Interim Management Statement                           

         for the three month period from 1 April 2013 to 30 June 2013          

The Board of RENN Universal Growth Investment Trust PLC ("the Company") is
pleased to present the Company's Interim Management Statement.

Following approval by shareholders at the General Meeting held on 17 April
2013, the Company's investment objective and policy were updated. The current
investment objective and policy are set out below:

Investment objective

To conduct an orderly realisation of the assets of the Company, to be effected
in a manner that seeks to achieve a balance between returning cash to
shareholders promptly and maximising the value of the Company's portfolio.

Investment policy

The Company's investments will be realised in an orderly manner (that is, with
a view to achieving a balance between returning cash to shareholders promptly
and maximising the value of the Company's portfolio).

The Company may not make any new investments save that (a) subject to Board
approval, further investment may be made into existing investments in order to
preserve the value of such investments; and (b) realised cash may be invested
in liquid cash-equivalent securities, denominated in Sterling, including
short-dated corporate bonds, government bonds, cash funds, or bank cash
deposits pending its return to shareholders in accordance with the Company's
investment objective.

No more than 10% of the Company's total assets may be invested in any single
cash equivalent instrument or placed on deposit with any single institution
except that this limit does not apply to investment in government bonds, which
shall be unconstrained.

The Company may not employ gearing.

The Company will continue to comply with the restrictions imposed by the
Listing Rules in force from time to time.

Financial highlights: Performance
                                   30 June 2013      31 March 2013    % change

Net assets                                                                      
Sterling                             58,294,000      57,252,000            1.8
US Dollar                            88,414,000      86,934,000            1.7
Number of Ordinary shares            17,437,979      17,437,979            0.0 
Net asset value                                                                 
Pence per share                          334.29          328.32            1.8 
US cents per share                       507.02          498.54            1.7 
Mid market price                         241.50          234.50            3.0 
Discount to NAV                           27.76%          28.58%          0.82  
Russell 2000 Index (Total Return)                                               
US Dollar                              4,521.24        4,385.95            3.1 
Sterling adjusted                      2,977.44        2,887.58            3.1  
S&P 500 Index (Total Return)                                                    
US Dollar                              2,850.66        2,770.05            2.9 
Sterling adjusted                      1,877.29        1,823.72            2.9  
Financial highlights: Summary of net assets 

                                    30 June 2013   31 March 2013      % change 
                                           £'000           £'000              

Listed portfolio holdings                 29,445          31,304          (5.9)
Unlisted unquoted portfolio               
holdings                                  18,206          18,185           0.1   
Other unlisted portfolio holdings          5,717           3,914          46.1 
Time value of warrants                         -               1        (100.0)
Cash at bank                               5,100           4,181          22.0 
Net current assets                           305             110         177.3 
Total net assets                          58,773          57,695           1.9 
Provision for liabilities and               
charges                                     (479)           (443)         (8.1)  
Net assets                                58,294          57,252           1.8  
Review of the period 
The Company's annual results were released on 14 June 2013. 
During the quarter, no Ordinary shares were repurchased by the Company for
cancellation or to be held in Treasury. 
In line with the Company's new investment objective to conduct an orderly
realisation of the assets of the Company, in the quarter under review the
Company has disposed of its holdings in Cogo, Hollysys Automation Technologies,
Plastec Technologies, SGOCO Technology and ZAGG for combined proceeds of
The Company has also invested, after Board approval, a further $2.122m in
Plures Technologies. 
NAV performance 
The NAV increased from 328.32p on 31 March 2013 to 334.29p on 30 June 2013
resulting in a three month increase of 1.8% against the Russell 2000 increase
(in Sterling terms) of 3.1%. 
Largest holdings 
As at 30 June 2013, the Company's three largest holdings were AnchorFree,
Cover-All Technologies and iSatori. 
AnchorFree is the world's only free ad-supported virtual private network
enabling users to access all internet content anonymously and securely from any
location in the world. Cover-All Technologies is a leader in developing
sophisticated software solutions primarily for the property and casualty
insurance industry. iSatori develops and sells nutritional products in the
performance, weight loss and energy markets worldwide. 
Top ten holdings as at 30 June 2013 
                                                                   % of Net  
Company Name                Sector                             Value     Assets 
AnchorFree*                 Wireless Communications           27,613       31.2
Cover-All Technologies      Information Technology            10,612       12.0
iSatori                     Personal Products                  9,227       10.4
Points International        Internet Software                  8,612        9.7
Plures Technologies         Semiconductors                     8,216        9.3
Flamel Technologies         Pharmaceuticals                    4,910        5.6
Bovie Medical Corporation   Healthcare Services                4,720        5.3
DXP Enterprises             Trading Companies &                 
                        Distributors                       1,398        1.6  
Cantel Medical Corporation  Healthcare Equipment               1,287        1.5
Titan Machinery             Trading Companies &                   
                        Distributors                         982        1.1  
* unquoted holding - held at valuation as at 31 March 2013. 
Subsequent events 
Since 30 June 2013, the Company has received proceeds of $1.044m for Pipeline
Data 14% debenture (approximately 61% of par). The carrying value as at 30 June
2013 was $0.597m (35% of par). The Company's holding in Sinohub has been
written off following the revoking of its registration by The Securities and
Exchange Commission, pursuant to Section 12(j) of the Securities Exchange Act
of 1934. 
The cash at bank with the Company as at 30 July 2013 was £5.689m. 
The Company has not repurchased any of the Company's own shares for
cancellation or to be held in Treasury. Other than those stated, the Board is
not aware of any other significant events or transactions which have occurred
since 30 June 2013 and the date of publication of this statement which would
have a material effect on the financial position of the Company. 
31 July 2013 
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