Visible Gold Mines Exploration Update

ROUYN-NORANDA, QC, July 12, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - Visible Gold Mines Inc. (TSXV: 
VGD) (Frankfurt: 3V4) is pleased to provide an update on its exploration 
activities for 2013 in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt of northwest Québec. 
The past few years have been the most challenging that Visible Gold Mines has 
experienced since its inception. Whereas many small-cap junior exploration 
companies did not recover from the 2008 credit crisis, Visible Gold Mines did 
and raised more than $12million in order to advance its exploration 
projects. While there is no doubt that the Canadian investing public has 
lost interest in the resource sector for now, Visible Gold Mines is doing 
everything possible so as to be in a strong position when current market 
conditions improve, and to maximize shareholder value. In order to protect its 
cash position, Visible Gold Mines has reduced its exploration budget, but is 
working hard to keep advancing exploration by optioning its projects. 
Visible Gold Mines is also actively looking for undervalued assets which may 
now be available. Despite the negative conditions, Visible Gold Mines 
continues to move forward and will continue to work hard to increase 
shareholder value. 
Stadacona East Property (100%) 
The Stadacona East Property is located in the centre of Rouyn-Noranda Township 
in northwestern Québec. Two past producers, the Horne Mine (59.3 Mt at 5.88 
g/t Au, 2.2% Cu, 13 g/t Ag) and the Stadacona Gold Mine (466,282 ounces Au, 
ref. MRNFP), are situated approximately 1.0km north and 400m west, 
respectively, from the northern and western boundaries of the Stadacona East 
Property. In April2011, Visible Gold Mines announced that the first 
NI43-101 resource estimate for its Stadacona East Property had outlined 
163,800 inferred ounces of gold (980,000 tonnes grading 5.19 g/t Au). 
Approximately 65,000 metres of drilling, representing 264 holes, has been done 
on the property to date. A 17-hole exploration program was initiated in 2011 
on the east part of the property. Two holes for a total of 732 metres were 
drilled in 2011 and the program will resume in 2013 for the remaining holes. 
Silidor (100%) / Capricorn (40%) Properties 
Visible Gold Mines has been exploring the Silidor Property, four kilometres 
west of Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, since mid-2010 in an attempt to confirm 
extensions to the former Silidor Mine (4.78 million tonnes grading 5.4 g/t 
Au.) which was in production from 1990 to 1997. A total of 33holes, 
representing 8,712 metres, have been drilled to date. So far, Visible Gold 
Mines has spent $1,680,000 on the Silidor project. Given the fact that the 
width of the quartz-vein is sub-economic at present, the Corporation will 
focus its energy on other portions of the properties, including the Capricorn 
Property which is contiguous to the Silidor. 
The following table is a summary of the 2011 best intersections from the 33 
| Hole No |width (m)|Au (g/t)|
|SI-10-01 |    2.0  |   2.63 |
|SI-11-05 |   2.95  |   2.11 |
|         |   1.65  |   5.12 |
|         |   1.50  |   6.06 |
|SI-11-08 |   1.65  |   7.9  |
|SI-11-11 |   1.10  |   2.34 |
|SI-11-12 |   0.95  |   4.80 |
|SI-11-17 |   1.50  |   2.93 |
|SI-11-22 |    1.8  |   1.08 |
|SI-11-23 |    2.3  |   8.3  |
|SI-11-26 |    2.0  |  12.68 |
|SI-11-30 |   12.3  |   2.34 |
|SI-11-39 |    2.0  |   2.83 |
Hazeur Property (100%) 
The Hazeur Property is comprised of 84 mining claims totaling more than 2,700 
hectares (27sq. km) in Chibougamau Township. Work in an amount of $22,878 
was done during the first three quarters of 2013. Previous exploration work 
includes eleven diamond drill holes, prospecting, four stripping zones and 
sampling by trenching. The last compilation done on the Hazeur Property helped 
identify targets. A two-hole 300 metre drilling program is planned on the 
property. TomaGold Corporation recently announced many interesting gold 
intersections (April 22, 2013 News Release) on its Monster Lake project 
located in the Chibougamau area about six kilometres from Visible Gold Mines' 
Hazeur project. To date, Visible Gold Mines has spent $795,000 on the Hazeur 
Project 167 (100%) 
Visible Gold Mines acquired by designation 35 mining claims representing a 
total of 1,854 hectares on the James Bay territory. The Government of Québec 
is currently building the extension of provincial road no.167 ending at 
Stornoway Diamond Corp.'s Renard project. The construction of this road is 
expected to be completed by the end of the 2013 calendar year. Work in an 
amount of $157,534 has been done on this project since its inception. Two 
prospecting programs have been completed on site to date and the next 
exploration phase is planned for fall 2013. It will allow Visible Gold Mines 
to validate geological concepts generated from the two first exploration 
programs. The James Bay territory is unexplored and represents significant 
potential for Visible Gold Mines, especially now that access will be 
Green Giant Property (100%) 
Data on the recently-acquired Green Giant Property has been analyzed and 
geophysical work is required in order to outline drill targets. The Green 
Giant Property comprises 122 mining claims covering 63.2 sq. km. It is located 
in the Abitibi region of northwestern Québec, approximately 70kilometres 
north of Amos, a town of about 13,000 inhabitants, and only eight kilometres 
south of the former Sleeping Giant Mine owned by North American Palladium. 
The Green Giant Property surrounds a probable felsic intrusive which was 
detected on regional geophysical survey MEGATEM maps published in 2010 by the 
Government of Quebec (DP-2010-05). Structural fabric observed on the property 
from this survey suggests that the intrusion is synvolcanic and is affected by 
the same regional deformation which occurs within intrusions of the Sleeping 
Giant mine. A better geological understanding of Green Giant will emerge once 
ground geophysics takes place in the coming months. To date, Visible Gold 
Mines has spent $33,256 on the Green Giant project. 
Disson Property (100%) 
Work in an amount of $1,758,000 was done on the Disson project from 2011 to 
2013. The Disson Property is comprised of 132 mining claims in Disson 
Township. All of these mining claims were acquired by Visible Gold Mines by 
map designation based on the well-known Cadillac geological model. A 
prospecting program was conducted during 2010 and followed by a ground 
geophysical survey in 2011. These surveys, which included 127 kilometres of 
magnetic survey (MAG), 106 kilometres of electromagnetic survey (EMH) and 45 
kilometres of IP (induced polarization), generated numerous targets. A 
seven-hole drilling program totalling 2,500 metres was completed. Although 
many 10 to 20-metre massive sulphide sections were intersected, no significant 
gold values were returned. No significant work is planned on the Disson 
Property for 2013 and Visible Gold Mines is actively seeking a potential joint 
venture partner. 
Joutel Project (option 50%) 
In March 2011, Visible Gold Mines entered into an Option Agreement with 
Agnico-Eagle under which Visible Gold Mines can acquire a 50% undivided 
interest in the Joutel Property, comprised of one mining lease and 477 mining 
claims located 150 km north of Rouyn-Noranda, northwestern Québec (see March 
31, 2011 Press Release). The large land package includes the former Eagle 
Ouest and Telbel deposits which produced a combined 1.1 million ounces of gold 
at a grade of 6.0g/t from 1974 to 1993. Approximately 300,000 ounces of 
silver were also recovered at a grade of 1.8 g/t (reference: Agnico-Eagle 
Mines Ltd., 2011). A 6,016-metre, ten-hole diamond drill program was 
completed in 2011 and a 2,981 metre, eight-hole diamond drill program was 
completed in 2012. Numerous gold and silver values have been intersected 
during phase 1 and phase 2 and a third drilling program is planned in 2013 to 
test the extensions surrounding holes JO-12-05 (3.23g/t Au and 1.85 g/t Ag 
over 3.0 metres) and JO-11-03 (4.13g/t and 4.4g/t over 3.0 metres). Two 
technical reports have been prepared by Visible Gold Mines on the Joutel 
Property in 2011 and 2012. These two technical reports are available on 
Visible Gold Mines' website and on SEDAR at A meeting with 
Agnico-Eagle is scheduled shortly at Visible Gold Mines' exploration office to 
discuss the previous phases and the upcoming ones. 
To acquire a 50% undivided interest in the Joutel Property, Visible Gold Mines 
must incur $5million in exploration expenditures on the property over a 
period of five years, which includes a firm commitment of $500,000 during the 
first year of the Option Agreement and $750,000 during the second year. To 
date, Visible Gold Mines has spent $1,616,484 on the Joutel project and has 
respected the first and second year's firm commitments. 
Cadillac Break, Lucky Break, Wasa East and Wasa Creek Projects (option 60%) 
Visible Gold Mines is aggressively exploring a highly-prospective land package 
west of Rouyn-Noranda, Québec that it optioned in December 2010, comprising 
7,423 hectares. Most of the ground covers the Lucky Break Project, which 
includes the promising Wasa Creek and Wasa East Properties in the immediate 
vicinity of Richmont Mines' growing Wasamac deposit. Numerous drilling 
targets have been identified and a 25-hole drilling program totaling 14,900 
metres was completed in 2011/12 over the four projects: 
Cadillac Break Project: A three-hole drilling program totalling 2,619 metres 
was completed in 2011. 
Lucky Break Project: A four-hole drilling program totalling 1,861 metres was 
completed in December 2011. 
Wasa East Project: A five-hole drilling program totalling 2,163 metres was 
completed in December 2011. 
Wasa Creek Project: A 13-hole drilling program totalling 8,820 metres was 
completed in October 2011. 
Best Assay Results 2011/2012 


LBWC-11-03  From (m) To (m) Length (m) Grade (g/t Au)
               27.00  28.00       1.00          16.37
               39.00  40.50       1.50           1.24
              334.50 336.00       1.50          19.73
              541.60 558.00      16.40           0.92

Including     541.60 550.50       8.90           1.31
              586.50 590.00       3.50           2.76
              643.50 645.00       1.50           1.08

              414.50 415.70       1.20           2.16
              415.70 417.00       1.30          60.67
              417.00 417.60       0.60           3.76
              417.60 418.60       1.00           5.47

A better geological understanding of the Wasa Creek Property is beginning to 
emerge. Wasa Creek covers a 3.5-kilometre stretch of the prolific Cadillac 
Fault, spatially related to numerous large gold deposits from east of Val-d'Or 
to the famous Noranda mining camp to the former 11-million ounce Kerr Addison 
Mine in Virginiatown, Ontario. Intense fracturing and displacement have been 
observed at Wasa Creek and it is now believed that the Cadillac Fault runs in 
a northeast direction, as opposed to a straight east-west direction, under at 
least half of the property and then bends to the east, creating a zone of 
major geological interest. In addition, given intriguing thickness variations 
in younger sedimentary rock formations of the Cobalt Group that cover the 
Cadillac Fault, important north-south secondary faults are now interpreted to 
exist at Wasa Creek in areas north of the Cadillac Fault. This is believed 
to be significant.

In December 2010, Visible Gold Mines entered into an Option Agreement to earn 
a 60% interest in 226 of Cadillac Mining's 239 claims covering approximately 
7,423 hectares in its Break Project, in Rouyn, Beauchastel and Dasserat 
Townships, located west of Rouyn-Noranda, Québec. Under the Option Agreement, 
Visible Gold Mines may earn a 60% undivided interest in the Break Project over 
a period of four years by completing aggregate exploration expenditures of 
$4.2million, issuing an aggregate of 500,000 common shares of the 
Corporation to Cadillac Mining, and paying Cadillac Mining a total of $100,000 
in cash. Visible Gold Mines made an initial payment of $25,000 in cash and 
100,000 common shares to Cadillac prior to the commencement of work. Payments 
of $25,000 and 100,000 common shares were made after each of the first and 
second years of the Option Agreement. The balance of the payments is due in 
similar annual installments. In addition, Visible Gold Mines irrevocably 
committed to spend $500,000 in the first year of the option, which condition 
was fulfilled.

Work in an amount of $301,022 was done during the first three quarters of 2013 
for a cumulative total of $4,374,919 spent on this property. Every hole except 
WC-12-08 has intercepted gold value and a fourth drilling program will be 
required. The next step is to complete the acquisition of the 60% interest in 
the Cadillac Break project.

Qualified Person

This news release was prepared by Martin Dallaire, P.Eng., President and Chief 
Executive Officer of Visible Gold Mines, in his capacity as qualified person 
(QP) under NI 43-101.

Quality Control

Visible Gold Mines has implemented and adheres to a strict Quality 
Assurance/Quality Control for the present drill programs. It includes one 
mineralized gold standard, one duplicate and one blank for each batch of 
samples. Analyses are performed by ALS Chemex, Val-d'Or, Québec, or 
Techni-Lab, Ste-Germaine - Boulé, Québec, both accredited laboratories.

About Visible Gold Mines

Visible Gold Mines Inc. is a dynamic company aggressively searching for the 
next important gold deposit in northwestern Québec, an area consistently 
ranked as one of the world's best jurisdictions for mining and exploration.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that 
term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts 
responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the release.

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819-762-0609, Fax: 819-762-0097

SOURCE: Visible Gold Mines Inc.

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