LexisNexis(R) and Tax Management Associates Find Erroneous Tax Exemption Filings and Discover Nearly $3 Million in New Revenue

LexisNexis(R) and Tax Management Associates Find Erroneous Tax Exemption 
Filings and Discover Nearly $3 Million in New Revenue for
Greenville County, South Carolina 
Companies Leverage Data and Investigation Capabilities to Discover
and Correct Improper Filings for Legal Residence Exemptions 
WASHINGTON, DC -- (Marketwired) -- 07/15/13 --  LexisNexis(R) Risk
Solutions and Tax Management Associates, Inc. (TMA) today announced
that Greenville County, SC has discovered nearly $3 million in new
revenue by leveraging the companies' Homestead Exemption Fraud
Detection program. The program combines the LexisNexis analytics
technology and public records databases with TMA's investigative
capabilities to help counties detect erroneous filings in their legal
residence exemption program -- referred to in many states as a
homestead exemption program -- and discover new revenue. 
LexisNexis identified applications in Greenville County's legal
residence exemption program were potentially erroneous by examining
key indicators of improperly filed tax exemptions, such as: 

--  Exemptions filed by owners for rental properties
--  Individuals with multiple exemptions for multiple properties within
    South Carolina
--  Individuals with multiple exemptions for multiple properties across
    multiple states
--  Businesses receiving exemptions
--  Family members receiving exemptions under deceased property owners'

TMA further investigated the LexisNexis findings, verified the
information and prioritized the accounts for collection by Greenville
County. To date, the county has billed 2,552 accounts with
delinquencies from anywhere from one to four years and collected more
than $1 million. 
"This program has helped us to find nearly $3 million in new
revenue," said Debbie Adkins, assessor, Greenville County. "It has
definitely provided a return on the county's investment."  
"Greenville County is showing its taxpayers that it is a trusted
steward of taxpayer dollars, committed to discovering and correcting
improperly requested tax benefits, as well as detecting and
preventing fraud," said Haywood Talcove, chief executive officer,
Government, LexisNexis Risk Solutions. "County governments are still
experiencing difficult economic times, and every instance of
improperly granted tax exemptions -- whether misfiled by the taxpayer
intentionally or unintentionally -- deprives the government of
dollars needed to fund critical government services like police, fire
safety and education. We applaud Greenville County's leadership in
aggressively tackling this challenge with new technology and
innovative investigative approaches." 
"Finding individuals who improperly file for homestead exemptions has
traditionally been labor intensive and, in many cases, cost
prohibitive," said Richard (Chip) Cooke, Jr. chief executive officer,
TMA. "With this program, counties rely on LexisNexis and TMA to do
the heavy lifting, enabling them to focus on their core competencies
of billing and collections. We are honored to have the opportunity to
support Greenville County and be a small part of their efforts to
ensure all taxpayers pay their fair share."  
About LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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About Tax Management Associates (TMA)
 Since 1979, Tax Management
Associates (TMA) (www.tma1.com) has been assisting state and local
tax officials in their day to day duties of administering the
property tax. TMA is made up of an experienced management team,
accounting professionals and other specialized individuals,
comprising over 130 people in offices across the United States. TMA's
expertise lies in leveraged technology and a deep knowledge of local
taxation practices to assist its clients in discovering and
processing missing sources of revenue. These sources of revenue
include business taxes, income taxes and improperly filed exemptions.
TMA has performed similar services for over 450 client jurisdictions
in fifteen states. 
For more information, please visit LexisNexis on the web at
and TMA at www.TMA1.com.  
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