The results are in: Independent testing shows Rogers Hi-Speed Internet customers can count on the speed they need

The results are in: Independent testing shows Rogers Hi-Speed Internet 
customers can count on the speed they need 
Study by globally-recognized SamKnows shows Rogers network investments are 
delivering fast and reliable internet speeds to customers 
TORONTO, July 4, 2013 /CNW/ - Rogers Communications announced today that 
results of independent third-party broadband speed performance testing show 
that Rogers delivered on average 100 per cent or more of advertised download 
speeds on the most popular packages it offers for sale. The study was based on 
data collected in customer homes by SamKnows Ltd., an independent world leader 
in broadband performance testing. 
"Canadians are among the highest users of the internet in the world, and with 
everything moving online, the internet has become the foundation of the home," 
said John Boynton, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of 
Rogers Communications. "We've made significant investments in our network 
infrastructure allowing us to offer faster download speeds. This new 
independent test shows that we're delivering the internet speeds we advertise 
to give our customers added assurance that they're getting what they pay for." 
The study results show that: 

    --  Rogers delivered on average, 100 per cent or more of advertised
        speeds on both uploads and downloads in its Lite, Express,
        Extreme, and Extreme Plus packages. The data suggests that
        customers on the recently introduced Ultimate package also get
        100 per cent of their advertised speeds, but more testing is
        required with a larger sample size to confirm this;
    --  Based on studies conducted by SamKnows in the U.S., Rogers
        outperforms U.S. fibre-to-the-node service providers,
        delivering 106 per cent of advertised download speeds during
        peak hours compared to the U.S. average of 97 per cent. In a
        of broadband speeds in Europe, SamKnows also found European
        internet service providers delivered only 74 percent of
        advertised speeds during peak hours. 

"We're excited to be working with Rogers on such a large-scale home based 
speed performance testing program," said Alex Salter, CEO of SamKnows. "Using 
our proven SamKnows methodology, our results confirm Rogers is able to deliver 
the internet speeds advertised to customers."

Rogers is the first Canadian internet service provider to enter into a large 
home-based speed testing program as part of its overall commitment to deliver 
the best network experience. Over the last year, the company has made the 
largest investment ever in its Rogers Hi-Speed Internet network to deliver 
faster, enhanced internet service to consumers and businesses. Customers on 
the most popular packages are now enjoying download speeds that are at least 
25 per cent faster and upload speeds that are at least three times faster than 
before. Rogers also recently added its Ultimate package, offering download 
speeds of up to 150 Mbps - up to three times faster comparing widely available 
speeds in Ontario.

The results of the SamKnows report are based on data that was collected for a 
period of one month in May 2013, using a custom hardware device called a 
Whitebox that a customer simply plugs in to the existing internet connection 
in his or her home. Approximately 200,000 speed tests were conducted. This 
methodology has also been used by national regulators in the U.S., the U.K., 
Brazil and Singapore. The testing program with SamKnows is ongoing, and 
additional results will be released in the coming months. To read a copy of 
the report, please visit

About Rogers Communications
Rogers Communications is a diversified Canadian communications and media 
company. We are Canada's largest provider of wireless voice and data 
communications services and one of Canada's leading providers of cable 
television, high speed internet and telephony services. Through Rogers Media 
we are engaged in radio and television broadcasting, televised shopping, 
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About SamKnows
SamKnows has established itself as the leading authority on broadband service 
availability and independent broadband performance testing.

Founded in 2008 and operating from London, United Kingdom, this privately held 
and independent company continues to build out its global measurement 
platform, creating a standard for broadband performance measurement. As part 
of its work with the FCC (USA), Ofcom (UK), the European Commission, Anatel 
(Brazil), and the IDA (Singapore), SamKnows is working with governments, 
industry leaders and academics worldwide to create a methodology and test 
platform that measures every aspect of broadband and network performance. For 
further information about SamKnows, please visit

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Susan Williamson SamKnows

SOURCE: Rogers Communications Inc.

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