Security Solutions Discussed by Industry Leaders in Interviews With HP, ImageWare Systems,

Security Solutions Discussed by Industry Leaders in 
Interviews With HP, ImageWare Systems,
T-Systems, CyberLock and Isabelle Alfano - CARTES Event Director 
RYE BROOK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 07/18/13 --  ImageWare Systems,
Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY) and Deutsche Telecom (OTCQX: DTEGY) 
HP Enterprise Services 
Mr. John Diamant, Distinguished Technologist, CISSP, CSSLP, HP Secure
Product Development Strategist & U.S. Public Sector Application
Security Strategist, HP Enterprise Services, U.S. Public Sector,
Cybersecurity Solutions, told us, "It's certainly important to invest
in traditional security (firewalls, infrastructure, anti-virus, and
so forth), but clearly we see an underinvestment in application
security as it typically represents less than 10% of security spends,
directly resulting in a weak security link. Reactive security, such
as security patching and security testing, remains important not only
as quality controls, but also from the security standpoint. However,
if enterprises continue to build their entire security quality model
on just reactive measures, it should not come as a surprise that
successful attacks will continue to dominate the news. This said, IT
professionals must proactively require, architect and design security
in up front. Building security in early combined with the commonly
performed reactive security testing and patching as appropriate, can
help enterprises get ahead of this dilemma."  
For the complete interview with John Diamant, please click here.
Please download HP's White Paper "The New Attack Vector:
For more information: Cybersecurity for U.S. Public Sector
ImageWare Systems  
ImageWare Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY) a leader in cloud identity
management, and valued partner Emida, a leader in the global
prepayment and value transfer market, entered into an agreement
whereby ImageWare Systems will provide Emida its patented CloudID(TM)
software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which will enable a
fully-validated, feature-rich security solution that will run on top
of Fujitsu's Global Cloud Platform (FGCP). Smartphone users, service
providers and merchants will have unprecedented identity and value
exchange protection for financial transactions.  
"According to the Digital Journal, identity is stolen every three
seconds in the United States and businesses alone lost $21 billion in
2012," said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems.
"Password protection can no longer protect us from identity theft,
which is a major issue in mobile security. We are extremely pleased
to partner with Emida Technologies and Fujitsu to offer one of, if
not the first, services to deliver smartphone user identity, value
transfer and purchase protection for service providers, merchants and
"Emida endeavors to consistently bring to market new and better value
transfer products and services that benefit our customers around the
world," said Shane Belovsky, CEO of Emida. "We work with
best-in-class partners like ImageWare who soundly develop
thought-leading patented technologies. We are confident that
ImageWare's security management products, coupled with Emida's
trusted innovations, will help to revolutionize the prepaid
landscape." For the complete interview with Jim Miller, ImageWare
Systems, Chairman and CEO, please click here
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IWS CloudID(TM): 
ImageWare Systems Solutions: 
ImageWare Systems Products: 
For ImageWare Systems Investors: 
 For more
information: (OTCQB: IWSY)  
Mr. Ryan Skipp, T-Systems International GMBH, Portfolio & Solution
Design - IT, Applications & Portfolio Architecture, told us,
"T-Systems as an Outsourcer has to provide base infrastructure
services which meet the cost and quality expectations that a company
transitioning to outsourced services would expect -- better than they
as an end-user could produce, with better quality, and lower cost! In
order to achieve that, T-Systems was one of the first Outsourcers to
produce a 'Cloud' platform, based on highly shared leveraged
infrastructure, and with a number of pre-defined applications on top
of that. Today we have enhanced that infrastructure, and wrapped the
Cloud functionality into it, all the way up to self-service (to
application level) for our Private Cloud clients." For the complete
interview with Ryan Skipp, please click here
For more information:, OTC symbol of parent
company, Deutsche Telecom, DTEGY. 
CyberLock and Intellectual Property Protection 
CyberLock shared with us these interesting details regarding
Intellectual property protection. 
< < Intellectual property (IP) is a legal concept that refers to
creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized(1).
In other words, it is an idea, an invention, a piece of art, a
product design, a manufacturing process, or some other defined
concept that a person or company has created. More often than not,
this IP has significant value and needs to be protected and secured. 
The physical location of where IP details are stored can vary greatly
and often changes over time as concepts evolve. It can start in a
notebook kept in a desk drawer. It can migrate to digital form and be
stored on a workstation or server. Irrespective of how the
intellectual property is stored, having security policies and
procedures in place, including effective access control to the
intellectual property, is critical. 
Historically, no single solution has been available to safeguard such
creations until the CyberLock family of mechatronic locks and smart
keys came along. 
Case in point, Gene Tools, LLC, based in Philomath, Oregon, turned to
CyberLock to control access to their research facilities containing
valuable intellectual proprietary and confidential information. 
Gene Tools is involved in molecular biology and had a variety of
security needs including preventing industrial espionage. In
response, Gene Tools installed the CyberLock system to restrict and
audit access to areas containing their intellectual property. "We
need to be able to restrict who has access to each lab so that no one
person can access all of the information," said James Summerton,
President of Gene Tools. "With CyberLock, I have the ability to track
who has accessed each lock so that if a molecule goes awry or if
information has been tampered with we can get a report of who had
accessed the information and when." > > 
(1) Intellectual Property Licensing: Forms and Analysis, by Richard
Raysman, Edward A. Pisacreta and Kenneth A. Adler. Law Journal Press,
1998-2008. ISBN 973-58852-086-9  
For more information about CyberLock products: 
 For the complete
interview with Mr. James McGowan, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Videx:
CyberLock News & Events: 
 For the
CyberLock Solutions Center: 
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Ms. Isabelle Alfano
 Event Director
Ms. Isabelle Alfano, Event Director, CARTES, told us, "CARTES Secure
Connexions Event is the most comprehensive event gathering the
leading companies in the digital security, card and identification
The Smart Security Industry shows good growth perspectives in 2013.
Shipments in 2012 were up 11% from the year before and we are
expecting another increase of around 9% this year.  
A major chunk of this market is captured by four companies, namely
exhibitors at CARTES. These companies have evolved from Smart Card
manufacturers to Secure Payment and Digital Security providers, as
have done other long-time exhibitors at CARTES: ABNOTE, INSIDE
Other leading exhibitors include:  

--  Card manufacturing, personalisation and issuing: ATLANTIC ZEISER,
--  Mobile Payment, Payment Systems, POS and m-POS: AMERICAN EXPRESS, ATOS
--  Test and Consulting Services: BARNES INTERNATIONAL, KEOLABS, COMPRION,

CARTES Secure Connexions Event mission is to present in a most
exhaustive possible way a traditional smart card offering but also
all the new means of payment and identification. 
For the complete interview with Ms. Isabelle Alfano: 
ISC East
 November 20-21, 2013
 Javits Center North, NY, NY 
ISC East is the Northeast's Local Connection to the World of
Security. Join us November 20-21, 2013 at the Javits Center North in
New York, NY.  
Your registration gets you: 
Direct access to technical reps from more than 200 brands -- review
the latest products, technologies & services to stay ahead of what's
new in Security. 
Free business seminars designed to help you increase revenue and
reduce costs - high quality, commercial-free information and insight
into the most relevant new products, technologies and business
strategies you need to know about in today's evolving security market
to stay ahead of your competition. 
Drinks & networking on the exhibit floor -- a casual environment to
join your colleagues and peers for collaborating, sharing ideas, and
good, old fashioned socializing. 
Local expertise from association leaders in NY, NJ, CT and PA -- meet
and chat with leaders of your local chapters from the security
ISC East is sponsored by the Security Industry Association. Register
to attend today:  
PSA Security Network
 Mr. Bill Bozeman, CPP
 President and CEO 
Intelligent Access Systems - Premier Profile with Ron Oetjen 
Bill Bozeman recently sat down with Ron Oetjen, President of
Intelligent Access Systems, to gain some knowledge about his company
as well as what they can offer their customers.  
Bill Bozeman: Please tell us a little about Intelligent Access
Ron Oetjen: Intelligent Access Systems started in 2004 so we're a
fairly young company, and we joined PSA in 2008. We're headquartered
in Raleigh North Carolina, and focused primarily on three vertical
markets which are Critical Infrastructure, Healthcare and Higher
Bill Bozeman: How large a territory is Intelligent Access Systems
able to cover?  
Ron Oetjen: We have 8 offices on the east coast. We're focused on
being able to provide prompt service to customers in the mid-Atlantic
and south east regions of the US. Our physical offices include;
Canton Ohio, Pittsburg Pennsylvania, Richmond Virginia, Raleigh North
Carolina, Atlanta, Tampa, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale Florida.
We think we're currently positioned pretty well to support customers
in these regions, but our five year plan does call for some
additional offices and some geographical territory expansion.  
Bill Bozeman: Are those all physical building locations?  
Ron Oetjen: They sure are. We have physical offices in each of those
cities. We also have some remote technicians to cover some of the
areas where you get a little far from our primary office.  
Bill Bozeman: Can you share some of your top-tier clients with us?  
We are heavily focused on a few vertical markets so the names may
sound very similar. We're the electronic security partner for
companies like Dominion Power, Duke energy, Liberty University,
University of Pittsburg and Piedmont Healthcare, just to name a few.
For the complete interview, please click here:  
Bill Bozeman: If you are interested in more information about
Intelligent Access Systems please visit their website at: 
Security Industry Association 
SIA Technology Insights provides original, exclusive, vendor-neutral
analyses of the latest security technologies written by industry
leaders. Produced with the end-user in mind, the publication is
intended to help CSOs, security directors and others learn about
technological developments and trends and identify possible security
solutions for their enterprise.&#8203;  
The first edition, which contains articles that are focused on the
transition to IP within the industry, was released as a printed
volume in June 2013. End-users and SIA members may obtain a
complimentary copy by contacting Ron Hawkins, SIA's manager of member
information and partnerships, at A digital
version will be available soon. 
Click here for a preview of the SIA Technology Insights
Save the Date for SNG (Securing New Ground) 
On November 5 & 6 at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel in New
York City, security industry leaders will convene for THE
must-go-to-event of the year. Only at SNG do you have access to
information not available anywhere and unparalleled networking
opportunities that give you a competitive edge over the competition.  
Quality Content at SIA Education@ISC East 2013  
Be an influencer and educator of the physical security industry that
provides straight-forward, relevant content to consumers by
submitting a proposal for consideration at ISC East, to be held
November 20-21, 2013 in NYC.  
SIA Released Cloud & Mobility White Paper 
The Security Industry Association (SIA) Standards Committee announced
the first deliverable of the recently formed Cloud & Mobility Working
Group: an industry white paper that explores the impact of the cloud
on physical security.  
 12th Annual Government Conference
15-16, 2013 -- Washington Convention Center -- Washington, DC 
The 12th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference will survey
opportunities and challenges for government issuers, accreditation
and testing authorities, procurement programs, and the industry to
meet the government's market demands. The leading annual event for ID
security returns to the Washington Convention Center with
comprehensive coverage of efforts toward strong authentication
technology in government identity programs, including Personal
Identity Verification (PIV) credentials, developments in National
Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), trusted ID on
the Internet and on mobile devices, developments in state and local
ID, and evolving global standards. 
2nd Annual Cyber Resilience for National Security
 September 17-19,
ny advancements have occurred in the landscape of cyber resilience.
However, cyberspace remains a mysterious terrain. A realistic
perspective on unknowns must be established to combat and ward off
the myriad of risks that threaten our national and economic
interests. This event will bring together defense, government and
industry leaders to devote a concentrated focus on breaking down the
latest in policy, information sharing, security technology and
identifiable threats for a cohesive mission strategy that can be
directly applied to cross-agency goals.  
Event website: 
Contact: David Drey at or 312-540-3000 ext.
 November 19 - 21, 2013
 Paris Nord Villepinte - France  
CARTES Secure Connexions Event 2013 is the comprehensive event (trade
show, conferences and awards) entirely dedicated to the digital
security and smart technology sector and its innovations. 
Integrating its full value chain, CARTES Secure Connexions 2013 is
the only event enabling global synergies at a human and technological
level, ideal for business deals and partnerships. 
For more information about CARTES Paris, November 19-20-21, 2013 
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