Clear Channel Outdoor Study: ‘Digital Asset Wastage’ in Out-of-Home Represents a Lost Opportunity for Advertisers Valued at

  Clear Channel Outdoor Study: ‘Digital Asset Wastage’ in Out-of-Home
  Represents a Lost Opportunity for Advertisers Valued at $2.3 Billion a Year

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NEW YORK -- June 14, 2013

Digital out-of-home campaigns that fail to utilize the unique features offered
by the medium represent a lost opportunity to the global advertising sector
valued at up to $2.3 billion a year, according to a newly released study from
Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO). Clear Channel Outdoor, a leader in digital
out-of-home, operates some 4,700 digital screens in 18 global markets,
including in the U.S. 49 of the top 50 designated market areas. The company is
warning that 3 out of 4 campaigns run on digital screens are not using digital
features and capabilities to their full potential, with advertisers losing
billions in potential revenue as a result.

Clear Channel Outdoor sampled activity across its global network of digital
screens, calculating that just 1 in 4 campaigns were maximizing the benefits
offered by digital technology. With the worldwide digital out-of-home sector
valued by Kinetic at $3 billion*, this equates to $2.3 billion worth of
‘digital asset wastage.’

The issue of digital asset wastage is just one topic of CCO’s ScreenPlay
study, which identifies the unique features and benefits of digital panels to
advertisers and brands. The study includes research with consumers in shopping
mall and rail station environments, including over 1000 shoppers and rail
commuters in four French malls and in Belgium’s Brussels Centraal rail
station. CCO found that consumers have very high expectations of digital
out-of-home, but brands are failing to make the most of the unique
opportunities for creative richness, relevance, immediacy and engagement that
digital screens offer over static panels.

The ScreenPlay study found that by a clear majority, digital out of home
advertising is considered modern (79%) and innovative (69%), appealing (67%)
and entertaining (63%), and as standing out from other forms of outdoor
advertising (70%).

The research also identifies five ways in which digital creative content can
unlock the full and unique potential of digital out-of-home advertising. CCO
has found that the most powerful digital ads:

  1)  Play with people and spaces
    2)   Use movement
    3)   Tailor executions or messages to reflect relevant consumer needs
    4)   Deliver real-time information and live messages
    5)   Build strong brand narratives

The study found that brands which successfully incorporate one or more of
these features into their digital campaigns connect more powerfully with
people, build a stronger brand identity and ultimately have greater impact.

David Boyd, Digital Director at Clear Channel International, said:
“The message found in our ScreenPlay study is that digital out-of-home has the
potential to be transformational for our industry and that the best is still
yet to come. At Clear Channel Outdoor, we look forward to working in
collaboration with brands across the world to build creatively rich and
effective digital campaigns which engage the consumer and allow the medium to
reach its full potential. Our survey proves that consumers see digital
out-of-home advertising as innovative, modern and engaging and in an
increasingly competitive world, it’s a message we will be taking to all of our

Parveen Bdesha, Research & Insight Director at Clear Channel International,
“The ScreenPlay research has provided us with invaluable insight into the
mindset of consumers and their response to digital out-of-home media. This
will enable our teams across Clear Channel Outdoor’s global business to work
in close collaboration with advertisers and agencies to help them to utilize
the unique features of the medium more effectively, and ultimately allow them
to enjoy the benefits this will bring to their brands.”

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Notes to editors

ScreenPlay methodology: The study used a mixture of qualitative and
quantitative research techniques, with the majority of fieldwork taking place
on location in mall and railway station environments.

The quantitative portion of the study focused on understanding the performance
of, and peoples’ attitudes towards, the live digital campaigns running in
malls and the rail station at the time of the research. The qualitative
portion also sought to understand attitudes toward the live campaigns, but in
addition, broader responses to digital out-of-home, to outdoor advertising and
to advertising as a whole were explored in depth. A wide range of qualitative
techniques were used to do this, including ethnographic observation, filmed
intercept interviews and ‘walk and talk’ sessions.

Fieldwork for the study took place in Belgium in April 2012 and in France in
September 2012 at Belgium’s Brussels Centraal station and in four shopping
malls in Paris and Lyon.

For further information regarding Screen Play, please contact Parveen Bdesha

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*Source: Kinetic Global Digital Out of Home Handbook, 2011


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