GfK launches communication tracker, mapping effectiveness and impact of every brand experience point

  GfK launches communication tracker, mapping effectiveness and impact of
  every brand experience point

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NUREMBERG, Germany -- June 26, 2013

Too often marketers base their cross media strategy on analysis of only a
narrow range of touch points. The danger of this is that the results can
suggest their strategy is effective when, in reality, they may be overlooking
other experience points that have greater impact on brand success.

GfK Experience Effects gives a sensitive measure of not only which experience
points consumers find most memorable, but also what social and emotional
reaction each point triggers. It maps out every experience point that
consumers encounter with a brand – paid (e.g. advertising, in-store
marketing), unpaid (e.g. packaging, sales personnel) and even those outside
brand control (e.g. word of mouth, social media) - and then prioritizes those,
showing not only how the brand is performing for each point against a direct
competitor, but also how influential each point is, in driving consumer

Nathalie Mandavit, Global Director of Communication Efficiency at GfK,
comments, “Several of our clients are seeing significant results from using
GfK Experience Effects. We deliver a very different understanding of
experience point ROI from that gained by only measuring the traditional touch
point reach effectiveness. A perfect example is the recent study we ran for a
leading beer brand in CEE. Our results showed that the drinking experience in
a pub or bar was the most important one for driving sales of the product. On
top of this, our findings showed that the brand was performing poorly ‘in-pub’
compared to its competitor – insight that was missed by traditional touch
point studies. With this information, the brand was able to refocus their
cross-media strategy on the experience points that would bring them maximum

GfK Experience Effects uses GfK’s interactive ConX measurement system to go
deeper than mere reach and provide insights about how people ‘live’ each
experience point. It includes a mobile diary component, so that the impact of
brand experience points can be captured in real-time, as they happen.
Similarly, GfK Experience Effects programs can be paired with GfK Dimestore,
to include real-time measurement and management of digital advertising assets.

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