(The following is a reformatted version of a press release
issued by the Trustee for the liquidation of MF Global Inc. and
received via e-mail. The release was confirmed by the sender.) 
Date: July 18, 2013 
James W. Giddens, Trustee for the Securities Investor Protection
Act liquidation of MF Global Inc., anticipates significantly
increasing distributions to MFGI’s former Futures Commission
Merchant (FCM) customers in the coming months, with the ultimate
goal of reaching a 100 percent distribution to all customer
account classes. These further distributions are dependent on
final approval of a motion by the Trustee to confirm the
allocation of property already received and to be recovered from
third parties to the fund of customer property. 
Immediate Interim Distribution Rate Increase 
On July 18 the Office of the Trustee initiated further
distributions to customers trading on foreign exchanges (30.7
Customers) increasing the distribution rate to 26% of those
customers’ allowed claims. Customers who have returned valid
releases should receive checks from the Trustee’s office in the
next few weeks. 
Future Interim Distribution Rate Increase 
Assuming that settlement agreements with J.P. Morgan Chase and
MF Global UK (MFGUK) become effective in mid-August, and further
assuming the receipt of cash from both of those parties by the
end of August, additional distributions to all customers should
be able to start in early September. The exact percentages to be
distributed to customers trading on U.S. exchanges and foreign
exchanges are dependent on how much property is ultimately
received from MFGUK. It is likely that, as part of this
potential future distribution, customers trading on U.S.
exchanges (4d Customers) will receive distributions bringing
them to a percentage recovery in the high nineties and that 30.7
Customers will receive distributions bringing them to a
percentage recovery in the sixties. 
Final Distribution to 100% 
Upon approval of the consent order with the U.S. Commodity
Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Mr. Giddens further expects
to file a motion seeking Bankruptcy Court approval to allocate
additional funds towards the fund of customer property, which
would allow a final distribution of 100 percent to all former MF
Global Inc. commodities futures customers, including both 4d and
30.7 Customers. Those final, complete distributions can only be
initiated after Mr. Giddens’ motion has been approved by a
final, non-appealable order and after the receipt of funds from
MFGUK referenced in the preceding paragraph. Depending on
whether there are objections or appeals, this distribution is
likely to occur sometime in the fall.
Mr. Giddens’ goal throughout the liquidation proceeding has been
to reach a 100 percent return of assets to the former customers
of MF Global Inc. These final steps in the process are the
result of the effectiveness of settlement agreements and
cooperation with MFGUK, MF Global Holdings Ltd., and J.P. Morgan
Chase and their professionals as well as advice and guidance
from the CFTC and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation
and the consequent return of assets to the MF Global Inc. estate
and release of required reserves. 
(bjh) NY 
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