ONE MEDIA IP GROUP PLC: Half-yearly Report

One Media iP Group Plc ("One Media" or the "Group")               
Unaudited half yearly report for the six-month period ended 30 April 2013    
     Acquisition of video content and extension of existing rights          
One Media iP (AIM: OMIP) the digital media content provider which exploits
intellectual property rights around music and video, is pleased to announce its
half year results to the period ended 30 April 2013 and an interim dividend. 
Maiden Interim Results as an AIM Listed Company 
- On 18 April 2013 the Group's shares were admitted for trading on AIM; 
  - £750,000 was raised pursuant to the Placing of 9,375,000 ordinary shares 

    8p a share;
      - Turnover increased by 32.2% to £1,325,119 (2012: £1,002,302);
      - Profit before tax from continuing operations, excluding AIM floatation and
    associated costs, increased by 28.1% to £262,180 (2012: £204,596);
      - USD$2,250,000 advance against royalties was received from The Orchard, in
    line with the distribution agreement signed on 1 November 2012, with a
    further USD$250,000 to be received on or by 30 June 2013;
      - Cash balances of £1,919,668 at 30 April 2013 (2012: £792,938), and
      - Interim dividend of 0.078p per share for the six month period ended 30
    April 2013

The Group is also pleased to announce the acquisition of two new video
catalogues today, including `The Adventures of Skippy', `Alien Autopsy' and an
extension of its existing rights to a previously acquired catalogue of over 400
hours of music documentaries at a cost of USD $100,000 plus an ongoing royalty. 
Content and Rights Acquisition 
The first new catalogue of video contains 38 episodes of `The Adventures of
Skippy', as well as `Skippy the Movie' first produced in the 1990s, the
episodes follow on from the original `Skippy' series of the 1960s, and
developed a widespread following when first broadcast. 
The second video content catalogue contains footage know as `Alien Autopsy' and
documentaries relating to the 1990s autopsy on the body of an extraterrestrial
purported to have been recovered from the crash of a UFO near Roswell, New
Mexico. The documentary about the autopsy, presented by Jonathan
Frakes, was widely considered to be one of the most controversial TV
documentary specials ever aired on US Prime Time television. The autopsy
footage was subsequently used in the movie `Alien Autopsy' starring Ant & Dec. 
Finally, the Group is pleased to announce that it has secured exclusive digital
rights to a catalogue of video programs first licensed to the company in
September 2011. The content will be made available and exploited exclusively by
One Media digitally via YouTube. Containing over 400 hours of content, the 200+
music video-documentaries feature behind-the-scenes and `fan-based special
feature' looks at artists such as; David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Marc Bolan,
Limp Bizkit, Lennon & Harrison (the Guitars that Gently Weep), Thin Lizzy,
Elvis, Bob Marley, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Andy Williams and the late
Tony Bennett. 
Michael Infante, Chairman and CEO, commented: 
"We are very pleased that our first announcement of results on AIM is so
positive. The Group continues to deliver shareholder value, both through
improved financial performance and the acquisition of content which we believe
adds real value to One Media. The new catalogues acquired today are exactly the
types of content we target, and the extension of our existing rights on the
third catalogue is also a real positive. We can look forward with confidence as
the digital media space continues to grow and the Group grows with it." 
Michael Infante          One Media iP Group Plc      44 (0) 175 378 500        
Chairman and CEO                                                                
Liam Murray / Jo Turner  Cairn Financial Advisers    44 (0) 207 148 7900        

                         Nominated Adviser                                     

Claire Noyce / William   Hybridan LLP                44 (0) 207 947 4004       
Lynne                    Broker                                                 
John West / Niall Walsh  Tavistock Communications    44 (0) 207 920 3150        

                         Public Relations                                      

Chairman's Statement


Welcome to my inaugural statement as Chairman of your AIM listed company. It
has long been my intention to list the company on AIM, and I am pleased to be
listed on a market which matches the company's ambition. The last six months
have been a very busy time for the Group. We negotiated an advance against
royalties of $2.5m USD from our digital distributor, maintained our dividend
policy and have been nominated for national awards from both the Institute of
Directors and the Small Cap Markets Awards. Most pleasing of all, however, was
our successful move to the AIM market. The fundraising associated with our
listing, I am happy to report, was fully subscribed. We raised the targeted £
750,000, and brought several institutional investors on-board.

The Group's turnover has increased by 32% to over £1.3m, our profits increased
by 28% to £0.26m (before AIM costs) and the Group's cash balance remains
healthy at £1.9m. We will now look to focus our energies on acquiring more
content, whether branded (as with the Men & Motors deal in December 2012) or
not, and will continue to develop the skills of our in-house team of Creative

Financial Overview

In April 2013, gross proceeds of £750,000 were raised from the Placing of
9,375,000 0.5p ordinary shares at a price of 8p a share, with direct costs
associated with the Placing of £50,501. Subsequent to the Placing, the Group's
shares were admitted to trading on the AIM market with an additional one off
cost of £196,559 directly related to the Admission.

The Group reported a consolidated turnover of £1,325,119, an increase of 32.2%
on the equivalent period last year, resulting in a profit before tax from
continuing activities (excluding AIM float and associated costs) of £262,180,
an increase of 28.1% on the £204,596 achieved for the same six months in 2012.

During the period the Group invested a further £273,209 in copyrights and
received a USD$2,250,000 advance against royalties from its primary
distribution partner, The Orchard. As per an agreement signed on 1 November
2012, a further USD$250,000 is due on or by 30 June 2013.

Cash balances of £1,919,668 are reported as of 30 April 2013 (2012: 

Profit after tax for the period, after the AIM float and associated costs, was
£17,467. On the reported Net Profit after tax, basic earnings per share are
0.031p. However, "like for like" earnings per share on the post tax profit from
continuing activities is 0.38p.


A dividend of 0.037p per share was paid in November 2012 for the year ended 31
October 2012, and the Group is pleased to announce that it intends to pay an
interim dividend of 0.078p per ordinary share in respect of the 6 month period
ended 30 April 2013. The ex-dividend date of this payment is 26 June 2013, the
record date is 28 June 2013 and the expected payment date is 9 July 2013.

Operational Overview

During the period, we have acquired significantly more visual content, from
early Sooty episodes to the entire brand of the Men & Motors shows from Granada
/ITV. Despite a focus on video content, the Group has not neglected its audio
catalogue. We recently acquired the Peppermint Music catalogue (featuring hits
from Alvin Stardust, Connie Francis and Kid Creole to name a few).

We are also delighted that today, outside the period covered by this report, we
have announced the acquisition of two new video catalogues, including `The
Adventures of Skippy' and `Alien Autopsy', and an extension of its existing
rights to a previously acquired catalogue of over 400 hours of music
documentaries at a cost of USD $100,000 plus an ongoing royalty.

We currently provide over 170,000 music tracks and over 5,000 visual programs,
and we view this as just the beginning. Now, as an AIM Listed company, we will
invest further into our chosen genres and continue to monetise content, which
can then be accessed by a broad viewing public. This expansion strategy is not
limited to the UK, with most of our content available world-wide as the digital
stores we deal with expand the territories in which they operate

Market Overview

The world of both audio and visual media is changing rapidly, as digital
delivery providers seek to stay ahead of the curve in their bid for market
share. BT, Virgin Media/Liberty Global and Sky continue to flex their muscles
financially for market position as they jockey to become the preferred option
for broadband delivery. Apple has finally announced its streaming site, iTunes
Radio, and YouTube is destined to become a new program provider as Internet
Protocol TV (`IPTV') becomes a standard in Smart TV applications. None of us
can predict who will win your subscription pound at this stage, but what we do
know is that a world of change is upon us all. Those of a certain age will
remember when the choice of programming was restricted to four terrestrial TV
channels and four analogue national radio stations, a video-cassette recorder
was your in-home entertainment centre and a cassette player in the car was
considered to be a mobile device. Now we live in a world of infinite content

Thousands of TV programmes of all genres are broadcast 24/7, catering to any
appetite or taste via every digital medium, through a choice of viewing devices
both mobile and static. As these various mediums emerge and become more
established customers are consuming their chosen doses of media entertainment
at a variety of price points, ranging from those who only stream for free to
those who spend hundreds of pounds a month. Viewers and investors alike can be
sure of one thing: content is a key driver in this expanding market. Yes, we
need pipes of delivery, and yes, technology will provide the platform for that
delivery; but without good content at its core, a platform is largely
meaningless, regardless of how sophisticated it may be. With this in mind, it's
no wonder we continue to invest so robustly in our program of nostalgic content
acquisition, with its established audience and proven track record.


The Directors continue to believe that the Group is well positioned to meet all
the demands of the digital market as it continues to evolve and influence
consumer demand. We have the technical ability, internal systems, financial
controls and personnel to meet the exacting demands of both our digital
partners for distribution and those from whom we acquire our audio-visual
content. Consumer demand continues to rise in line with market expectation and
as a digital content-only `Netlabel' we are not exposed to the vagaries and
decline of the high street retailers, which are susceptible to the continued
decline and legacy of the physical medium of compact discs and DVDs. I look
forward to meeting the demands of the emerging digital markets with our newly
established AIM listed company and thank you for your continued support in

Michael Infante JP
Chairman and CEO

Unaudited Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
For the six months ended 30 April 2013
                                Unaudited    Unaudited         Audited
                                 6 months     6 months       12 months
                                    ended        ended           ended
                                 30 April     30 April      31 October
                                     2013         2012            2012    
                                        £            £               £

Revenue                         1,325,119    1,002,302       2,089,841 
Cost of sales                   (628,384)    (481,863)       (983,374) 

                                _________    _________       _________
                                  696,735      520,439       1,106,467

Administrative expenses         (434,555)    (315,843)       (678,793) 

                                _________    _________       _________

Profit from continuing            
activities                        262,180      204,596         427,674           
Other expenses - Aim float      
and associated costs            (196,559)            -               -           

                                _________    _________       _________

Operating profit                   65,621      204,596         427,674 
Finance income                      1,046           71             214 

                                _________    _________       _________

Profit on ordinary                                              
activities before taxation         66,667      204,667         477,888 
Taxation                         (49,200)     (43,000)        (88,668) 

                                _________    _________       _________

Profit for period                                                     
attributable to equity             
shareholders                       17,467      161,667         339,220           

                                =========    =========       =========

Basic earnings per share           0.031p        0.37p           0.73p 

                                =========      =======       =========

Unaudited Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
As at 30 April 2013
                               Unaudited      Unaudited         Audited
                                30 April       30 April      31 October
                                    2013           2012            2012
                                       £              £               £

Non-current assets                                                      
Intangible assets              1,661,416      1,064,033       1,442,140 
Property, plant and               
equipment                         38,388         49,673          47,755          

                               _________      _________       _________
                               1,699,804      1,113,706       1,489,895
                               _________      _________       _________

Current assets                                                          
Trade and other                  
receivables                      435,198        443,905         405,762          
Cash and cash equivalents      1,919,668        792,938         368,655 

                               _________      _________       _________

Total current assets           2,354,866      1,236,843         774,417 

                               _________      _________       _________

Total assets                   4,054,670      2,350,549       2,264,312 

                               =========      =========       =========

Current liabilities                                                     
Trade and other payables       1,720,339        975,052         633,153 

                               _________      _________       _________
                               _________      _________       _________

Total liabilities              1,720,339        975,052         633,153 

                               _________      _________       _________

Called up share capital          320,018        218,143         273,143 
Share redemption reserve         239,546        239,546         239,546 
Share premium account          1,370,895        643,271         718,271 
Share based payment reserve       18,835          8,384          12,416 
Retained earnings                385,037        266,153         387,783 

                               _________      _________       _________

Total equity                   2,334,331      1,375,497       1,631,159 

                               _________      _________       _________
                               _________      _________       _________

Total equity and               4,054,670      2,350,549       2,264,312

                               =========      =========       =========

Unaudited Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
For the six months ended 30 April 2013
                              Share                 based                      
                   Share redemption      Share    payment   Retained      Total
                 capital    reserve    premium    reserve   earnings     equity

                   £          £          £          £          £        
At 1 November    218,143    239,546    643,271      4,791    119,537  1,225,288
Profit for the                                                                 
six months to                                                                    
30 April 2012          -          -          -          -    161,667    161,667  
Share option                                                                   
charge                 -          -          -      3,593          -      3,593 
Dividends              -          -          -          -   (15,051)   (15,051) 

                ________  _________  _________  _________  _________  _________

At 30 April 2012 218,143    239,546    643,271      8,384    266,153  1,375,497 
Profit for the                                                                 
six months to                                                                    
31 October 2012                                              177,553    177,553  


Issue of share                                                                 
capital           55,000                75,000                          130,000 
Share option                                                                   
charge                 -          -          -      4,032                 4,032 
Dividends              -          -          -          -   (55,923)   (55,923) 

                ________  _________  _________  _________  _________  _________

At 31 October                                                                  
2012             273,143    239,546    718,271     12,416    387,783  1,631,159 
Issue of share                                                                 
capital           46,875               703,125                          750,000 
Costs of share                        
issue                                 (50,501)                         (50,501)  
Profit for the                                                                 
six months to                                                                    
30 April 2013          -          -          -          -     17,467     17,467  
Share option                                                                   
charge                 -          -          -      6,419                 6,419 
Dividends              -          -          -          -   (20,213)   (20,213) 

                ________  _________  _________  _________  _________  _________

Balance at 30                                                                  
April 2013       320,018    239,546  1,370,895     18,835    385,037  2,334,331 

                ========  =========  =========  =========  =========  =========

Pursuant to the Placing of shares on 10 April 2013 9,375,000 ordinary shares of
0.5p each were issued at 8p a share. The difference between the gross proceeds
raised of £750,000 and the total nominal value of shares issued of £46,875 
been transferred to the share premium account. Direct costs associated with
this transaction were £50,501.

Unaudited Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

For the six months ended 30 April 2013
                                      Unaudited     Unaudited         Audited
                                       6 months      6 months       12 months
                                          ended         ended           ended
                                       30 April      30 April      31 October
                                           2013          2012            2012

                                          £             £               
Cash flows from operating                                                    
Profit before taxation                   66,667       204,667         427,888 
Amortisation                             53,933        44,598          98,296 
Depreciation                             13,267        14,574          25,106 
Share based payments                      6,419         3,593           7,625 
Finance income                          (1,046)          (71)           (214) 
(Increase)/decrease in                 (29,436)     (140,372)       (102,229)
Increase in payables                  1,037,986       515,333         210,176 
Corporation tax paid                          -             -        (82,410) 

                                      _________     _________       _________

Net cash inflow from operating                                               
activities                            1,147,790       642,322         584,238 

                                      _________     _________       _________

Cash flows from investing                                                    
Investment in copyrights              (273,209)     (211,626)       (643,431) 
Investment in fixed assets              (3,900)      (32,548)        (41,162) 
Finance cost                                                -                 
Finance income                            1,046            71             214 
Corporation tax paid                          -             -                 

                                      _________     _________       _________

Net cash used in investing            
activities                            (276,063)     (244,103)       (684,379)    

                                      _________     _________       _________

Cash flow from financing                                                     
Proceeds from the issue of new          
shares                                  750,000             -         130,000    
Share issue costs                      (50,501)                               
Dividend paid                          (20,213)      (15,051)        (70,974) 

                                      _________     _________       _________

Net cash outflow from financing                                              
activities                              679,286      (15,051)          59,026 

                                      _________     _________       _________

Net change in cash and cash             
equivalents                             368,655       409,770        (41,115)    
Cash at the beginning of the          
period                                1,551,013       383,168         409,770    

                                      _________     _________       _________

Cash at end of the period             1,919,668       792,938         368,655 
                                  =========     =========       ========= 
Notes to the Interim Report 
For the six months ended 30 April 2013 
 1. Nature of operations and general information 
One Media iP Group Plc and subsidiaries' ("the Group") principal activities are
the acquisition and licensing of audio-visual intellectual copyrights and
publishing for distribution through the digital medium and to a lesser extent
through traditional media outlets. 
One Media iP Group Plc is the Group's ultimate parent company incorporated
under the Companies Act in England and Wales. The address of One Media iP Group
Plc registered office is 623 East Props Building, Goldfinger Avenue, Pinewood
Road , Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, SL0 0NH. 
The financial information set out in this Interim Report does not constitute
statutory accounts. The Group's statutory financial statements for the year
ended 31 October 2012 are available from the Group's website. The auditor's
report on those financial statements was unqualified. 
 2. Accounting Policies 
Basis of Preparation 
These interim consolidated financial statements are for the six months ended 30
April 2013. They have been prepared following the recognition and measurement
principles of IFRS. They do not include all the information required for full
annual statements, and should be read in conjunction with the consolidated
financial statements of the Group for the year ended 31 October 2012. 
This unaudited interim statement has not been subject to a review by the
Group's auditors James Cowper LLP. 
The comparative periods represent the unaudited results for the six months
period ended 30 April 2012 and the audited twelve months figures for the year
ended 31 October 2012. 
 3. Earnings per share 
The calculation of the earnings per share is based on the profit for the
financial period divided by the weighted average number of shares in issue
during the period. 
                              Unaudited          Unaudited          Audited
Basic earnings per share     6 months ended     6 months ended  12 months ended 

                                   30 April           30 April       31 October
                                       2013               2012             2012

Profit for period                             
attributable to equity                                                  
shareholders                         17,467            161,667          339,220  
Weighted average number                                              
of shares in issue at            
period end                       55,716,405         43,628,698       46,769,794  

                                  _________          _________        _________

Basic earnings per share             0.031p              0.37p            0.73p 

                                  =========          =========        =========

The diluted earnings per share would be lower than the basic profit per share
as the exercise of warrants and options would be dilutive.

 4. Share capital
                                            Unaudited     Unaudited         Audited
                                         30 April      30 April      31 October
                                             2013          2012            2011

Group and company                               £             £               
200,000,000 ordinary shares of          
0.5p each                               1,000,000     1,000,000       1,000,000  

                                       ==========    ==========      ==========

Ordinary shares of 0.5p each                                                    
64,003,698 at 30 April 2013 ,                                                  
43,628,698 at 30 April 2012 and                                                
54,628,698 at 31 October 2012             
ordinary shares of 0.5p each              320,018       218,143         273,143  

                                       ==========    ==========      ==========

 5. Dividend

The Directors are delighted to announce a second divided for the year of £
50,000 (0.078p per share) following the earlier dividend of £20,213 (0.037p 
share). Our intention is to reward those investors that have been loyal and to
further demonstrate that One Media is an investment opportunity providing a
return that we believe we will enhance shareholder value. 
 6. Interim statement 
Copies of this statement are available from Group's registered Office at: 
623 East Props Building, Goldfinger Avenue, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath,
Buckinghamshire, SL0 0NH. 
Notes to Editors: 
One Media is a digital music and video rights owner. The consumer led but B2B
(Business-to-business) operation looks to exploit its catalogue of over 170,000
music tracks and over 5,000 hours of video by recompiling the content for sale
through over 600 digital music and video stores worldwide. The Company has a
team of Creative Technicians who digitise the content, create the metadata and
re-compile and prepare the digital music & video releases using bespoke
in-house software. 
Additionally, One Media makes its library of content available for TV shows,
movies, adverts, games and websites. One Media operates an online sync database
system that enables music supervisors to explore the library and select tracks
for music briefs. 
One Media focuses on music performed by well known artists from every genre,
including; pop, rock, reggae, R&B, children's music, karaoke, jazz, soul,
blues, rap, hip-hop, gospel, world-music, plus stand-up comedy, spoken-word and
over 1,000 hours of classical music. 
One Media is eligible for Enterprise Investment Schemes ("EIS") and Venture
Capital Trusts ("VCT") 
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