Pfizer Canada Announces Pain Research Award Recipients

Sixth Annual Awards Competition Dedicated to Independent Pain Research 
KIRKLAND, QC, June 12, 2013 /CNW/ - Pfizer Canada is pleased to announce the 
recipients of the 2012 Pain Research Awards, an annual grant competition for 
independent research in the areas of basic biomedical, clinical and health 
services and systems. 
"Pfizer Canada is proud to be supporting Canadian medical innovation through 
the Pain Research grant competition for the sixth consecutive year," says 
Lorella Garofalo, Director, Medical Affairs, Pfizer Canada. "Every step counts 
when it comes to improving the lives of patients and continued research in 
this area is a critical step forward to ensure Canadians have access to 
cutting-edge treatments that will have a positive impact on their everyday 
Pfizer Canada invests in pain research to improve the lives of Canadians - a 
commitment that the company proudly collaborates with innovative researchers 
across Canada to achieve. The awards provide funding grants to outstanding 
research that has the potential to improve the quality of life for people 
living with pain. To date, the program has awarded almost $4 million dollars 
to independent researchers. 
Fourteen research proposals for the 2012 Pain Research Awards were reviewed by 
an independent committee comprised of 11 Canadian medical researchers and 
chaired by Dr. A. John Clark, Professor of Anaesthesia at Dalhousie University 
in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
"We commend Pfizer's continued support of independent research into pain and 
are confident that through the research proposals the awards program has 
supported over the past six years, we will be steps closer to better 
understanding pain and pain management," says Dr. Clark. 
The 2012 competition award recipients will each receive funding in support of 
their independent pain research, including a $150,000 research grant. This 
year's winning research proposals will investigate: 

    --  The role glutamate, such as MSG in our diets, plays on
        triggering headaches;
    --  Post-operative brain changes and impact on pain and affect;
    --  An improved understanding of central nervous system changes as
        a result of pain.

The Pfizer Pain Research Awards aim to advance, through innovative research, 
knowledge of the biology and mechanisms of pain, its prevention, management 
and associated burden and apply findings towards improvement for Canadian 
sufferers. Pfizer is proud to support the innovators and ideas that make 
better health possible.

The company thanks all 2012 entrants for their commitment to pain research and 
congratulates Dr. Brian E. Cairns, Dr. Petra Schweinhardt and Dr. Patrick 
Stroman for their innovative and winning research proposals.

Recipients of the 2012 Pain Research Awards

Brian E Cairns, University of British Columbia
Subject: Influence of blood glutamate concentrations on headache mechanisms

Many Canadians suffer from severe migraine or tension-type headaches. In 
some people, the food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a trigger for 
these headaches, however, how it triggers headaches is unknown. Dr. Cairns 
will research whether glutamate can activate the nerve fibers that innervate 
the brain covering, or dura, and are responsible for headache pain and, 
whether natural elevation of glutamate levels is part of the mechanism that 
initiates headaches. If glutamate does activate these nerve fibres, then 
novel treatments to prevent or decrease the risk of headache development could 
involve modification of dietary glutamate intake and/or development of 
selective drugs.

Petra Schweinhardt, McGill University
Subject: Longitudinal brain changes after surgery and their relationship with 
pain and affect

Cross-sectional research has shown that chronic pain patients present with 
brain changes, mostly decreased gray matter. Despite consistent results across 
studies, many questions remain unanswered, including the temporal relationship 
of such changes with regards to pain and symptom development, the histological 
nature of gray matter changes, and whether patients with neuropathic pain 
exhibit similar brain changes.

Through her research, Dr. Schweinhardt will address these questions by 
investigating patients undergoing thoracotomy with a longitudinal study 
design. The results are likely to advance interventions addressing cerebral 
underpinnings of post-operative pain sequelae.

Patrick Stroman, Queen's University
Subject: Temporal summation of pain in fibromyalgia investigated by means of 
fMRI of the entire human CNS

The goal of Dr. Stroman's research is to use functional magnetic resonance 
imaging (fMRI) of the entire central nervous system to investigate pain 
processing when central sensitization is induced, and how this processing is 
altered in fibromyalgia. The results of this study will help to establish 
highly sensitive methods for studying neuropathic pain in humans, and will 
improve our understanding of neurological changes as a result of fibromyalgia, 
at every level of the CNS.


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