Away with Europe's Sob Stories

                        Away with Europe's Sob Stories

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  LONDON, July 29, 2013

LONDON, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Europe is too often written off as an infertile economic landscape of
uncompromising cuts and lacklustre job opportunities despite much of the
region's flair and dynamism remaining relatively unspoiled. As the debilitated
bloc bumbles on through tumultuous waves of economic turmoil, the region's
many and varied success stories have been left largely untold by a crowd too
easily led to believe its fortunes have faded.

Apart from the mire of negativity, this season's issue of European CEO is now
available for those requiring the necessary numbers, analysis, strategy and
guidance to make informed business decisions in Europe's diverse marketplace.
Addressing the corporate needs of Europe's leading business figures, European
CEO ' s coverage is compiled to suit the ever-complex and evolving needs of
the region's senior-most management personnel.

This quarter's issue ponders the lessons to be learned from Greece's long love
affair with austerity, and analyses the ways in which continued cuts have
curtailed investment and growth. We consider the potential profits and losses
to be gained from banker bonus caps, and the fiery debate surrounding the pros
and cons of financial transaction tax. We collect our thoughts on the many
issues of this year's G8 summit, and delve into Western Europe wherein
François Hollande has become the most hated French president of all time and
Angela Merkel is embarking upon an election campaign. This edition also
uncovers the illustrious careers of a great many individuals, as this issue's
CEO profiles range from Nokia's Stephen Elop to Russia's "Darth Vader" and
Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin.

Apart from Europe, we speak to the CEO of one of Qatar's leading private
investment firms, Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah al Thani, as we consider the ways
in which international investment may well prove vital in bolstering Europe's
depleted fortunes.

By delving into matters of business and management, finance, and culture we
seek to uncover the best that Europe has to offer, and to provide an
unparalleled reading experience, both in print and online, for Europe's
foremost business leaders.

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