L'Oreal : L'Oréal: News Release: "First-half 2013 sales"

           L'Oreal : L'Oréal: News Release: "First-half 2013 sales"

Clichy, July 16^th, 2013, 6 p.m.

                            First-half 2013 sales


  *Sales: 11.7 billion euros

       *+6.4% excluding currency fluctuations

       *+5.4% like-for-like

       *+4.7% based on reported figures

  *Further market share gains in Western Europe and North America

  *Strong growth in the New Markets

  *Dynamism of the Group's major brands
  *Confidence in a further year of sales and profit growth

Commenting on the  figures, Mr Jean-Paul  Agon, Chairman and  CEO of  L'Oréal, 

"Although market growth has been  slightly slowing down, L'Oréal continued  to 
demonstrate its good dynamics and recorded  a solid first half. Each  division 
and zone is growing and outperforming its market.

The Consumer Products Division and  L'Oréal Luxe are growing strongly,  driven 
by  L'Oréal  Paris,  Garnier,  Lancôme,   Giorgio  Armani  and  Kiehl's.   The 
Professional Products  Division, still  held back  by a  difficult market,  is 
picking up slightly. The  Active Cosmetics Division  is performing very  well, 
particularly in Western Europe, while accelerating its international roll-out.

The trends of the Group's flagship  brands are favourable, and more than  ever 
before, our major product initiatives are really making a difference. They are
enabling significant breakthroughs in Western Europe and North America. And in
the New  Markets,  the  four  regions are  achieving  strong  growth  and  are 
contributing to improve our positions.

In view  of these  dynamics, we  remain confident  in our  ability to  achieve 
another year of growth in both sales and profits."

A - First-half 2013 sales

Like-for-like, i.e. based  on a  comparable structure  and identical  exchange 
rates, the sales growth of the L'Oréal group was +5.4%.
The net impact of changes in consolidation was +1.0%.
Currency fluctuations had a negative impact of -1.7%. If the exchange rates at
June 28^th, 2013, i.e.
€1 = $1.308,  are extrapolated up  to December 31^st,  the impact of  currency 
fluctuations on sales would be approximately -2.8% for the whole of 2013.
Growth at constant exchange rates was +6.4%.
Based on reported figures, the Group's  sales at June 30^th, 2013 amounted  to 
11.738 billion euros, an increase of +4.7%.

              Sales by operational division and geographic zone

                         2^nd quarter 2013                 1^st half 2013
                                   Growth                          Growth
                     €m    Like-for-like Reported    €m    Like-for-like Reported
By operational
Professional         779.3          2.7%     1.5%  1,531.8          1.4%     0.6%
Consumer Products  2,802.2          6.1%     4.7%  5,723.0          6.3%     5.1%
L'Oréal Luxe       1,404.7          5.5%     5.1%  2,826.8          6.4%     6.6%
Active Cosmetics     409.5          8.6%     7.2%    907.1          7.8%     6.6%
Cosmetics total    5,395.7          5.6%     4.5% 10,988.7          5.7%     4.9%
By geographic zone
Western Europe     1,908.5          1.7%     1.3%  3,899.0          1.7%     1.6%
North America      1,371.7          4.5%     4.9%  2,743.2          5.4%     6.7%
New Markets, of    2,115.4         10.3%     7.3%  4,346.6          9.9%     7.0%
-Asia,    1,051.8          8.2%     4.5%  2,240.2          8.0%     5.1%
-Latin      507.7         15.2%    13.2%    966.3         13.5%     9.6%
-Eastern    355.4          7.5%     5.1%    745.1          8.4%     6.7%
-Africa,    200.6         15.1%    12.8%    394.9         15.1%    12.3%
Middle East
Cosmetics total    5,395.7          5.6%     4.5% 10,988.7          5.7%     4.9%
The Body Shop     186.9         -0.8%    -3.4%    368.8          0.5%    -1.4%
Dermatology^(1)   223.9          0.8%     4.2%    380.6          0.3%     3.3%
Group total        5,806.5          5.2%     4.2% 11,738.1          5.4%     4.7%

(1) Group share, i.e. 50%.

  1) Cosmetics sales


The Professional Products Division recorded growth of +1.4% like-for-like  and 
+0.6% based  on  reported  figures.  The  mature  markets  are  still  proving 
difficult, particularly in southern Europe, while the Division continues to be
dynamic in the New Markets and  is actively pursuing its policy of  recruiting 
new salons.

  *In the luxury haircare segment,  Kérastase, which is growing strongly,  is 
    introducing a new  category - "Couture  Styling" - with  Kate Moss as  its 
    ambassador. Haircare sales are growing, driven by hair oils and the launch
    of Biolage Advanced by  Matrix in the United  States. In hair  colourants, 
    the revolutionary  ODS2 technology  is  now being  rolled out  across  the 
    Division's three major brands (L'Oréal Professionnel, Matrix and Redken).
    Essie professional nail care products are continuing their development.

  *The Division,  which  remains  strongly exposed  to  mature  markets,  did 
    however improve its positions  in the second quarter.  In the New  Markets 
    excluding  Japan,  all  the  zones   are  continuing  to  grow   strongly, 
    particularly in Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Africa, Middle  East. 


The Consumer Products Division posted sales growth of +6.3% like-for-like  and 
+5.1% based on reported figures, and is continuing to gain market share thanks
to the substantial  progress achieved by  its major brands  and major  product 

  *L'Oréal Paris is gaining momentum, thanks in particular to the  successful 
    globalisation of Elvive. In facial skincare, Revitalift Laser is  building 
    on its success, while  the hair colourants category  is receiving a  boost 
    from Préférence Mousse Absolue and Préférenceles Ombrés.
    At Garnier,  the success  of  Olia, now  being  rolled out  worldwide,  is 
    contributing to  the strong  growth  of the  hair colourant  category.  In 
    haircare, Fructis  is  returning  to positive  growth  and  Ultra-Doux  is 
    continuing its very solid sales growth.
    Maybelline is confirming its appeal among the younger generation with  the 
    worldwide success ofBaby Lips, and the  launch of Color Show in the  nail 
    varnish segment.

  *The Division is well oriented and records particularly significant  market 
    share gains in Western Europe, North America, and Latin America.


At end-June, L'Oréal  Luxe sales  increased by +6.4%  like-for-like and  +6.6% 
based on reported figures. The  Division is growing significantly faster  than 
the market, thanks to the advances of all its core brands, the success of  its 
recent acquisitions, and a remarkable performance in women's fragrances.

  *Continuing their  trends from  the  start of  the year,  Lancôme,  Giorgio 
    Armani and Kiehl's are maintaining  their growth dynamics. In addition  to 
    the ongoing success of La Vie est Belle, Teint Touche Eclat and Rouge  Pur 
    Couture lipstick  by Yves  Saint Laurent,  the Division  is enhancing  its 
    offering with  major  innovations such  as  Advanced Génifique  and  Teint 
    Visionnaire by Lancôme, and Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream by Kiehl's.
    Clarisonic is continuing its global roll-out. Urban Decay, the new make-up
    brand of  L'Oréal Luxe,  is growing  strongly and  is launching  Naked  BB 

  *In Western  Europe,  a stagnant  market,  the Division  is  improving  its 
    positions, and in North America it is achieving solid growth. Although the
    South Korean market remains depressed, dynamic sales trends are continuing
    in China, Russia, the Middle East and Travel Retail.


In the first half, the Active Cosmetics Division continued to build  momentum, 
with  sales  increasing  by  +7.8%  like-for-like  (+6.6%  based  on  reported 
figures), driven by the recovery of Vichyand the strong and sustained  growth 
of La Roche-Posay.

  *Vichy is continuing to perform well, particularly in Western Europe and in
    skincare, with the  launch of  Idealia BB  Cream. La  Roche-Posay is  once 
    again posting very strong growth in Western Europe and across all the  New 

  *In Western Europe, the Division  is growing significantly faster than  the 
    market.  All  the  geographic  zones  are  growing,  with  an  outstanding 
    performance in Latin America, driven by Brazil in particular.

  Multi-division summary by geographic zone


The European market is  declining slightly, with  a negative southern  Europe, 
and the rest of Europe remaining more or less stable. Against this background,
L'Oréal recorded growth of  +1.7% like-for-like, and  +1.6% based on  reported 
figures, thanks to substantial market share gains by the Consumer Products and
Active Cosmetics  Divisions. Germany,  France and  the countries  of  northern 
Europe are  all  contributing to  growth;  Spain and  Portugal  are  gradually 
recovering. L'Oréal Paris, Garnier, Lancôme, Kiehl's, Vichy and La Roche-Posay
are all making strong progress.


North America  achieved  growth of  +5.4%  like-for-like and  +6.7%  based  on 
reported figures.  Group sales  are increasing  nearly twice  as fast  as  the 
market. In an American  market that is growing  slightly slower than in  2012, 
the Consumer Products Division is making strategic breakthroughs with  L'Oréal 
Paris Advanced Haircare, Olia  hair colourant by Garnier,  and the ramp-up  of 
Essie. At L'Oréal Luxe,  Urban Decay and Kiehl's  are expanding strongly,  and 
the new men's fragrance Red by Ralph Lauren is making a good start. The Active
Cosmetics Division is continuing to expand, thanks to the opening of new sales
outlets and the continuing success of SkinCeuticals.


  *Asia,Pacific: L'Oréal recorded  growth of +8.0%  like-for-like and  +5.1% 
    based on  reported figures.  If Japan  is excluded,  like-for-like  growth 
    reached +9.2%. The contrasting trends in this zone are continuing, with  a 
    negative market trend in South Korea, while in China, India and the  ASEAN 
    countries, the market remains favourable.
    The Group  is strengthening  its positions,  thanks in  particular to  the 
    strong performance ofL'Oréal Paris in the Consumer Products Division, and
    Lancôme, Yves  Saint  Laurent and  Kiehl's  at L'Oréal  Luxe.  Yves  Saint 
    Laurent has  been launched  in China.  Amongst the  countries,  Indonesia, 
    India and China in particular  are contributing to the strong  performance 
    in this zone.

  *Latin America: Latin America recorded  growth of +13.5% like-for-like  and 
    +9.6% based  on reported  figures. Each  Division is  performing well  and 
    gaining market shares. Brazil is returning to strong growth, thanks to the
    solid performance  of the  Consumer Products  Division, in  haircare  with 
    Elvive by L'Oréal Paris, in hair  colourants with Casting Crème Gloss  and 
    the acceleration in the roll-out of Maybelline.
    The Active  Cosmetics  Division is  continuing  to grow  faster  than  the 
    market. The Professional Products Division is accelerating, thanks to  the 
    launch in Brazil of Serie Expert Absolut Control and Matrix Biolage Repair

  *Eastern Europe: This zone recorded growth of +8.4% like-for-like and +6.7%
    based on  reported figures  in a  market that  has slowed  down  slightly. 
    Growth in this zone is being driven by Russia and Ukraine, while Poland is
    now recovering. L'Oréal Luxe  performed well in  Russia thanks to  Lancôme 
    and GiorgioArmani, and  the trends  of all the  Consumer Product  Division 
    brands are favourable. Professional Products is continuing its conquest of
    new hair salons.

  *Africa,Middle East:  The Africa,  Middle East  zone continued  its  solid 
    growth at +15.1% like-for-like and +12.3% based on reported figures,  with 
    strong  performances  from  all  the  Divisions.  By  country,  sales  are 
    particularly dynamic in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.
    Egypt  is  posting  solid  growth  despite  the  difficult  context.   The 
    acquisition of Interconsumer Products  Limited (ICP) is strengthening  the 
    Group's presence in the markets of Eastern Africa.

2) The Body Shop sales

At end-June, The Body  Shop recorded like-for-like growth  of +0.5% and  -1.4% 
based on reported  figures. Dynamic  sales trends are  continuing in  Southern 
Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, while western countries are facing a
more difficult environment.

In the first  half, The Body  Shop was  impacted by the  phasing of  launches, 
which will occur in the second half. The brand is continuing the international
roll-out of "Pulse", its  innovative store concept, and  the expansion of  its 
development in e-commerce, now with 21 online sales sites.
At June 30^th, 2013, The Body Shop has a total of 2,840 stores.

  3) Galderma sales

Galderma's sales trends were +0.3% like-for-like, and +3.3% based on  reported 
figures, with strongly contrasting performances in the geographic zones.
Growth remains solid  in the New  Markets, particularly in  Asia, Pacific,  in 
Latin America and in Russia.
Metrogel 1% (rosacea) in the United States, along with Loceryl (nail  mycosis) 
and Tetralysal (acne) in Western Europe, are facing competition from generics.
Epiduo(acne) andClobex Spray(psoriasis)are performing very well.
In the  over-the-counter  market, the  dynamism  of Loceryl  and  Cetaphil  (a 
hydrating and cleansing skincare range) is continuing.
Aesthetic and  corrective  medical solutions  are  being driven  by  the  good 
performances in Asia, Pacific of  Azzalure (muscle relaxant) and of  Restylane 
(a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler).

B - Important events during the period 4/1/2013 to 6/30/2013

  *On April 15^th, 2013, L'Oréal announced the acquisition of the Hygiene and
    Beauty business of Interconsumer Products  Limited (ICP) in Kenya. ICP,  a 
    major player in  the Kenyan  beauty market, is  strengthening the  Group's 
    position in Eastern Africa.

  *On April 26^th, 2013, the Annual  General Meeting of L'Oréal approved  the 
    appointment of
    Mrs Virginie Morgon as a  new board member and  renewed the tenure of  Mrs 
    Françoise Bettencourt  Meyers,  Mr  Peter Brabeck-Letmathe  and  Mr  Louis 
    Schweitzer. Furthermore, the Annual  General Meeting approved the  payment 
    of a  dividend  of €2.30  per  share,  representing an  increase  of  +15% 
    compared with 2012.

  *On  May  17^th,  2013,  L'Oréal  announced  several  appointments  to  its 
    Executive Committee:
    Mr Jean-Jacques Lebel retired on July 1^st; Mr Marc Menesguen succeeds him
    as  President  Consumer  Products  Division.  Mr  Nicolas  Hieronimus   is 
    appointed  President  Selective  Divisions  (L'Oréal  Luxe,   Professional 
    Products, Active Cosmetics, The Body Shop). Mr Frédéric Rozé is  appointed 
    Executive Vice-President of  the Americas Zone,  which includes North  and 
    Latin America. Mr Alexandre  Popoff is appointed Executive  Vice-President 
    Eastern  Europe   Zone.  Mr   Jochen  Zaumseil   is  appointed   Executive 
    Vice-President Western  Europe Zone.  Lastly, Mr  Alexis Perakis-Valat  is 
    appointed Executive  Vice-President  for  the Asia,  Pacific  Zone.  These 
    appointments are effective as of July 1^st, 2013.

"This news release does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation  of 
an offer  to buy  L'Oréal shares.  If you  wish to  obtain more  comprehensive 
information about L'Oréal, please refer to the public documents registered  in 
France with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers, also available in English  on 
our Internet site www.loreal-finance.com.
This news release  may contain some  forward-looking statements. Although  the 
Company considers that these statements are based on reasonable hypotheses  at 
the date of publication of this release,  they are by their nature subject  to 
risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ  materially 
from those indicated or projected in these statements."

This a free translation into English of the First-half 2013 sales news release
issued in the French  language and is provided  solely for the convenience  of 
English speaking readers. In case of discrepancy, the French version prevails.

Contacts at L'Oréal (switchboard: +33147567000)

Individual shareholders and market authorities
Mr Jean Régis CAROF
Tel: +33 1 47 56 83 02

Financial analysts and Institutional investors
Mrs Françoise LAUVIN
Tel: +33 1 47 56 86 82

Tel: +33 1 47 56 76 71

For  more  information,  please  contact   your  bank,  broker  or   financial 
institution (I.S.I.N. code: FR0000120321), and consult your usual  newspapers, 
and    the     Internet    site     for    shareholders     and     investors, 
http://www.loreal-finance.com, alternatively, call +33 1 40 14 80 50.

C - Appendix

L'Oréal group sales 2012/2013 (€ millions)

                         2012   2013
First quarter:
Cosmetics                5,309  5,593
The Body Shop              180    182
Dermatology                154    157
First quarter total   5,643  5,932
Second quarter:
Cosmetics                5,162  5,396
The Body Shop              194    187
Dermatology                215    224
Second quarter total  5,570  5,806
First half:
Cosmetics               10,471 10,989
The Body Shop              374    369
Dermatology                368    381
First half total     11,213 11,738
Third quarter:
Cosmetics                5,137
The Body Shop              191
Dermatology                191
Third quarter total   5,519
Nine months:
Cosmetics               15,608
The Body Shop              565
Dermatology                559
Nine months total    16,732
Fourth quarter:
Cosmetics                5,204
The Body Shop              290
Dermatology                236
Fourth quarter total  5,730
Full year
Cosmetics               20,812
The Body Shop              855
Dermatology                796
Full year total      22,463

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