Dollarama announces renewal of its normal course issuer bid

         Dollarama announces renewal of its normal course issuer bid

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MONTREAL, June 12, 2013

MONTREAL, June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Dollarama Inc. (TSX: DOL)  ("Dollarama" 
or the  "Corporation") announced  today  that it  received approval  from  the 
Toronto Stock Exchange  ("TSX") respecting  the renewal of  its normal  course 
issuer bid to purchase for cancellation up to 3,364,523of its common  shares, 
or 5% of the public float of 67,290,467  common shares as at May 31, 2013.  As 
at the same date, there were 73,161,732 common shares issued and outstanding.

The repurchase program -  starting on June17, 2013  and ending no later  than 
June16,2014- will  be  conducted  through  the facilities  of  the  TSX  or 
alternative  trading  systems,  if  eligible,   and  will  conform  to   their 

The average daily trading volume of the common shares over the period  between 
December1,2012 and  May31,  2013, as  calculated  per the  TSX  rules,  was 
267,484common shares.  Consequently,  under  TSX  rules,  Dollarama  will  be 
allowed to purchase  daily, through the  facilities of the  TSX, a maximum  of 
66,871common shares representing 25% of such average daily trading volume. In
addition, Dollarama may make, once per week, a block purchase (as such term is
defined in the TSX Company Manual) of common shares not directly or indirectly
owned by  insiders of  Dollarama, in  accordance with  TSX rules.  The  shares 
purchased pursuant to the normal course issuer bid will be cancelled.

Purchases under the normal  course issuer bid  will be made  by means of  open 
market transactions or such other means as the TSX or a securities  regulatory 
authority may  permit,  including  pre-arranged  crosses,  exempt  offers  and 
private agreements under an issuer bid exemption order issued by a  securities 
regulatory authority.

The price to  be paid by  Dollarama for any  common share will  be the  market 
price at the time of acquisition, plus brokerage fees, or such other price  as 
the TSX may  permit. In the  event that Dollarama  purchases common shares  by 
pre-arranged crosses, exempt  offers, block purchases  or private  agreements, 
the purchase price of  the common shares may  be, and will be  in the case  of 
purchases by private  agreements, at  a discount to  the market  price of  the 
common shares at the time of the acquisition.

Dollarama also announced that it has  entered into an automatic purchase  plan 
agreement ("APP") with a broker to allow for the purchase of its common shares
under the NCIB at times when Dollarama  ordinarily would not be active in  the 
market due to self-imposed  trading blackout periods.  Before entering into  a 
blackout  period,  Dollarama  may,  but  is  not  required  to,  instruct  the 
designated broker to  make purchases  under the  NCIB in  accordance with  the 
terms of the APP. Such purchases will be determined by the broker in its  sole 
discretion based on parameters established by Dollarama prior to the  blackout 
period in accordance with TSX rules, applicable securities laws and the  terms 
of the APP. The terms of the APP have been pre-cleared by the TSX. Outside  of 
these pre-determined  blackout periods,  common shares  will be  purchased  in 
accordance with management's discretion.

Under the normal course issuer bid which will end on June 14, 2013,  Dollarama 
purchased and  cancelled 2,583,264  common shares,  representing 3.5%  of  the 
common shares issued and outstanding as of June 1, 2012, at a weighted average
price of $60.36 per common share.

The Board of Directors of Dollarama believes that the purchase by Dollarama of
its common shares represents an appropriate and desirable use of its available
cash to increase shareholder value.

About Dollarama

Dollarama is Canada's leading dollar store operator with 806  locations across
the country. Our stores provide customers with compelling value in  convenient 
locations, including  metropolitan areas,  mid-sized cities  and small  towns. 
Dollarama aims to  provide customers  with a  consistent shopping  experience, 
offering a broad assortment of everyday consumer products, general merchandise
and seasonal  items. Products  are currently  sold in  individual or  multiple 
units at select fixed price points up to $3.00.

Forward-Looking Statements

This news  release  may contain  forward-looking  statements.  Forward-looking 
statements are based on information currently available to us and on estimates
and assumptions  made by  us in  light  of our  experience and  perception  of 
historical trends,  current conditions  and expected  future developments,  as 
well as other factors  that we believe are  appropriate and reasonable in  the 
circumstances,  but  there  can  be  no  assurance  that  such  estimates  and 
assumptions will prove  to be  correct. Many  factors could  cause our  actual 
results, level of activity,  performance or achievements  or future events  or 
developments to  differ materially  from  those expressed  or implied  by  the 
forward-looking  statements,  including,  without  limitation,  the  following 
factors,  which  are   discussed  in   greater  detail  in   the  "Risks   and 
Uncertainties"  section  of  the  Corporation's  management's  discussion  and 
analysis (MD&A)  for Fiscal  2013  and in  its continuous  disclosure  filings 
(available on  SEDAR  at  future  increases in  operating  and 
merchandise costs, inability  to sustain assortment  and replenishment of  our 
merchandise, increase in  the cost  or a disruption  in the  flow of  imported 
goods,  disruption  of   distribution  infrastructure,  inventory   shrinkage, 
inability to  renew  store, warehouse,  distribution  center and  head  office 
leases  on  favourable  terms,  inability   to  increase  our  warehouse   and 
distribution  center  capacity  in   a  timely  manner,  seasonality,   market 
acceptance of  our private  brands, failure  to protect  trademarks and  other 
proprietary rights,  foreign  exchange  rate  fluctuations,  potential  losses 
associated with using derivative financial instruments, level of  indebtedness 
and inability to generate sufficient cash  to service our debt, interest  rate 
risk associated with  variable rate  indebtedness, competition  in the  retail 
industry, current economic conditions, failure to attract and retain qualified
employees,  departure  of   senior  executives,   disruption  in   information 
technology systems,  unsuccessful execution  of our  growth strategy,  holding 
company  structure,  adverse  weather,  natural  disasters  and  geo-political 
events, unexpected  costs  associated  with  our  current  insurance  program, 
litigation, product liability  claims and product  recalls, and  environmental 
and regulatory compliance.

These factors are  not intended to  represent a complete  list of the  factors 
that could  affect  us; however,  they  should be  considered  carefully.  The 
purpose of the  forward-looking statements  is to  provide the  reader with  a 
description of management's expectations regarding the Corporation's financial
performance and may not be appropriate for other purposes; readers should  not 
place undue reliance on  forward-looking statements made herein.  Furthermore, 
unless otherwise stated, the forward-looking statements contained in this news
release are made as of June12, 2013,  and we have no intention and  undertake 
no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a
result of new information, future events  or otherwise, except as required  by 
law. The  forward-looking  statements  contained  in  this  news  release  are 
expressly qualified by this cautionary statement.

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