GMF Vie, a Subsidiary of GMF Insurance, Boosts Conversion Rates as Much as 300% on Specific Campaigns Using KXEN’s

  GMF Vie, a Subsidiary of GMF Insurance, Boosts Conversion Rates as Much as
  300% on Specific Campaigns Using KXEN’s InfiniteInsight®

   Company optimizes 17 million customer conversations across all of their
              customer-facing channels with predictive analytics

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SAN FRANCISCO -- June 27, 2013

KXEN, the leading provider of predictive analytics for business users, today
announced that GMF Vie is realizing a 200—300% increase in conversion rates
for marketing campaigns targeting the top 10% highest-ranked customers
identified by predictive models built with KXEN’s flagship product,

GMF Vie belongs to the COVEA Group, which is the French leader in Goods and
Liability Insurance. It is a subsidiary of GMF Insurance, one of France’s
largest providers of insurance products for Public Service Agents such as
home, car and health insurance.

With more than 800,000 customers and over $1.6 billion in funds under
management, GMF Vie is one of the French leaders for retail sales of life
insurance products. With access to the more than 3 billion portfolio clients
of its parent company, GMF Insurance, GMF Vie is able to use a wealth of data
to boost customer acquisition, cross-sell, up-sell and customer lifetime value

GMF Vie has a sophisticated customer analytics strategy. Rather than using a
single propensity model to see if an individual is likely to respond to a
campaign, GMF Vie’s marketing team fine-tunes and combines various models to
understand specific business questions, such as if a customer has financial
capacity, is likely to churn in the next 3 months, is expected to move homes
soon, or would be more receptive to an offer by phone, SMS or e-mail.

GMF Vie is not new to predictive analytics. In fact, the data mining team,
which includes a number of trained statisticians, began using SAS, but found
the tool time-consuming and its coding approach not user friendly, especially
for preparing data used in predictive modeling. With SAS, it took weeks and in
many cases 2 to 3 months to build predictive models which could sometimes lead
to outdated results by the time the model was available.

In early 2007, after a test period, GMF Vie made the switch to KXEN’s
InfiniteInsight^®. The company’s attentiveness to accuracy demanded a solution
that could provide best-in-class predictive models while eliminating the gap
in insight created by much slower, handcrafted data mining techniques.

GMF Vie’s customer analytics strategy includes collecting vast amounts of “big
data” on their customers which is combined with third-party data like
geo-marketing and demographic data. This valuable information is then
consolidated into project-specific data marts by the data mining team with as
many as 1,500 variables (raw data and/or derived variables) which describe the
customers and their behaviors. KXEN analyzes this data to build customer
segmentations and predictive models.

“KXEN delivers the best of both worlds,” said Christine Dalle, Head of BI &
Customer Insight at GMF Vie. “KXEN’s InfiniteInsight^® is easy-to-use on
volumes of big data while allowing us to build equally if not more accurate
models in hours. This automated approach has boosted productivity in our
research department allowing us to answer orders of magnitude more business

Today, GMF Vie is happy to say that their customer analytics efforts have
resulted in very positive outcomes, achieving conversion rates that are, for
example, 200—300% higher on the top 10% of highest-ranked customers identified
by predictive modeling initiatives than un-modeled campaigns, like when
recruiting new customers via a direct mail. For existing high-potential
customers, when deploying an up-sell offer, GMF converts between 3—10% of the
customers that they target, a rate which far exceeds industry benchmarks. In
2012 alone, GMF Vie personalized more than 17 million conversations across
their customer-facing channels, including direct mail, e-mail, their website,
SMS text messages, the call center and at the point of sale.

“No matter where the conversation takes place, GMF Vie is able to personalize
each and every interaction to the individual, the channel, their interests and
their behaviors,” said Christine Dalle. “KXEN is helping to drive significant
returns on our customer analytics investments and to optimize our annual
customer solicitation initiatives.”

“We’re ecstatic to see the tremendous results achieved by GMF Vie through our
long-standing partnership,” said John Ball, CEO of KXEN. “We remain committed
to GMF Vie’s success and to help today’s financial institutions optimize their
customer relationships to gain a competitive advantage.”

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