Trustwave to Highlight Ethical Hacking, New Security Research at Upcoming Security Events

Trustwave to Highlight Ethical Hacking, New Security Research at Upcoming 
Security Events 
SpiderLabs Team at Trustwave to Lead Twelve Speaking Sessions at
Black Hat, DEF CON 21, BSides Las Vegas 
CHICAGO, IL -- (Marketwired) -- 07/22/13 --  Ethical hackers, data
breach investigators and security researchers from Trustwave will
lead twelve speaking sessions and be on-hand during next week's Black
Hat USA, DEF CON 21 and BSides security events in Las Vegas -- July
27 to August 4. The SpiderLabs team at Trustwave will discuss the
future of penetration testing, offer incident response training, and
unveil cutting-edge security research ranging from home-networked
consumer device vulnerabilities to new spear phishing techniques. 
Speaking and training sessions include: 
"Home Invasion v2.0 -- Attacking Network Controlled Hardware" at
Black Hat USA and DEF CON 21: Presented by Trustwave Managing
Consultant Daniel Crowley, Trustwave Senior Security Consultant David
Bryan and independent researcher Jen Savage on August 1, 5:00 pm
(Black Hat), and August 3, 12:00 pm (DEF CON 21). A growing trend in
electronics is integration with a home network so that consumers can
remotely control their products. These products are varied and even
include door locks. This integration poses security risks. Crowley,
Bryan and Savage will discuss the potential risks posed by
network-attached devices in the home and disclose specific products
in which they found vulnerabilities. 
"Black Hat Arsenal: ModSecurity" at Black Hat USA: Presented by
Trustwave Lead Security Researcher Ryan Barnett on August 1, 12:20 pm
and 3:30 pm. ModSecurity is a cross-platform, open source Web
application firewall, maintained by the Trustwave research team, that
provides security personnel a means to quickly develop defenses for
emerging attack scenarios or virtual patching for identified Web
application vulnerabilities. This Arsenal Demo includes many live
setups where Black Hat attendees will be able to play with the
ModSecurity defenses and try and evade its detections. 
"Training: Computer Forensics & Incident Response for Investigators"
at Black Hat USA: Offered by Trustwave Director of SpiderLabs Chris
Pogue on July 27-July 30. This four day, instructor-led course is
delivered by experienced investigators who have taught corporate
incident response teams and law enforcement agencies globally.
Attendees will learn how to successfully conduct a data breach
investigation. They will participate in hands-on demonstrations that
simulate a "real-world" environment through virtual machines
pre-configured to mimic different operating systems, network
environments and intrusion issues.  
"Utilizing Popular Websites for Malicious Purposes Using RDI" at DEF
CON 21: Presented by Trustwave Security Researchers Daniel Chechik
and Anat (Fox) Davidi on August 4, 1:00 pm. Reflected Document Object
Model Injection is a new attack vector that will be unveiled for the
first time. Chechik and Davidi will explain the technique and
demonstrate how it is useful in hiding malicious code within popular
and trusted websites. 
"Swiping Cards at the Source: POS & Cash Machine Security" at DEF CON
21 and BSidesLV: Presented by Trustwave Managing Consultant Ryan Linn
on August 2, 11:00am (DEF CON 21), and August 1, 11:30am (BSidesLV).
Point-of-sale systems and cash machines are frequently targeted by
attackers. Linn will offer a frank discussion about these types of
attacks, where systems are vulnerable, and how to proactively defend
against them. He will focus on current, practical and frequently-seen
Additional sessions include: 

--  "Using Online Activity As Digital Fingerprints To Create A Better
    Spear Phisher" at Black Hat USA: Presented by Trustwave Security
    Consultants Joaquim Espinhara and Ulisses Albuquerque on August 1,
    2:15 pm.
--  "The Web is Vulnerable: XSS Defense on the Battlefront" at Black Hat
    USA: Presented by Trustwave Lead Security Researcher Ryan Barnett on
    July 31, 5:00 pm.
--  "Pwn'ing You(r) Cyber Offenders" at DEF CON 21: Presented by Trustwave
    Senior Security Consultant Piotr Duszynski on August 2, 1:00 pm.
--  "The Cavalry Isn't Coming" at DEF CON 21 and BSidesLV: Presented by
    Trustwave Senior Vice President and Head of SpiderLabs Nicholas J.
    Percoco and Akamai Technologies Director of Security Intelligence Josh
    Corman on August 4, 10:00am (DEF CON 21), and August 1, 11:30am

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