CyberLock, HP, ImageWare Systems, T-Systems and Biometric Associates Discuss Security Solutions in

CyberLock, HP, ImageWare Systems, T-Systems and Biometric Associates Discuss 
Security Solutions in Interviews 
RYE BROOK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 06/27/13 --  ImageWare Systems,
Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY) and Deutsche Telecom (OTCQX: DTEGY) 
CyberLock and Intellectual Property Protection 
CyberLock shared with us these interesting details regarding
intellectual property protection. 
< < Intellectual property (IP) is a legal concept that refers to
creations of the mind for which exclusive rights are recognized(1).
In other words, it is an idea, an invention, a piece of art, a
product design, a manufacturing process, or some other defined
concept that a person or company has created. More often than not,
this IP has significant value and needs to be protected and secured. 
The physical location of where IP details are stored can vary greatly
and often changes over time as concepts evolve. It can start in a
notebook kept in a desk drawer. It can migrate to digital form and be
stored on a workstation or server. Irrespective of how the
intellectual property is stored, having security policies and
procedures in place, including effective access control to the
intellectual property, is critical. 
Historically, no single solution has been available to safeguard such
creations until the CyberLock family of mechatronic locks and smart
keys came along. 
Case in point, Gene Tools, LLC, based in Philomath, Oregon, turned to
CyberLock to control access to their research facilities containing
valuable intellectual proprietary and confidential information. 
Gene Tools is involved in molecular biology and had a variety of
security needs including preventing industrial espionage. In
response, Gene Tools installed the CyberLock system to restrict and
audit access to areas containing their intellectual property. "We
need to be able to restrict who has access to each lab so that no one
person can access all of the information," said James Summerton,
President of Gene Tools. "With CyberLock, I have the ability to track
who has accessed each lock so that if a molecule goes awry or if
information has been tampered with we can get a report of who had
accessed the information and when." > > 
(1) Intellectual Property Licensing: Forms and Analysis, b
y Richard
Raysman, Edward A. Pisacreta and Kenneth A. Adler. Law Journal Press,
1998-2008. ISBN 973-58852-086-9  
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HP Enterprise Services 
Mr. Scott Gaydos, Chief Technologist, Federal Healthcare, HP
Enterprise Services, US Public Sector, told us, "HP provides
technology, services, and turnkey solutions to Federal Healthcare
entities including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
(CMS), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Veterans
Affairs (VA), and the Military Health System (MHS). Many of these
entities, in addition to private health institutions, share an
ever-increasing amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII),
which typically includes Personal Health Information (PHI). The
secure storage and access of this information is critical in creating
a more effective infrastructure designed to enhance patient
experiences and outcomes. The efficient management of sensitive
information is just one example of improvements being made to better
serve citizens and to support overall improvements to the U.S.
populations' health. 
Each federal healthcare entity currently maintains its own
information repositories which continue to grow both from
internally-generated data, as well as the data injected from
collaborative information sharing. In some cases, HP technologies and
services power the data centers and environments in which this data
resides. In this scenario, HP helps to transform the technology
infrastructure responsible for storing, managing, and processing
data. In other cases, HP technologists provide services and solutions
centered on building custom data analytic software to help public
sector healthcare clients efficiently organize and utilize mass
amounts of data for more informed clinical, administrative, and
population healthcare decisions. However, in all cases, HP brings a
wealth of healthcare industry knowledge, specifically to include, the
effective use of IT in payer, provider, and public health settings. 
Finally, HP also specifically focuses on some of the unique
challenges facing the federal healthcare community through analytic
research and development. For example, in the HP Advanced Federal
Healthcare Innovation Lab (AFHIL), we are exploring technology
solutions that enable entities such as the FDA to leverage the sea of
data generated from the social media universe in order to better
predict and act upon food recalls. Analyzing what people are talking
about publically across social media outlets concerning health, the
food they consume, and even where they're located, can potentially
lead to more effective communications when recalls are necessary for
public safety." For the complete interview with Scott Gaydos, please
click here
For more information: Cybersecurity for U.S. Public Sector
Download HP's "white paper" here
ImageWare Systems  
ImageWare Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY) a leader in cloud identity
management, and valued partner Emida, a leader in the global
prepayment and value transfer market, entered into an agreement
whereby ImageWare Systems will provide Emida its patented CloudID(TM)
software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which will enable a
fully-validated, feature-rich security solution that will run on top
of Fujitsu's Global Cloud Platform (FGCP). Smartphone users, service
providers and merchants will have unprecedented identity and value
exchange protection for financial transactions.  
"According to the Digital Journal, identity is stolen every three
seconds in the United States and businesses alone lost $21 billion in
2012," said Jim Miller, chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems.
"Password protection can no longer protect us from identity theft,
which is a major issue in mobile security. We are extremely pleased
to partner with Emida Technologies and Fujitsu to offer one of, if
not the first, services to deliver smartphone user identity, value
transfer and purchase protection for service providers, merchants and
"Emida endeavors to consistently bring to market new and better value
transfer products and services that benefit our customers around the
world," said Shane Belovsky, CEO of Emida. "We work with
best-in-class partners like ImageWare who soundly develop
thought-leading patented technologies. We are confident that
ImageWare's security management products, coupled with Emida's
trusted innovations, will help to revolutionize the prepaid
landscape." For the complete interview with Jim Miller, ImageWare
Systems, Chairman and CEO, please click here
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ImageWare Systems Solutions: 
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For ImageWare Systems Investors: 
 For more
information: (OTCQB: IWSY)  
Mr. Ryan Skipp, T-Systems International GMBH, Portfolio & Solution
Design - IT, Applications & Portfolio Architecture, told us,
"T-Systems as an Outsourcing & Service Provider has to provide base
infrastructure services which meet the cost and quality expectations
that a company transitioning to outsourced services would expect --
better than they as an end-user could produce, with better quality,
and lower cost! In order to achieve that, T-Systems was one of the
first Outsourcers to produce a "Cloud" platform, based on highly
shared leveraged infrastructure, and with a number of pre-defined
applications on top of that. Today we have enhanced that
infrastructure, and wrapped the Cloud functionality into it, all the
way up to self-service (to application level) for our Private Cloud
clients. For the complete interview with Ryan Skipp, please click
For more information:, OTC symbol of parent
company, Deutsche Telecom, (OTCQX: DTEGY).  
Biometric Associates 
Biometric Associates, LP (BALP), recently announced the public launch
of the baiBrowser(TM) app. The baiBrowser(TM) app allows people to
use their iPhones and iPads, along with their CAC, PIV, PIV-I or CIV
smart card, to access secure web sites and portals that require smart
card authentication. The iOS version of the app is available as a
free download from the iTunes App Store. The Android version is
currently being tested by select US Government users and will be
available in the Google Play Store in Q2. Those links and other
information is available at 
"Many government web sites and information portals, particularly
those in the Department of Defense, require smart card
authentication" said BALP President Scott T. Johnson. "Our baiBrowser
has been successfully tested with the Army and Navy AKO sites, the
Air Force portals, the DFAS myPay site, and most of the Defense OWA
sites. Based on the positive feedback from of our beta testers, we
are pleased to offer this capability to everyone." 
The baiBrowser(TM) app supports both the baiMobile(R) 3000MP
Bluetooth Smart Card Reader and the soon to be released baiMobile(R)
301MP attached smart card reader. The reader's serial number is
required to register the app. The baiBrowser(TM) app was developed in
cooperation with i-DENTITY, a designer and manufacturer of a wide
range of Smart Card Identification Products and components, which
include Strong Authentication Mobile applications. 
Biometric Associates, LP is a limited partnership with offices in
Maine and the Washington, DC area. Products include Bluetooth Smart
Card Readers and the blueARMOR 100 Secure Bluetooth Headset. The
company is a unique developer, manufacturer, and integrator of
authentication and identity systems that have been specifically
designed to provide a high level of security and privacy protection.
BALP specializes in communications protocols, hardware design, smart
cards and related cryptography, PKI and RFID implementations that can
be integrated into logical and physical access control devices and
applications. For additional information, go to or call (410) 252-7210. 
PSA Security Network
 Mr. Bill Bozeman, CPP
 President and CEO 
Security Specialists with Dan Budinoff 
 Bill Bozeman recently sat
down with Dan Budinoff, President of Security Specialist to gain some
knowledge about his company, as well as what they can offer their
Bill Bozeman: Can you share some of your top-tier clients with us?  
Dan Budinoff: PepsiCo is our largest customer. We work with them as a
national account so anything that's new Pepsi Corporate we take care
of that for them. We are currently doing an office for them in
Nashville and we just finished a couple out in California. Our market
really covers the fortune 500 group type of customer, a lot of
education verticals, a lot of school work, that's where we really
found a great niche so that's where we've stayed and that's where
we've built a really good reputation.  
For the complete interview, please click here 
Life Safety with Bob Vezina 
 Bill Bozeman recently sat down with Bob
Vezina, President of Life Safety, to gain some knowledge about his
company as well as what they can offer their customers. 
Bill Bozeman: You recently won an award from Office Max. Tell us a
little about that 
Bob Vezina: We're proud of that, we were picked as Vendor of the Year
and it was picked over all the service providers to Office Max
throughout their chain. We do their fire alarm service. They choose
us because we deliver on what we say and we care about them, we go
the extra mile. At the beginning of their fiscal year they came to us
and said we were charging too much money so they wanted us to lower
our price, and we came back and said we're not charging too much and
we'll come up with programs to guarantee you more savings than you're
asking us for. We exceeded that percentage decrease with new systems
and still provided the excellent service they needed. The other thing
that really impressed them is we had a problem in Texas that needed
extra attention; our operations manager flew in from Phoenix to
personally take care of the issue.  
For the complete interview, please click here 
Security Industry Association 
Save the Date for SNG (Securing New Ground) 
On November 5 & 6 at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel in New
York City, security industry leaders will convene for THE
must-go-to-event of the year. Only at SNG do you have access to
information not available anywhere and unparalleled networking
opportunities that give you a competitive edge over the competition.  
Quality Content at SIA Education@ISC East 2013  
Be an influencer and educator of the physical security industry that
provides straight-forward, relevant content to consumers by
submitting a proposal for consideration at ISC East, to be held
November 20-21, 2013 in NYC.  
Call for Submissions for ISC West 2014 
The SIA Education@ISC team is seeking quality session proposals for
ISC West 2014 to be held April 1 - 3, 2014, at the Sands Convention
Center in Las Vegas. 
SIA Released Cloud & Mobility White Paper 
The Security Industry Association (SIA) Standards Committee announced
the first deliverable of the recently formed Cloud & Mobility Working
Group: an industry white paper that explores the impact of the cloud
on physi
cal security.  
 12th Annual Government Conference
15-16, 2013 -- Washington Convention Center -- Washington, DC 
The 12th Annual Smart Card Alliance Government Conference will survey
opportunities and challenges for government issuers, accreditation
and testing authorities, procurement programs, and the industry to
meet the government's market demands. The leading annual event for ID
security returns to the Washington Convention Center with
comprehensive coverage of efforts toward strong authentication
technology in government identity programs, including Personal
Identity Verification (PIV) credentials, developments in National
Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), trusted ID on
the Internet and on mobile devices, developments in state and local
ID, and evolving global standards. 
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