July Is National Vehicle Theft Protection Month

               July Is National Vehicle Theft Protection Month

International Association of Auto Theft Investigators and LoJack Team Up to
Educate Consumers about Auto Theft and Safe Driving Trends

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CANTON, Mass., July 2, 2013

CANTON, Mass., July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Once again, the International
Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) and LoJack Corporation
(NASDAQ: LOJN) will team up to promote National Vehicle Theft Protection
Month. Throughout July, which is the top month of the year for vehicle theft,
IAATI and LoJack will collaborate on a number of national educational
initiatives to raise public awareness of the issues and criminal behaviors
around auto theft. Activities will include a national campaign featuring a
series of public service announcements for major market radio stations, as
well as an innovative social media program that will feature a number of
online videos and infographics detailing new auto theft data and trends. This
content will be distributed across major social media platforms such as
YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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"By engaging consumers with informative and creative content, we hope to
increase awareness around auto theft, which continues to be a significant
problem throughout the United States," said Christopher McDonold, member and
past President of IAATI. "It is our goal to provide vehicle owners with tips
and information that will help protect themselves, as well as their personal
assets. This year, we are engaging drivers across multiple platforms, which we
believe will increase our audience and therefore broaden the reach and more
importantly the impact of our message."

National Vehicle Theft Protection Month brings an important opportunity to
evaluate the available data around vehicle theft and to address vehicle and
driver safety. According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of
Investigation's "Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report, January-June
2012" (the latest timeframe for which statistics are available), the number of
auto theft crimes reported by law enforcement for the first six months of 2012
increased over figures from the same period in 2011.

This data shows that Americans should further embrace their shared
responsibility in protecting their vehicles, especially during the months of
July and August – the top months for auto theft. To help drivers better
understand how difficult it is to recover a stolen vehicle without a tracking
device, LoJack and IAATI offer the following insight into how vehicles are
stolen today and what happens after a vehicle is stolen:

  oIt's Not a Kid Joyriding Anymore – Many of today's car thieves are
    seasoned criminals whose main occupation is to make a profit out of
    stealing vehicles.
  oNo Passport Needed – Professional car thieves are often linked to large
    international crime rings that are more than happy to drive or export
    their "new" car outside of the U.S. and sell them to unsuspecting
  oExportation Strategy – LoJack and IAATI are seeing an increase in cars
    being stolen and taken to U.S. ports. Criminals are loading and hiding
    vehicles in containers to ship overseas.
  oSum of its Parts – Many vehicles stolen by professional thieves are taken
    to "chop shops," where they are dismantled and then sold off as parts.
    Stolen auto parts account for millions of dollars a year in profits for
  oOlder Cars Get Stolen Too - Criminals also look for older vehicles that
    can be stolen and stripped for its parts, which can then be sold – piece
    by piece – to any local salvage yard or online.

"This month – like every month – LoJack and IAATI are laser focused on
educating every innocent driver about the importance of vehicle safety, which
includes protecting your 'family fleet' from criminals and encouraging better,
safer driving practices to decrease accidents on the road," said Randy J.
Ortiz, President and CEO of LoJack Corporation. "IAATI is comprised of some of
the most experienced law enforcement officers in the world and we consider our
relationship with them invaluable. We rely heavily on our relationship with
IAATI to help identify auto theft trends to better protect our customers."

About LoJack Corporation

LoJack Corporation, the company that has helped more than nine million people
protect their vehicles in the event of theft over the past 25+ years, today
provides safety, security and protection for an ever-growing range of valuable
assets and people. Leveraging its core strengths, including its well-known
brand, direct integration with law enforcement and dealer distribution
network, LoJack Corporation is expanding into new areas across the continuum
from theft deterrence to recovery. The Company is focusing on creating a new
level of value for its dealer, customer and investor communities by delivering
innovative offerings, multiple technologies in expanding geographies. For more
information, visit www.lojack.com, www.autotheftblog.com,
www.youtube.com/lojack, www.twitter.com/LoJackCorpor


The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) was formed
in 1952 in order to improve communication and coordination among the growing
family of professional auto theft investigators and others with a legitimate
interest in auto theft investigation, prevention and education. IAATI is
dedicated to developing and encouraging the highest professional standards of
conduct among auto theft investigators, and strives to eliminate all factors
interfering with the administration of the auto theft suppression effort.

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and other countries.

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