Avoid Picnic Pitfalls. Healthy Choices for the Perfect Picnic.

  Avoid Picnic Pitfalls. Healthy Choices for the Perfect Picnic.

  Life Time Fitness provides healthy swap outs for some of summer’s tastiest
                                 picnic foods

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CHANHASSEN, Minn. -- July 2, 2013

Summer and picnics go hand in hand but traditional picnic foods do nothing to
help your waistline. By making a few easy swaps, you can pack the perfect
picnic and eliminate unhealthy amounts of sugar, unhealthy fats,
preservatives, additives and more. Life Time – The Healthy Way of Life Company
(NYSE: LTM) offers tips for avoiding summer eating pitfalls and making a great
summer meal a healthy one, too.

  *If you didn’t put your own effort into it; avoid it: Many of the picnic or
    BBQ-friendly convenience foods we pick up on short notice are highly
    processed, preserved, nutrient-poor, and designed for mindless, easy
    overconsumption.Instead, chose a pre-cut veggie tray, fruit tray, or even
    roasted or grilled veggies from the grocery store deli counter or stop by
    Life Time LifeCafe.
  *Skip the chips: Salty, crispy, grab-able snacks such as chips, pretzels
    and snack mixes areeverywhereat summer social gatherings.To counter the
    temptations, fill up the buffet tables with healthier foods-with-a-crunch
    like salty kale chips or strips of bell peppers to dip in spicy hummus,
    guacamole, or sour cream. Produce such as broccoli florets, carrots,
    jicama, cherry tomatoes and baby cucumbers also make great snacks.
  *Watch your drink: Juice, sodas and sweetened teas are often made
    withhigh-fructose corn syrupand may contain brominated vegetable oil,
    which can wreak havoc on our bodies.Instead, pack your coolers with
    sparkling mineral water, unsweetened tea, or offer a water cooler filled
    with chilled cucumber – mint or berry/citrus-infused water.
  *Banish the bun: Despite the fact that bread products raise our blood sugar
    as quickly and as much as eating two tablespoons of pure sugar, we still
    seem to fill these picnic staples with anything we can throw on the
    grill.Try going bun-less by eating with a fork and knife to slow down
    your eating. Use a lettuce-wrap approach to put some color into your meal
    or toss your grilled goods on top of a plate of hearty salad greens.
  *Be bold with burgers: It’s tough to go to a picnic or barbecue without
    seeing copious amounts of meat sizzling away on the grill. Many of our
    nostalgic char-grilled favorites, however, are heavily processed or
    preserved with nitrates, nitrites, BHT, BHA, or the notoriouspink slime.
    Whenever you can, opt for 100% grass-fed beef or try something new like
    wild Alaskan salmon burgers or mix ground, nitrate-free turkey with
    organic salsa and olives for a spicy turkey burger.
  *Eat your hotdog naked: Most condiments are packed with unsavory additives
    to enhance flavor, shelf life, texture, or appearance. Season with fresh
    or dried herbs and seasonings and try dry rubs for chicken and ribs, pack
    some fresh herbs and spices into your grass-fed burger patties, or
    marinate your poultry or seafood with olive oil, citrus, and herbs before
    searing them on the grill. Fresh salsa, guacamole, sour cream, or hearty
    mustard are great toppings for your bun-less burger, chicken, or brats.
  *Steer clear of faux salads: Potato salads, macaroni salad and pasta salad
    do not offer our bodies any true nourishment. Replacing these sides with
    some roasted vegetable salads or crisp, lightly-dressed coleslaw or use
    Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise or sour cream when making your own
    side dishes.
  *Don’t chase the ice cream man: Popular summer desserts such as gelatin and
    colorful ice pops include artificial coloring agents  that could just as
    easily dye our hair, clothing, or crafts. Instead, choose to naturally
    sweeten up your party with fruit kabobs, frozen berries with heavy cream,
    or homemade real-fruit popsicles.

If all else fails or you’re crunched for time, stop by the LifeCafe to pick-up
some tasty to-go items made with only real and wholesome ingredients. To learn
more about packing a health picnic, visit a Life Time destination near you or
LifeTimeWeightLoss.com. For more information about Life Time Fitness, visit
LifeTimeFitness.com or Facebook.com/lifetimefitness.

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