(The following is a reformatted version of a press release issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia, Office of Governor Bob McDonnell and received via electronic mail. The release was confirmed by the sender.)  July 18, 2013  External Report Finds Star Scientific Received No State Commitments or Awards During Governor McDonnell’s Administration  RICHMOND - Former Democratic Attorney General Tony Troy today released the findings of an external audit conducted to determine whether Star Scientific or Jonnie Williams received any appointments, funds, grants or contracts from the state.  Due to the previously stated conflict, the Office of the Attorney General appointed Tony Troy and his firm Eckert Seamans as special counsel to provide legal services that would otherwise be provided by the Office of the Attorney General.  In a letter sent to the governor’s office regarding the audit, Troy writes, “Based on my review, there have been no public funds, grants, or contracts from the agencies discussed below to Star Scientific.  Likewise, there have been no gubernatorial appointments made to Jonnie Williams or any officer of Star Scientific.”  A copy of the letter sent to the governor’s office is attached.  Contact: Taylor Thornley Keeney Phone: (804) 225-4260 Email:  (bjh) NY  #<873920.660640.>#