Fujitsu Launches New Models of Enterprise Desktop PCs and 1U Rac

Fujitsu Launches New Models of Enterprise Desktop PCs and 1U Rack-mount
Enhancing the enterprise PC lineup with new models featuring the latest
4th-Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) processor family 
Tokyo, June 12, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) -  Fujitsu today announced the release of
two new models in the enterprise line of ESPRIMO desktop PCs which come
equipped with the latest 4th-Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) high performance
processors, as well as a new 1U rack-mount model in the CELSIUS workstation
series. The new models will be available in Japan from today. 
In addition, Fujitsu is releasing a new PC model specially designed for call
centers. It combines the ultra-small FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO B532/G model with a
newly developed display arm to enable more effective use of desk space. This
new model was developed in response to listening to the issues raised by call
center employees, and leads to improved communication among staff members as
well as improving space utilization. 
Product Features 
1. The ESPRIMO D Series of compact desktop PCs 
Fujitsu has added 2 new models to the ESPRIMO D Series, the FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO
D753/G and FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO D583/G. Both models are equipped with the latest
4th-generation Intel(R) Core(TM) high performance processors. The ESPRIMO
D753/G is equipped with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 vPro(TM) and Core(TM) i5 vPro(TM)
processors, chipsets, and LAN chips that support Intel(R) vPro(TM) technology.
This means security, as well as post-deployment maintenance and operations
management, is enhanced - a must for enterprise customers. 
Furthermore, as a symbol of high-performance and high-quality enterprise PCs,
both of these new models in the ESPRIMO D Series will adopt an all-new design
accented in red, Fujitsu's corporate color. 
2. The FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS C620 1U rack-mount workstation 
For businesses focusing on CAD, CAE(1), and analytical simulations, the
inability to perform vendor authentication on a server's operating system
or in a virtual environment has presented a significant challenge. The CELSIUS
C620 1U rack-mount workstation utilizes a physical co-location approach to help
solve this problem. The workstation's 1U size designation is the most
compact size specification for rack-mounted equipment, allowing workstations to
be co-located more efficiently. 
(1) Solving workstation challenges through co-location of physical machines
With this workstation model, it is possible to have multiple workstations
aggregated and mounted on a rack located in a server room. By co-locating these
machines, companies can simultaneously increase security while cutting
maintenance costs. This arrangement can also reduce the impact of
under-utilized machines, leading to improved operational efficiency. The
CELSIUS C620 is fully equipped to meet the necessary conditions for server room
installation, including remote management controls (iRMC), remote control
functionality through a network, as well as support for continuous 24-hour
CELSIUS C620's 1U-sized units (EIA-designated standard) are able to be
stacked one on top of the other to fit a rack size of 19 inches, meaning that a
single 42U rack could support up to 40 machines. 
(2) Compatible with the latest NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards
The CELSIUS C620 is compatible with the latest graphics cards, the Quadro
K600, K2000, and the K4000. Equipping the CELSIUS C620 with any one of these
graphics cards would make for smooth and easy use of applications such as CAD,
CAE, and analytical simulations. 
(3) Support for continuous 24-hour operation
Also being offered is a model of the CELSIUS C620 that supports continuous
24-hour operation. This will help businesses by enabling such things as access
operations for overseas offices where there is a time difference, as well as
automatic activation of software patching and security software late at night.
This means that diminished performance or missed opportunities that lead to
added costs can be avoided during normal working hours. 
3. PCs specially designed for call centers 
One of the challenges of the workplace environment in a call center is the
limited amount of space on top of the desk of each staff member. In order to
help resolve this issue, Fujitsu gathered the opinions and ideas of its own
call center employees to develop a new machine that combines the ultra-small
bodied ESPRIMO B532/G PC with a display arm that can be moved freely in any
By deploying the new PC with this new display arm, companies are able to do
away with conventional display stands and large desktop units. This will
increase available desk space and improve the ease of tasks such as filling in
forms and reviewing catalogs while providing support, leading to higher levels
of efficiency from call center staff members. 
The system's display arm also enables fine-tuned adjustment for both
height and viewing angle, enabling the display to be positioned to best suit
each individual staff member. The display also features a very wide range of
motion that allows colleagues to share information on their screens with each
other by maneuvering the display itself. 

Pricing and Availability
Product                              Suggested Retail Price    Availability
                                        (Not Including Tax)
ESPRIMO D753/G                             From 156,300 yen   From Mid-June
ESPRIMO D583/G                             From 154,200 yen
CELSIUS C620                               From 303,500 yen
CELSIUS C620 (24-hour continuous operation model)
                                           From 403,500 yen
PC specially designed for call centers     From 177,100 yen*
* Set includes: B532/G PC (FMVB01007), display arm (FMV-MKAM), and LCD panel

(1) CAE (Computer Aided Engineering): Computer systems that support the design
and development process of manufactured products.
(2) Continuous 24-hour Operation: Replacement of components with a defined
product lifetime requires invoicing. 
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