New Organization: Veolia Environnement Organizes Its Operations by Geographic Zones

  New Organization: Veolia Environnement Organizes Its Operations by
  Geographic Zones

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PARIS -- July 11, 2013

Regulatory News:

As part of the transformation of Veolia Environnement (Paris:VIE), Antoine
Frérot, Chairman and CEO, today announced the company’s new organization. The
transformation is based on two major advances: a country-based organization
for the water and waste management activities placed under the authority of a
single director per country and the creation of two new functional
departments: one dedicated to Innovation and Markets, the other to Technique
and Performance.

This new organization continues the strategy implemented for the last two
years to establish Veolia Environnement as “The Industry Standard for
Environmental Solutions” thanks to its expertise in major environmental issues
in water, waste management and energy.

To achieve its goals, the company has set four strategic objectives:

  *to focus on activities where it can provide distinct added value,
  *to speed up the development of the business done for industrial customers,
  *to strengthen its position in growth markets,
  *to continue with the development of its business models.

The new organization will be based on two main pillars that will enable Veolia
Environnement to be closer to its clients, simpler, more nimble and more

1// Business operations are now brought together within each country,  with
country directors in charge of both water and waste management activities. As
so, the company is now organized around nine geographic zones which gather all
the countries, under the operational authority of the Chief Operating Officer,
François Bertreau.

The zones and their directors are as follows:

  *Asia: Régis Calmels
  *Australia/New Zealand: Doug Dean
  *Latin America: Ramon Rebuelta
  *North America: Terry Mah
  *Central and Eastern Europe: Philippe Guitard
  *Northern Europe: Estelle Brachlianoff
  *France Water: Alain Franchi
  *France Waste Management: Bernard Harambillet
  *Middle East/Africa: Patrice Fonlladosa

In addition, a specific entity entrusted to Jean-Michel Herrewyn includes
worldwide enterprises^(*), which markets are widely global.

(*) Global Enterprises are Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies; SARP/SARPI,
the subsidiary specializing in integrated management of hazardous and special
wastes; SEDE, the subsidiary specializing in the treatment and recovery of
wastewater sludge and organic and mineral wastes; and SADE, specialist in the
design, construction and maintenance of water distribution networks.

2// The company has created two new strategic departments:

  *The Innovation and Markets Department, which has responsibility for
    developing corporate marketing and steering R&D in order to develop Veolia
    Environnement’s business activities and business models. The department is
    headed by Laurent Auguste, previously Executive Vice President of Veolia
    Water North America, who will report to Antoine Frérot;
  *The Technical and Performance Department, with responsibility for heading
    operational performance, and for introducing standards, benchmarks and
    performance feedback systems and ensuring they are complied with. It is
    headed by Claude Laruelle, previously Director of Operations for Veolia
    Water in China, who will report to François Bertreau.

Dalkia, the joint subsidiary of Veolia Environnement and EDF headed by Franck
Lacroix, will retain its current organization for the moment but will
eventually be included in the new organizational structure.

The Veolia Environnement Executive Committee, chaired by Antoine Frérot, has
also changed to better represent the organizationbased on geographic zones.
It is now composed of:

  *Laurent Auguste, Director, Innovation and Markets
  *François Bertreau, Chief Operating Officer
  *Estelle Brachlianoff, Director, Northern Europe Zone
  *Régis Calmels, Director, Asia Zone
  *Philippe Guitard, Director, Central and Eastern Europe Zone
  *Jean-Michel Herrewyn, Director, Global Enterprises
  *Franck Lacroix, CEO of Dalkia
  *Jean-Marie Lambert, Director of Human Resources
  *Helman Le Pas de Sécheval, General Counsel
  *Pierre-François Riolacci, Chief Finance Officer.

Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of Veolia Environnement, said: “”With this
new organization plan, Veolia will be able to speed up its transformation and
the deployment of its profitable growth strategy. We will now be more agile
and competitive, and stronger in terms of innovation and marketing. This will
enable us to respond better to our industrial and public-sector authority
clients’ needs in water, waste management and energy.”

Executive Committee member biographies annexed. Photos available upon request.

                                    # # #

Veolia Environnement (Paris Euronext: VIE and NYSE: VE) is the worldwide
reference in environmental solutions. With 220,000 employees*, the company has
operations all around the world and provides tailored solutions to meet the
needs of municipal and industrial customers in three complementary segments:
water management, waste management and energy management. Veolia Environnement
recorded revenue of €29.4 billion* in 2012.
(*) Excluding VeoliaTransdev employees and revenues currently under divestment

                                    # # #


Laurent Auguste – Director of Innovation and Markets
Born in 1967 and a graduate from École Centrale de Lyon, Laurent Auguste
started his career in 1991 as a consultant at Japan in Time Experts in Tokyo.
He joined Générale des Eaux in 1995 at the Bethune agency as Deputy Manager,
and later from 1997 as Manager. In 1999, he took over the management of the
Générale des Eaux subsidiary in Korea and later of the subsidiary in Japan in
2002. In 2008, he was appointed Executive Vice President for North America of
Veolia Water.

François Bertreau – Chief Operating Officer
Born in 1955, François Bertreau holds an MBA from INSEAD. He began his career
as an account manager with Crédit National in 1981 and then joined the Boston
Consulting Group in 1985. He moved to Technal, a subsidiary of the Alcan
group, in 1988, and became Managing Director in 1991. In 1996, he was
appointed Director of Business Development and Marketing Strategy for Aster,
the special steels branch of Usinor. In 1998, Mr. Bertreau joined the Norbert
Dentressangle group as Managing Director of the Logistics Division and in 2008
was appointed Chairman of the company’s Executive Board and Chief Executive
Officer. He saw through the transformation of the Norbert Dentressangle
group’s businesses and its international expansion.

Estelle Brachlianoff – Director, Northern Europe Zone
Born in 1972, Estelle Brachlianoff is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique
and the Ponts et Chaussées engineering school. She joined the Greater Paris
area’s Val-d'Oise infrastructure department in 1998 as head of its major
infrastructure service. In 2002 she became adviser to the Prefect for the
Ile-de-France region, responsible for transport and development. She joined
Veolia Environmental Services in 2005 as special adviser to the CEO. She
served as CEO of Veolia Environmental Services Cleaning and Multiservices from
2008 and Veolia Environmental Services for Ile-de-France from 2010. Since
2012, she has been CEO of Veolia Environmental Services in the United Kingdom.

Régis Calmels – Director, Asia Zone
Born in 1955, an engineer from École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Régis
Calmelsjoined Veolia Water in January 1979. Successively an engineer at
Arras, head of the Source du Lez worksite at Montpellier, head of the eastern
sector of the Générale des Eaux Centre-Sud Ouest Region, then the Brie sector,
and Méditerranéenne des Eaux, Régis Calmels has been running Veolia Water's
international subsidiaries since 1995 (Houston, Philippines, Singapore). Since
1999, he has served as CEO of Veolia Water Asia.

Philippe Guitard – Director, Central and Eastern Europe Zone
Born in 1960, a graduate engineer from Polytech´ Montpellier, Philippe Guitard
started his career as a Lead Project Engineer in industrial water treatment at
Sogea (Générale des Eaux Group) in 1985. Successively an operations engineer
in Bergerac, later head of agencies in Mandelieu-la-Napoule and Cagnes-sur-Mer
at Compagnie des Eaux et de l'Ozone, Philippe Guitard joined Compagnie
Générale des Eaux in 1995 as Regional Director in Ponce (Puerto Rico). In
1997, he moved to the Czech Republic as CEO of the Vodarna Plzen subsidiary.
In 1999 he was appointed CEO of Veolia Water for the Czech Republic and in
2002 CEO of Veolia Water for Central Europe and Russia. In 2008, he was
appointed Director of Veolia Water Europe (excluding France).

Jean-Michel Herrewyn – Director, Global Enterprises
Born in 1961, a graduate from École Polytechnique and École Nationale
d'Administration, Jean-Michel Herrewyn started his career in 1986 as an
engineer in the Avionics division of Thomson CSF. In 1991, he joined Compagnie
Générale de Chauffe (now Dalkia) as Technical Manager, then as General Manager
of the home automation subsidiary. In 1993, he became Attaché to the Managing
Director, and in 1996 ran Dalkia's German subsidiary and later the
subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. In early 2000, he was appointed
General Manager of Veolia Transport's German subsidiary. In March 2003, he
joined Veolia Water as CEO of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies. In
December 2009, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Water.

Franck Lacroix – CEO of Dalkia
Born in 1964, Franck Lacroix is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Marseille.
He started his career in 1987 at Montenay. In 1997, he joined Dalkia as Chief
Operating Officer for the Center-East region and then, in 1999, for the
Greater Paris region. In 2001, he was appointed Chief Technical and Operating
Officer of Dalkia.

Jean-Marie Lambert – Director of Human Resources
Born in 1957, Jean-Marie Lambert is a graduate of the Institut Politique de
Paris and has a degree in history. He started his career in 1981 in the Human
Resources Department of Sodem (part of the Philips group). In 1984, he joined
Spie Batignolles where he was Head of Recruitment and Employment for the
Electricity and Nuclear Division, and then Head of Human Resources for the
Industry and Services Department. After having been Deputy Head of Human
Resources at Sogea (1990-92), Head of Human Resources at Campenon Bernard
(1992-2000) and Head of Human Resources at Vinci Construction (2000-2003),
Jean-Marie Lambert joined Veolia Water in 2003.

Helman Le Pas de Sécheval – General Counsel
A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure and holder of a Ph.D. in physical
sciences and an engineering degree from École des Mines, Helman le Pas de
Sécheval began his career in 1991 at Banexi. From 1993 à 1997, he was Deputy
Inspector-General of the underground quarries of Paris. In July 1997, he was
appointed deputy to the head of the Corporate Finance Department of the COB
(the French securities regulator), becoming head of this department in 1998.
He then joined Groupama SA and became group Chief Financial Officer A in 2001
and CEO of Groupama Centre-Atlantique in 2010. Since September 2012, he has
served as Senior Executive Vice-President and General Counsel of Veolia

Pierre-François Riolacci – Chief Financial Officer
Pierre-François Riolacci is a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political
Science (IEP Paris) and holds a Masters degree in private law. Mr. Riolacci
held different positions with Total from 1990 to 2000 in the areas of
corporate finance, structured finance and investor relations. He was also
financial controller of several of Total's subsidiaries. He joined the finance
department of Veolia Environnement in 2000. In 2003 he became Head of Control
and Planning and in 2007 he was appointed Director of Finance. In 2010 he
became Senior Executive Vice President of Veolia Environnment in charge of


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