New Research from Experian QAS Highlights Consumer Attitudes to Sharing Data

 New Research from Experian QAS Highlights Consumer Attitudes to Sharing Data

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  LONDON, July 4, 2013

LONDON, July 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Research commissioned by Experian QAS to explore the attitudes of UK consumers
and their experiences of sharing data with organisations shows that many
customers are being let down by current data management practices as
businesses struggle to keep up with the sheer scale and frequency of change in
consumer information.

Key findings show that:-

  *52 per cent of people would rather share details of their sexual
    orientation than their mobile number
  *The average adult has lived or worked at eight addresses for more than
    three months
  *UK adults have, on average, four functioning email addresses, and two
    mobile phones registered to them
  *84 per cent of people think customers are the most important thing for a
    business to look after
  *73 per cent of people recall errors in communications from organisations
    in the past 12 months - 36 per cent of consumers have received duplicate
  *47 per cent of consumers get annoyed by inaccurate data; 37 per cent worry
    what else may have been recorded incorrectly.

"The findings show that consumers are willing to share their data with
organisations if they see a benefit in doing so. Consequently organisations
that secure consumers' trust by showing that they care about their customers'
data are best placed to secure up-to-date details in the first place,"
commented Joel Curry, Managing Director of Experian QAS. "It is therefore
crucial that businesses capture, manage and use data to effectively service
their customers. However, the research also shows the importance of investment
in data quality in order to improve customer relations, retain them, improve
brand experience and ultimately increase customer base."

The research highlights that a key challenge for organisations is the
frequency that customers change their contact details. With findings
highlighting that on average, UK adults have four functioning email addresses,
two registered mobile phones and have lived or worked at an average eight
addresses for more than three months in their lifetime, maintaining such data
can be a challenge. Aware that they are critical to an organisation's
livelihood, especially in a continuing harsh economic climate, customers'
expectations are high. This means that the stakes for businesses have
increased, with the slightest error in contact data serving to irritate and
alienate customers with 84 per cent agreeing that 'customers are the most
important thing for a company to look after'.

Nearly three-quarters of people (73 per cent) recall errors in communications
received from organisations over the past 12 months. With companies struggling
to keep up with customer contact details, the impact of poor data management
is extremely damaging. Incorrect personal information irritates nearly half
(47 per cent) of respondents. Trust is also eroded - over a third worry about
what other details have been recorded inaccurately (37 per cent) or have less
faith in the organisation to do a good job (35 per cent). Indeed, 30 per cent
think less of an organisation as a result of their personal details being
wrong, and 22 per cent say they feel less valued by the business.

As digitalbox CEO, Alex Attinger confirms: "We live and die by our reputation,
with accuracy essential to our clients, their customers and email ISPs. It's
therefore important that we work to protect and add value to our data, which
we see as a precious asset. As this research demonstrates, creating and
maintaining the highest level of quality data is at the heart of every
successful business. Where customers are concerned there is no room for

Three steps to getting it right:-

  *Demonstrate the value to customers of sharing their personal data. If
    customers can see a clear and relevant benefit from sharing their data,
    they will be more inclined to share more of their data more regularly. The
    benefit must be both relevant and worthwhile to each consumer from their
    perspective, and consist of a simple exchange to redeem the incentive.
  *Ensure the accuracy of the data that consumers trust you with. Poor data
    management annoys customers, and undermines faith in an organisation,
    eroding brand trust and reputation. Ensure that consumer information is
    captured right first time and every time. Front-office capture software
    can help ensure that this is done effectively and efficiently.
  *Check for duplicate communications. They cost dearly, both financially and
    by turning off customers. Ensure that databases are de-duped and
    up-to-date by implementing a process of regular database cleaning.

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Notes to editors

1077 adults aged 18+ in the UK completed an online survey from 6th-12th
February 2013. Research conducted by Loudhouse, an independent research agency
based in London.

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