Life Technologies Launches Industry's First Stem Cell Characterization Panel

 Life Technologies Launches Industry's First Stem Cell Characterization Panel

Developed with Harvard University, TaqMan® hPSC Scorecard™ Panel provides a
benchmark against which researchers can evaluate pluripotency and potential of
cell lines

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CARLSBAD, Calif., June 12, 2013

CARLSBAD, Calif., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Life Technologies Corporation
(NASDAQ: LIFE) today launched the TaqMan® hPSC Scorecard™ Panel, a
first-of-its-kind characterization assay that establishes a standardized
benchmark against which researchers can now evaluate pluripotency and
trilineage differentiation potential in human embryonic (ES) and induced
pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines. Life will showcase the technology during
the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) conference in Boston
June 12-15.

Until now, scientists have evaluated pluripotency – the potential for ES and
iPS cells to differentiate into any cell type – with laborious, costly and
non-standardized methods that provide ambiguous results. Additionally, their
inability to accurately determine cell lines' propensity to differentiate into
one of the three primary cell germ layers has contributed to major hurdles
that impede stem cell technology from moving into the clinic. The TaqMan® hPSC
Scorecard™ Panel, however, relies on a specific range of gene expression
levels identified at Harvard University to accurately characterize cell lines
in two critical areas: pluripotency and lineage bias. The panel is also being
offered with cloud-based software for rapid data analysis and data sharing
among research collaborators.

"The rapid advancements in stem cell research over the last few years have
created a need for more effective and standardized methods for characterizing
pluripotent cells," said Alex Meissner, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department
of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard University. "Today, the field
of genomics is helping to meet that demand through development of novel
approaches that can help deliver the promise of stem cells."

Life Technologies developed the TaqMan® hPSC Scorecard™ Panel in collaboration
with Dr. Meissner. He is the lead author of a study in the journal Cell (Vol.
144, No. 3, pp. 439-452, Feb. 4, 2011) who identified a range of expression
levels among key genes associated with pluripotency. By measuring gene
activity in ES and iPS cells against the study's gene expression range, Dr.
Meissner's lab was able to accurately score cells for their potential to
differentiate into particular cell lineages.

Standardizing characterization allows researchers to work more efficiently by
enabling them to quickly identify the most promising cells. It also helps
accelerate various applications, including development of "disease-in-a-dish"
models from patient-derived cells, drug screening and eventual use of
pluripotent cells as a renewable source for transplantation medicine.

"It has become increasingly critical for researchers to consistently and
accurately characterize the cells they are working with, particularly to
realize the promise of stem cell-based technology in drug discovery and
clinical applications," said Chris Armstrong, Ph.D., General Manager and Vice
President of Primary and Stem Cell Systems at Life Technologies. "As such, the
launch of this novel characterization panel supports our continued commitment
to provide our customers with the most innovative products across the
pluripotent stem cell workflow."

Dr. Meissner will give a presentation on his lab's use of the TaqMan® hPSC
Scorecard™ Panel during one of two Innovation Showcases Life Technologies will
host at ISSCR in Room 257 A-B on June 14. His talk takes place from 12:30-1
p.m. The second Innovation Showcase will feature Dr. Birgitt Schuele, M.D.,
Assistant Professor, Clinical Molecular Geneticist, The Parkinson's Institute,
who will present her lab's use of Sendai virus-based CytoTune® reprogramming
technologies to recapitulate phenotypes associated with Parkinson's Disease.
Her presentation will take place from 11:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m. For more
information on the Innovation Showcases, visit the Life Technologies ISSCR
booth (# 630).

TaqMan® hPSC Scorecard™ Panel is For Research Use Only, not intended for
diagnostic purposes.

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