Soilworks'(R) Durasoil(R) - Synthetic Dust Control Fluid, Certified for Superiority Through BNQ

Soilworks'(R) Durasoil(R) - Synthetic Dust Control Fluid, Certified for
Superiority Through BNQ

Soilworks(R), LLC awarded highly coveted certificate of conformity for
superior quality from BNQ for its Durasoil(R) synthetic dust control fluid.

CHANDLER, Ariz., Aug. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB -- Soilworks'®,
Durasoil® (synthetic dust control fluid) awarded the world's most prestigious
BNQ certification for superior quality.

Soilworks®, LLC is the innovator and manufacturer of Durasoil® dust control
agent. Durasoil® is a revolutionary state-of-the-art innovation, engineered
for today's challenging dust control needs. This colorless and odorless,
ultra-pure synthetic fluid, which is formulated to meet the highest standards
of environmental efficacy, is now proudly verified for superior quality by BNQ
(Bureau de normalisation du Québec).

Recognized as the world's leading accreditation program for dust control
agents, BNQ provides the highest level of environmental and ecological
efficacy as well as quality superiority certification available to date for
dust control products. Their standard includes dozens of the most challenging,
extensive and exhaustive evaluations in the industry. These comprehensive
evaluations comprise of chemical complexity, bioconcentration potential of
critical contaminants, degradation levels, aquatic toxicity, soil toxicity,
genotoxicity and many others.

Due to Durasoil's® revolutionary water insoluble formulation, BNQ initially
was unable to perform the traditional evaluations applied to water based dust
palliatives. Therefore, Soilworks® coordinated with Exova Laboratories and BNQ
to develop the most advanced testing and evaluation methods ever administered
for dust suppressants. As a result, Durasoil's® certification now provides
users with a host of unique capabilities never before available under BNQ
accreditation for controlling dust.

Soilworks'® CEO and Chairman, Chad Falkenberg added, "What is particularly
unique about the BNQ process is its strict testing protocol which mandates
their officials to obtain random product samples on-site from the
manufacturing plant on an annual basis for testing and re-certification. It is
the only protocol that audits raw material quality control processes, supply
chain feedstocks and all associated records. This is the first and only of its
kind to eliminate the fraudulent bait-and-switch tactics suppliers have
utilized by providing intentionally misrepresentative 'clean' samples to labs
in order to obtain false, but favorable results; which could never be obtained
with a true field representative sampling of their product. Finally, BNQ has
delivered a long awaited standard that protects buyers by providing the
independently verified assurance that Durasoil® is and continues to be a
consistent, dependable and superior quality product."

Beyond BNQ, Durasoil® has been rigorously evaluated and verified by
independent third parties including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S.
Marine Corps, numerous U.S. State Departments of Transportation, NASA, and the
U.S. Dept. of Energy.

Durasoil® was originally developed in 2004 by Soilworks® at the request of the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to eliminate hazardous landing conditions for
helicopters from dust and FOD (Foreign Object Debris). In the field, failure
is not an option and the U.S. Dept. of Defense and the United Nations depend
on the consistent reliable performance of Durasoil® every day. From
intense-use tank trails and lines of communication to forward area refueling
bases and unimproved runways, Durasoil® is hard at work saving lives,
protecting equipment and boosting morale.

For the mines that must conserve valuable water resources, Durasoil® is
controlling dust while saving millions of gallons of water every hour of every
day because it will not evaporate and disappear like traditional watering
programs to suppress dust. Deep underground you can see the smiles on the
miners who don't have to wear dust mask respirators thanks to Durasoil®.

At the top of the earth in the frozen arctic, where dirt and gravel airfields
are often the only means of transportation, Durasoil® maintains compaction by
preserving the small fines from blowing away ensuring the integrity of the
runways for long-term safe use. Coupled with Durasoil's® additional
certification to Boeing's strict non-corrosive standards, it is the premier
solution for airfields including those operated by Alaska's Dept. of
Transportation where temperatures drop below an astounding -40° F while
performing as designed, up to 24 months without reapplication.

Watering to control dust on industrial and commercial sites is short lived,
requiring timely and costly continuous reapplication especially under the hot
sun and the intense abuse of UV rays. However, it is the insoluble,
continuously reworkable, non-curing, long-term effectiveness properties of
Durasoil® paired with its resistant formulation against UV rays, oxidation and
thermal decomposition that have allowed businesses to focus on progress rather
than dust. For demanding intermodal container shipping yards with the world's
largest forklifts to active construction sites with tracked excavators and
bulldozers, Durasoil® withstands the abuse that even asphalt would crumble

From blue sky mountain tops to deep dark tunnels, frozen arctic to scorching
deserts around the globe, Durasoil® covers the earth actively solving dust
control challenges throughout the world's industrial, mining, military and
commercial markets. Soilworks® sustained participation and substantial
investment in the BNQ's certification of Durasoil® demonstrates its continued
and steadfast commitment to integrity, transparency and accountability.

About Soilworks®

Soilworks provides engineered solutions to meet the broad needs of the dust
control and soil stabilization industry. Whether the market is commercial,
industrial or military, Soilworks® has the innovated tools, unmatched
technical support and environmentally-friendly technologies to fulfill
specific requirements. Soilworks® performance-driven portfolio of
industry-leading products includes Soiltac®, Powdered Soiltac®, Gorilla-Snot®
and Durasoil®. Soilworks'® international sales network and integrated customer
service provides an ideal platform to satisfy all its customers' needs. Get to
know Soilworks® better at

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