Juniper Networks Simplifies Data Center Operations With Solutions for Automation

Juniper Networks Simplifies Data Center Operations With Solutions for Automation 
Software Innovation Enables Efficient, Seamless Service Delivery in
Enterprise Cloud and Virtualized Environments 
TOKYO -- (Marketwired) -- 06/11/13 --  (Interop Tokyo) -- Juniper
Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation,
today announced a holistic set of network automation and
orchestration tools for simplifying data center operations. Extending
the benefits of a simple to manage, flat, any-to-any network
architecture, Juniper's automation solutions incorporate continued
advancements on its industry-leading networking platforms and
Junos(R) operating system, as well as integration with leading
orchestration and IT automation platforms, such as OpenStack and
News Highlights: 
Designed with a flexible and open standards-based framework,
Juniper's network automation solutions simplifies the data center by
enabling automation across the full operations lifecycle - from
network provisioning to management to orchestration - to streamline
processes and eliminate the risk of human error. These solutions
allow enterprises to capitalize on the benefits network automation
has to offer today, with the flexibility to implement new and
emerging technologies in the future, such as software-defined
networking (SDN), as dictated by evolving business needs. These
solutions include: 

--  Provisioning and management: Zero-touch provisioning, available on
    Juniper Networks(R) EX Series and QFX Series switches, enable
    network administrators to provision new switches within the network
    without manual intervention. Once initial set-up is complete, Juniper
    Networks Junos(R) Space Network Director provides a single network
    view, delivering a full lifecycle management solution that includes
    configuration, event management and monitoring.
--  Automation with Puppet Enterprise for Junos OS: To increase business
    agility through IT automation, Juniper has integrated Puppet Labs
    software into the Junos operating system. Available now on the EX
    Series, QFX Series and the MX Series platforms, Puppet Enterprise for
    Junos OS lets IT teams seamlessly manage compute resources and
    networking infrastructure simultaneously. Rather than opening change
    tickets and waiting for network administrators to add VLANs to
    top-of-rack (ToR) switch ports, server administrators can use Puppet
    Enterprise for Junos OS to make these changes the same way they
    configure and provision servers today. Building upon Juniper's
    continued commitment to open standards, this solution is
    vendor-neutral and open source, allowing customers to modify it to
    suit their needs.
--  Orchestration with OpenStack: A Gold member of the OpenStack
    community, Juniper Networks has built into its EX Series switches, QFX
    Series switches and QFabric the ability to integrate with OpenStack
    via the OpenStack Networking plugin. This integration simplifies the
    deployment of private, public and hybrid clouds through a set of
    standard application programming interfaces (APIs). Customers can
    deploy multi-tiered data center applications faster and have greater
    flexibility managing both the physical network and virtual network
    infrastructures through either JunosV Contrail or VMware-based

While cloud computing is rapidly transforming business processes today
by enabling greater IT flexibility and scalability, it also
introduces new levels of network complexity and risk. Managing a
diverse set of IT resources in a single pool can be difficult,
particularly when configuring the network is a manual task. In a
recent IDC survey commissioned by Juniper, when over 500 IT decision
makers in the data center were asked to name the foremost limitations
of their network today, four of the top five responses indicated that
slow and time-consuming manual changes negatively impacted network
To address these challenges, data center management paradigms are
evolving from silos of manual command line interfaces (CLI) to
automated and orchestrated workflows. Enterprise customers are
readily seeking solutions to help alleviate the pain. In a recent
survey, IDC reported that the top IT management respondents'
priorities over the next three years will be operational efficiency,
investing in automation and orchestration, and reducing the
complexity of management tools.(2) 
Whether deployed separately, or as part of a comprehensive data
center automation strategy, these solutions can dramatically reduce
the amount of time spent on routine, yet necessary, tasks. They give
IT organizations the ability to maximize their IT resources and
derive greater levels of scale, reliability and agility from their
Supporting Quotes: 
"At iWeb, we pride ourselves on delivering reliable, 24x7 service,
and Juniper's routing and switching platforms help us meet that goal.
As we continue to grow our business and move to a more virtualized
environment with over 20,000 servers, we must automate our services
without compromising the reliability our customers expect. Juniper's
switching platforms integrated with OpenStack will play a critical
role, helping us maintain the agility to innovate with new services
and features and keep our customers satisfied."
 - Christian Primeau,
president and chief operating officer, iWeb 
"Our experience with Juniper during our collaboration to create
Puppet Enterprise for Junos OS led to us actually implementing the
solution within our networking environment. Puppet Enterprise for
Junos OS allowed us to seamlessly integrate our networking
infrastructure with our server infrastructure, creating a more
efficient and agile IT environment. The solution is easy to install
and it behaves exactly like Puppet Enterprise for compute and storage
resources, reducing the learning curve for those already familiar
with the software."
 -Kelsey Hightower, head of IT operations, Puppet
"Our customers want production grade OpenStack in a complete system,
from software and reference architecture to certified hardware and
24/7 support. Cloudscaling's Open Cloud System (OCS) does this, and
Juniper Networks delivers OpenStack integration across its switching
portfolio. Working together, we've integrated JunosV Contrail
technology into OCS to deliver virtual private cloud services. Now,
Cloudscaling has certified selected Juniper hardware, and both
companies' customers can deploy scalable, high-performing and agile
clouds for a wide portfolio of workloads."
 - Azmir Mohamed, senior
director of product management, Cloudscaling 
"Our solution providers rely on the cloud and virtualized technology
offerings from our suppliers to deliver agility and speed in those
environments without adding a layer of network complexity. Juniper's
approach to network automation with Puppet for Junos OS allows our
solution providers to offer a best-in-class solution that meets
customers' diverse needs and applications, while ensuring that
customers benefit from flexible and easy-to-deploy network-based
 -Joe Burke, vice president of Enterprise Storage/Security
Virtualization and Network Group, Arrow ECS, North America 
"It's a given that enterprises today are constantly being asked to do
more with less. Yet new applications, services and workloads are
being introduced all the time, putting additional strain on a network
that's already operating at full capacity. Other vendor
s try to solve
the problem through point products that require network upgrades and
new hardware. At Juniper, we are working with customers to help them
increase network agility and simplify network operations through
programmable platforms and reliability at scale based on hardware and
software solutions that protect our customer's investment. Everything
we do, from new product development, incorporating open standards, to
collaboration with leading technology partners, stems from this
 - Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president, Campus and
Data Center Business Unit, Juniper Networks 
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(1) IDC, Why the Network Matters Survey, November 2012
 (2) IDC,
Systems Management Software Purchasing Priorities Must Focus on
Productivity and Simplification in 2013, doc #239056, January 2013. 
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