Life Technologies Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit Delivers Industry's Best Performance and Simplest, Fastest Workflow*

Life Technologies Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit Delivers Industry's Best Performance
                       and Simplest, Fastest Workflow*

Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit delivers superior exome coverage and uniformity with
only 50 ng of starting DNA

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CARLSBAD, Calif., July 2, 2013

CARLSBAD, Calif., July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Life Technologies Corporation
(NASDAQ: LIFE) today announced that its new Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit delivers
the best exome sequencing performance in the industry*, with up to 98 percent
of bases covered at 10x, and up to 96 percent of bases covered at 20x, for a
single exome.

The Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit enables researchers to sequence single exomes,
pairs or trios in a one sequencing run, going from DNA to data in just two
days—no need to batch samples and wait weeks for results just to make
sequencing affordable. The Ion Proton™ Sequencer andIon PI™ Chip sequence up
to 24 exomes in a week, and the upcoming Ion PII™ Chip is expected to sequence
up to 96 exomes in a week, twenty times more than any other benchtop
sequencer. The Ion Proton™ sequencer is about 1/5 the cost of the competitor's
high-throughput sequencer. Additionally, introductory per-exome pricing for
the complete Ion AmpliSeq™ exome workflow is lower than any other sequencing
technology on the market.

The Ion AmpliSeq™ ExomeKit focuses on the exonic regions of the genome that
code for proteins. About 85 percent of the genetic variants that drive human
disease come from these regions, yet they account for just 1 percent of the
genome, making it an ideal approach for human disease research. Exome
sequencing generates 100x fewer variants than whole genome sequencing,
yielding a more focused and actionable set of variants for follow up.

Exome sequencing is also significantly more affordable than sequencing whole
human genomes, and the data are far easier to interpret. Despite these
advantages, exome sequencing hasn't been widely adopted because most labs
can't afford large next-generation sequencing systems—which cost up to $1
million—and don't have the bioinformatics experts to interpret exome data.

"The Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit with the Ion Proton™ System and the upcoming Ion
Chef™ System for automated template and chip loading, provide an exome
solution that is superior on nearly every metric for lab scientists, core lab
directors and large genome centers," said Ion Torrent President and COO Gregg
Fergus. "More importantly, we are still scaling and improving at an incredible
pace each and every quarter."

Simplest, fastest sample preparation workflow available today
The Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit delivers the simplest and fastest sample
preparation workflow for exomes available today based on head-to-head
comparisons with competing technology.*

With a workflow requiring less than 60 minutes of hands-on time, the Ion
AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit enables exome enrichment and library construction in less
than six hours and requires as little as 50 ng of input DNA. Alternatives
require up to five hours of hands-on time and up to three days for enrichment
and library construction.

"This workflow is simple and straightforward to follow," said Jeremy Stuart,
Vice President of Genomic Services at Selah Genomics. "It's similar to PCR and
anyone with basic molecular biology skills, even someone with no NGS
experience, could successfully perform the protocol. This is going to enable
exome sequencing in more labs and accelerate human disease research."

Flexible and affordable on-demand exome sequencing
Until now, researchers wanting to perform exome sequencing were faced with two
less-than-ideal choices: 1) use a sequencer so big and expensive that they
have to batch-sequence dozens of samples for it to be affordable—and wait for
weeks to get results—or 2) use a sequencer so small that it doesn't cover the
exome sufficiently to yield high-confidence variant calls. The Ion AmpliSeq™
Exome Kit on the Ion Proton™ benchtop sequencer delivers an exome in two days
with introductory pricing for the complete exome workflow that's lower than
any other sequencing technology on the market.

"As a service provider this system gives us a huge amount of flexibility,"
said Stuart. "We can take on multiple projects of various sizes and turn them
around in just two days, without the need to batch in order to keep our costs
down.This is especially important when dealing with urgent samples that
require fast turnaround time, such as clinical research specimens."

Complete software solution for rapid annotation and interpretation of
Ion Torrent has automated all of the steps for identifying and interpreting
mutations, so virtually anyone can quickly understand the implications of
their exome data. Simply choose a predefined Ion Reporter™ exome data analysis
workflow, run the sample and within hours receive a list of mutations and
associated annotations drawn from dozens of public databases.

The Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit and Ion Proton™ Sequencer are For Research Use
Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

*For complete details on the performance of the Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Kit and
Ion Proton™ Sequencer, go to our web page at

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