion detection, malware protection, data encryption and white
listing technology." 
For the complete interview with Steve Lazerowich, please click here.
Please download HP's White Paper "Building Security In"  
For more information: Cybersecurity for U.S. Public Sector
ImageWare Systems  
ImageWare Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY) (ImageWare), a leader in
cloud-based, multi-modal biometric identity management solutions, has
been awarded a $2.2 million contract by the U.S. Department of
Veteran Affairs (VA) to expand its personal identity verification
(PIV) credentialing capabilities. 
Under the terms of the agreement, ImageWare will deliver software
licenses during the third quarter of 2013, whereby the company will
receive approximately $1.5 million in revenue. Additionally,
ImageWare will receive service revenue valued at approximately
$650,000 that will be recognized proportionally over the next year.  
ImageWare's biometric identity management solution was first
installed with the VA in 2007. The solution provides large-scale,
agency-wide biometric identity and credential management
capabilities, such as biometrically enabled PIV credentials that are
in compliance with U.S. government standards. As part of the system
expansion, the VA will also be adopting ImageWare's patented,
hardware and algorithm independent Biometric Engine(R) 2.0, enabling
the enrollment and management of unlimited population sizes.  
"The U.S. Government has confirmed multi-modal biometric identity
management as the only way to move forward as it offers a greater
level of security and reliability," said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO
of ImageWare. "ImageWare's proven track record of government
experience executing best-of-breed patented, fully compliant
biometric solutions will drive the standards for commercial adoption.
We are honored to continue working with the VA and expand our
services in support of their mission. As we look forward, I am
confident we will introduce similar solutions to our global
enterprise customers and solution provider partners." 
The Biometric Engine 2.0, ImageWare's patented, backend database for
CloudID(TM), delivers revolutionary capabilities: 

--  Enrollment, identity and verification management of unlimited
    population sizes
--  Hardware and algorithm independent processing
--  Compatibility with all biometric products
--  Future-proof, plug-and-play flexibility
--  Product modules that can be implemented together or individually
--  License and/or subscription service offering
--  Software development kits

For the complete interview with Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems,
Chairman and CEO, please click here
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IWS CloudID(TM): 
ImageWare Systems Solutions: 
ImageWare Systems Products: 
For ImageWare Systems Investors: 
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Linear, a leader in residential and commercial access control,
security and health and wellness solutions, announces the DMCMP3, a
new accessory for the DMC1 and DMC3-4 Music/Communication intercom
systems. The digital MP3 and CD player integrates with new or
existing DMC1/3-4 master units, transforming them into whole-house
music and audio sources making it easy to share podcasts, music or
even digital audio books throughout the home.  
To achieve whole-home audio, Linear leverages a range of intercom and
door speakers as well as audio-enabled patio and standard room
stations to provide up to 15 rooms with AM/FM radio, and playback
from CDs or MP3/phone devices via the 3.5mm audio input jack. Because
it has its own power source, the DMCMP3 can also charge MP3 players
and phones from the power-only USB-A port.  
For convenient management, the DMCMP3 offers a five-button interface
with a source select button and CD controls including: play/pause,
fast-forward, rewind and track forward/reverse, with mode and option
selection displayed on the DMC master unit. The DMCMP3's curved edges
and minimalist appearance give it a modern feel that's complements
any room decor.  
Faceplate colors include almond, white and black.  
"The DMCMP3 is an ideal accessory for people who want to upgrade
their existing intercom and security system to include audio playback
from CDs and digital music players," said Duane Paulson, senior vice
president of market and product development. "Whole-home audio is in
great demand and the DMC system offers one of the easiest and most
affordable ways for dealers meet their customers' entertainment
For more information about Linear LLC, please visit or call 1-800-421-1587. Linear can also be found
on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  
For our exclusive interview with Mr. Michael O'Neal, President,
For more information about Linear: 
 Linear Products: 
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 Linear Support and dealer
Mr. Ryan Skipp, T-Systems International GMBH, Portfolio & Solution
Design - IT, Applications & Portfolio Architecture, told us,
"T-Systems as an Outsourcer has to provide base infrastructure
services which meet the cost and quality expectations that a company
transitioning to outsourced services would expect -- better than they
as an end-user could produce, with better quality, and lower cost! In
order to achieve that, T-Systems was one of the first Outsourcers to
produce a 'Cloud' platform, based on highly shared leveraged
infrastructure, and with a number of pre-defined applications on top
of that. Today we have enhanced that infrastructure, and wrapped the
Cloud functionality into it, all the way up to self-service (to
application level) for our Private Cloud clients. For
 the complete
interview with Ryan Skipp, please click here
For more information:, OTC symbol of parent
company, Deutsche Telecom, DTEGY.  
CyberLock shared with us the following product news. 
"We are excited to announce the addition of the CyberAudit SP-100
Server to the CyberLock access control family. This device has been
designed to simplify and accelerate the installation and maintenance
of a CyberLock system. 
Unified Hardware and Software Solution 
 The SP-100 comes preloaded
with CyberAudit Professional 3.0 software. 
Easy to Use 
 Self-configuring one-click registration and an
easy-to-use browser-based interface makes for quick and easy
Flexible Network Configuration 
 The SP-100 can be set up as a DHCP
server in a private network, on a network with a static IP address,
or on a network with a DNS server. 
Access from Any Operating System 
 Like the software-only version,
CyberAudit Professional 3.0 can be accessed through web browsers
installed on any of the leading operating systems. No additional
software to download. No ActiveX plug-ins to install. 
Reliable Hardware 
 The hardware is based on the Next Unit of
Computing (NUC) solution from Intel(R)." 
For more information about CyberLock products: 
 For the complete
interview with Mr. James McGowan, V.P. of Sales and Marketing,
CyberLock News & Events: 
 For the
CyberLock Solutions Center: 
For more information:  
2nd Annual Cyber Resilience for National Security
 September 17-19,
Many advancements have occurred in the landscape of cyber resilience.
However, cyberspace remains a mysterious terrain. A realistic
perspective on unknowns must be established to combat and ward off
the myriad of risks that threaten our national and economic
interests. This event will bring together defense, government and
industry leaders to devote a concentrated focus on breaking down the
latest in policy, information sharing, security technology and
identifiable threats for a cohesive mission strategy that can be
directly applied to cross-agency goals.  
Event website: 
Contact: David Drey at or 312-540-3000 ext.
CARTES 2013 
 November 19 - 21, 2013
 Paris Nord Villepinte - France  
CARTES Secure Connexions Event 2013 is the comprehensive event (trade
show, conferences and awards) entirely dedicated to the digital
security and smart technology sector and its innovations. 
Integrating its full value chain, CARTES Secure Connexions 2013 is
the only event enabling global synergies at a human and technological
level, ideal for business deals and partnerships. 
For more information about CARTES Paris, November 19-20-21, 2013 
ISC East
 November 20-21, 2013
 Javits Center North, NY, NY 
ISC East is the Northeast's Local Connection to the World of
Security. Join us November 20-21, 2013 at the Javits Center North in
New York, NY.  
Your registration gets you: 
Direct access to technical reps from more than 200 brands -- review
the latest products, technologies & services to stay ahead of what's
new in Security. 
Free business seminars designed to help you increase revenue and
reduce costs -- high quality, commercial-free information and insight
into the most relevant new products, technologies and business
strategies you need to know about in today's evolving security market
to stay ahead of your competition. 
Drinks & networking on the exhibit floor -- a casual environment to
join your colleagues and peers for collaborating, sharing ideas, and
good, old fashioned socializing. 
Local expertise from association leaders in NY, NJ, CT and PA -- meet
and chat with leaders of your local chapters from the security
ISC East is sponsored by the Security Industry Association. Register
to attend today:  
PSA Welcomes 3 New Vendor Partners
 A message from Craig Patterson,
Director of Vendor Management 
There have been some exciting new additions to the PSA line card
recently. Just within the last couple of months, we've added Seneca
(video server and storage solutions), Vunetrix (network health
monitoring solutions) and Vanderbilt (access control). We're always
looking for quality vendor partners who can provide the best
solutions at the best price and provide our line card with the proper
mix of offerings. 
To better maximize the business relationship of our key vendor
partners, as well as streamline their respective product offerings,
PSA has continued the process of thoroughly reviewing each of our
vendors to help assure a productive line card going forward. Please
feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments
regarding PSA's move to a leaner and meaner line card. 
The full post can be read here: 
Security Industry Association (SIA) 
Save the Date for the 2014 SIA Government Summit 
SIA is pleased to announce its dates for the 2014 SIA Government
Summit on June 2-4, 2014, at the W Hotel 515 15th St. NW, Washington,
DC 20004. 
The 2014 SIA Government Summit is the premier public policy
conference that brings together security industry leaders, government
officials and key policy makers. The conference provides attendees
with unique policy insights that help create new market
opportunities. The exclusive nature of the setting allows one-on-one
conversations with government decision makers. Attendees have access
to the most influential people in the country at some of the best
venues on Capitol Hill. Registration includes breakfast and lunch
both days, and the semi-formal SIA Public Policy Dinner, where SIA
recognizes leading legislators and outstanding SIA volunteers. 
Visit SIA's website for more information on this past year's SIA
Government Summit
Setting the Agenda for Securing New Ground(R) (SNG(TM))  
On Nov. 5-6, SIA will host SNG(TM) at the Sheraton New York Times
Square Hotel, New York, NY, where security industry leaders will
convene for the top executive conference of the year. SNG(TM)
provides attendees with access to inside information not available
anywhere else as well as unparalleled networking opportunities for a
competitive edge. 
SIA has begun to develop the SNG(TM) agenda, which is now online. In
the coming weeks, SIA will continue to confirm speakers, moderators
and panelists for sessions ranging from "Competing in the Residential
Market" to "Unlocking Enterprise Value through the Sale of
Security-as-a-Service." Attendees also will gain valuable insights
into investing trends, customer relations and other topics. 
SIA Members and all other companies can now register to attend
Don't miss out! 
Attend the Security 500 Networking and Management Event 
SIA and Security Magazine invite you to attend Security 500 (S500),
the premiere networking and management event for security executives,
on Nov. 5 at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel in New York City. 
S500 is a one-day program designed for security leaders responsible
for supporting their organization's security strategies and carrying
out security plans. At S500, executives will identify new strategies,
learn management solutions and network with others to take their
security programs to new levels. 
As an attendee at the S500 conference, you will share strategies,
solutions and challenges on enterprise security issues with your
peers; discuss the role of security managers in overall
organizational performance; and gain exclusive information from the
Security 500 Report Presentation. 
For qualified individuals, registration is free! Register now on the
conference web
site ( 
Developing Uniform IP Communications Standards 
The SIA Standards Committee has launched an effort to develop a
standard industry approach for security manufacturers to define
management information bases (MIBs) that contain device attributes
for security equipment communicating over computer networks. 
Many IT companies rely upon Simple Network Management Protocol
(SNMP), which actively monitors device status and alerts
administrators to devices (routers, printers, modems) that may
require attention. These devices have common MIBs that contain
attributes relevant for network communication over SNMP.  
There is currently no standard MIB guidance for security
manufacturers to incorporate into their network devices, so SIA
Standards intends to develop a set of industry-wide MIBS, which would
increase both the security and the reliability of network-based
security equipment. 
An ad-hoc SIA Standards Subcommittee chaired by Ray Coulombe,
managing director of, will begin work on this
project in August. 
Learn About Near Field Communications (NFC) 
SIA and Security Systems News teamed up to present the latest
installment of their emerging technology webcast series, which
focused on NFC applications. What is NFC? How is it used inside and
outside of security? And how may it be used for security applications
outside of access control down the road? 
NFC is one of the latest technologies to influence physical security.
More than 300 million NFC-enabled mobile devices are projected to
sell in 2013 alone. NFC has already been deployed in some
well-publicized pilot programs in the physical security space where
smartphones have been used for access control including college
campuses, hotels and apartment complexes.  
Learn about present-day NFC security solutions and what's next in
line for the technology with this FREE archived webcast, starting
Aug. 6
Read SIA Technology Insights 
SIA Technology Insights provides original, exclusive, vendor-neutral
analyses of the latest security technologies written by industry
leaders. Produced with the end-user in mind, the publication is
intended to help chief security officers, security directors and
others learn about technological developments and trends and identify
possible security solutions for their enterprises. 
The first edition, which contains articles focused on the transition
to IP within the industry, was released as a printed volume in June
2013. End-users and SIA members may obtain a complimentary copy by
contacting Ron Hawkins, SIA's manager of member information and
partnerships, at A digital version
will be available soon. 
Visit the SIA website for a preview of the SIA Technology Insights
 12th Annual Government Conference
15-16, 2013 -- Washington Convention Center -- Washington, DC 
The 12th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference will survey
opportunities and challenges for government issuers, accreditation
and testing authorities, procurement programs, and the industry to
meet the government's market demands. The leading annual event for ID
security returns to the Washington Convention Center with
comprehensive coverage of efforts toward strong authentication
technology in government identity programs, including Personal
Identity Verification (PIV) credentials, developments in National
Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), trusted ID on
the Internet and on mobile devices, developments in state and local
ID, and evolving global standards. 
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