Gemoscan Canada, Inc.: 'Weighing' in on the Obesity Epidemic in Canada Following the American Medical Association's Designation

Gemoscan Canada, Inc.: 'Weighing' in on the Obesity Epidemic in Canada
Following the American Medical Association's Designation of Obesity as an
Official 'Disease'

Food Intolerance Management Continues to Play a Role in the Canadian Obesity

TORONTO, June 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gemoscan Canada, Inc. (TSX-V:GES)
(MUN:1GE) ("Gemoscan" or the "Company") agrees that Obesity continues to be a
'hot topic' and applauds the recent designation by the American Medical
Association (AMA) to classify obesity as an official disease ensuring this
heavily debated discussion isn't going away anytime soon. Over 25 per cent of
Canadian adults are overweight and rates among children are at an all time
high according to a recent study conducted by the University of British
Columbia, signaling the need for continued action and new approaches to manage
this escalating problem - which may include one that is often overlooked, the
role of food intolerances.

Canadians are bombarded with a repetitive list of steps to manage an expanding
waistline, these include the standard measures - regular exercise, eating
healthier foods and in some cases even surgery, but there is research to
suggest that understanding an individuals food interactions can be an
important factor that facilitates weight loss.

A 2012 study conducted by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine,
concluded "eliminating foods that are reactive, while replacing them with
similar, non-reactive foods to ensure that nutrient deficiencies do not occur,
is a novel strategy for addressing the epidemic of obesity."

"Yesterday's announcement by the AMA finally legitimizes the extent of the
obesity problem which is responsible for so many co-morbidities and deaths in
Canada and the US," says Dr. Mubina Jiwa, ND, Assistant Professor at the
Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and Chief Naturopathic Doctor -
Gemoscan Canada, Inc. "This is a problem that needs to be looked at as a
'whole' and a variety of approaches need to be considered. I work with many
patients who are battling obesity and one effective tool I employ is a proven
method for food intolerance management."

Canada's leading food intolerance management solution, the HEMOCODE™ Food
Intolerance System is a pioneer in the emerging science of managing
potentially reactive foods as well as providing personal dietary guidelines
that include replacement foods, recipes to compliment acceptable foods, a list
of daily recommended vitamins and supplements based on test results and
consultations with an accredited doctor of naturopathic medicine to help
during each stage of the weight management process.

"Food intolerances can be a very common cause of weight gain and identifying
those foods that cause the body to have a negative reaction can be
instrumental when trying to lose weight – it is not always about calorie
counting and exercise," says Dr. Jiwa.

The HEMOCODE™ Food Intolerance System may be covered by many extended
insurance plans. If individuals have extended health benefits that include
naturopathy, they may be covered.


The HEMOCODE™ Food Intolerance System is a personalized medically supervised
nutritional program that promotes dietary well being. It uses patented
technology and services to provide consultation and recommendations to
simplify the management of food sensitivities. The HEMOCODE™ Food Intolerance
System is one of a growing number of wellness services and products offered by
pharmacies and paramedical clinics as complementary medical choices.
Complementary medicine is an adjunct to conventional medical practice,
incorporating alternative modalities and therapies with a focus on lifestyle
and wellness. A statistically significant base of practitioners and those
using HEMOCODE™ report improved dietary wellness and satisfaction.


Gemoscan is an industry leader in food intolerance management and maintains a
first-to-market position with Canada wide distribution through select retail
partners. Founded in 2003, using its proprietary patented technology; Gemoscan
develops, owns and markets comprehensive food sensitivity and dietary
management solutions for consumers, including the HEMOCODE™ Food Intolerance
System, a personalized medically supervised nutritional program that promotes
well being. Gemoscan is the first and only provider to commercialize a food
intolerance management solution directly to consumers in partnership with
retailers, and today offers the most comprehensive services available.

Gemoscan Canada, Inc. trades its shares on the Toronto Venture Exchange
(TSX-V) under the symbol GES and is quoted on the Munich, Frankfurt and
Stuttgart Stock Exchanges under the symbol 1GE.

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