TEDGlobal 2013 Kicks Off, Asks People to "Think Again"

            TEDGlobal 2013 Kicks Off, Asks People to "Think Again"

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  EDINBURGH, Scotland, June 10, 2013

- 900 participants arrive in Edinburgh, Scotland for four-day program
featuring 79 talks, performances, and innovative demonstrations

EDINBURGH, Scotland, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TED, the nonprofit devoted
to Ideas Worth Spreading, begins its annual TEDGlobal conference today in
Edinburgh, Scotland. The conference, themed "Think Again," is one of the
organization's two annual events (the other takes place in North America). It
features innovators, global leaders, artists and scientists from around the
globe who take the stage for talks, performances, and demonstrations.

"Every year TEDGlobal ignites an exciting conversation about the issues that
matter most in the world," says TED's European Director Bruno Giussani . "This
year's theme reflects the fact that some radical rethinking is needed right
now. We really want people to reexamine critical policy, social and economic
issues, and to be aware of scientific advances and technologies that are
changing the way we work and interact."

The TEDGlobal 2013 conference will host900 attendees from 62 countries at the
Edinburgh International Conference Center. Scientists, inventors, policy
leaders, entrepreneurs and artists will deliver more than 70 main-stage talks
and performances – as well as more than a dozen TED University talks given by
attendees themselves.

Speakers will cover a wide, eclectic spectrum of topics, including the
aftermath of the financial crisis, spinal cord treatment breakthroughs, cities
of the future, drones, poetry, the neuroscience of sleep, and the rise of
Africa. At the conference, a number of innovative technologies will also be
unveiled for the first time.

TEDGlobal 2013 Speakers and Performers Include:

Session 1: Moments of Truth

  *John Kenny , Carnyx player
  *George Papandreou , Former Prime Minister of Greece
  *Steve Howard , Corporate innovator
  *George Monbiot , Author and campaigner
  *Manal Al-Sharif , Women's rights activist
  *Tariq Harb , Classic guitar virtuoso
  *Anne-Marie Slaughter , Public policy thinker

Session 2: Those Flying Things

  *Raffaello D'Andrea , Autonomous systems visionary
  *Lian Pin Koh , Drones ecologist
  *Andreas Raptopoulos , Airborne logistics activist
  *Daniel Suarez , Sci-fi author
  *Elizaveta , Musical alchemist
  *Greg Asner , Airborne ecologist

Session 3: Exquisite Enigmatic Us

  *Hetain Patel , Visual artist
  *Russell Foster , Circadian neuroscientist
  *Elizabeth Loftus , False memories scholar
  *Sandra Aamodt , Neuroscientist and science writer
  *Kelly McGonigal , Science-help psychologist
  *Natasha Bedingfield , Singer, songwriter 

Session 4: Money Talks

  *Chrystia Freeland , Plutocracy chronicler
  *Annette Heuser ,Rating agency reformer
  *Toby Eccles , Social investment visionary
  *Didier Sornette , Risk economist
  *Apollo Robbins , Gentleman thief
  *Mariana Mazzucato , Innovation economist

Session 5: Listening to Nature

  *Bernie Krause , Natural sounds legend
  *Marla Spivak , Bees scholar
  *Sonia Shah , Science writer
  *Greg Gage , Neuroscientist
  *Yaron Herman , Jazz pianist
  *Suzana Herculano-Houzel , Neuroscientist
  *Carin Bondar , Wild sex biologist

Session 6: World on Its Head

  *Nassim Assefi , Doctor, novelist, Guest Host
  *Gabriella Gomez-Mont , Creativity Officer, Guest Host
  *Teddy Cruz , Architect and urbanist
  *Holly Morris , Explorer and filmmaker
  *Juan Pardinas ,Economic policy innovator
  *Trita Parsi , Historian
  *Dina El Wedidi , Singer
  *Tania Bruguera , Performance artist
  *Lesley Hazleton , Accidental theologist
  *May El-Khalil , Founder of the Beirut Marathon

Session 7: Regeneration

  *Molly Stevens , Biomaterials researcher
  *Siddharthan Chandran , Regenerative neurologist
  *Gregoire Courtine , Spinal cord researcher
  *Mark Kendall , Biomedical engineer
  *Fabian Oefner ,Photographer
  *Le Trio Joubran , Oud trio

Session 8: State of the Nations

  *Renata Salecl , Democracy thinker
  *Eric X. Li , Investor and political scientist
  *Shereen El Feki , Arab sexuality expert
  *Johan Rockstrom ,Sustainability expert
  *Lissie , Singer and songwriter
  *Benjamin Barber , Political theorist

Session 9: Forces of Change

  *Adrian Hong , Advisor, strategist, Guest Host
  *Erik Hersman , Blogger, technologist, Guest Host
  *Dambisa Moyo , Global economist
  *Charles Robertson , Emerging-markets economist
  *Toby Shapshak , Technology writer
  *Just a Band , Funk band
  *Mustafa Abushagur , Former Prime Minister-Elect of Libya
  *Joseph Kim , North Korean refugee

Session 10: Imagined Beauty

  *Gavin Pretor-Pinney , Cloudspotter
  *Uri Alon , Systems biologist
  *Arthur Benjamin , Mathemagician
  *Alexa Meade , Visual artist
  *Stephen Burt , Poetry critic
  *Andras Forgacs ,Bioprinting entrepreneur
  *Pico Iyer , Global author
  *Jamie Cullum ,Jazz-pop singer

Session 11: Tech Impact

  *An Xiao Mina , Creative technologist
  *Eben Upton , Raspberry Pi inventor
  *Anant Agarwal , Education innovator
  *Abha Dawesar , Novelist
  *Tim Exile , Electromusician
  *Alessandro Acquisti , Privacy economist

Session 12: All Together Now

  *Michael Sandel , Political philosopher
  *Charmian Gooch , Anti-corruption activist
  *Michael Porter , Business strategist
  *RuthAnne , Singer and songwriter
  *Salvatore Iaconesi , Open-source engineer and artist
  *Br. David Steindl-Rast , Monk

Throughout the conference, TED's award-winning video team will begin editing
talks to share with the world for free on TED.com , where videos have already
well surpassed a billion views. Talks from the TEDGlobal 2013 conference will
begin to appear on TED.com during the conference and throughout the coming
year. The TED blog [ http://blog.ted.com/ ] will also include speaker
highlights and critical links.

A number of innovative brands and companies have partnered with TED to share
ideas and foster an atmosphere of collaboration and conversation at TEDGlobal
2013. This year's partners includeABB, ARUP, Autodesk, The Boston Consulting
Group (BCG),Deutsche Telekom,Fondation Lombard Odier, frog, Getty Images,
Intel, InterContinental Hotels Group, Knight Foundation, Novartis, O2, PR
Newswire, Renault Nissan, Shell, Skype, State Street, Steelcase, and Walmart.

Under the TEDLive membership, the conference will be streamed live to paid
members around the globe. TEDGlobal will also be webcast to more than 135
independently organized TEDx events worldwide.

The detailed TEDGlobal program and more information can be found online here:

Details about the TEDLive membership can be found here:

About TED

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a
four-day conference in California almost 30 years ago, TED has grown to
support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. The two annual
TED Conferences invite the world's leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18
minutes on a diverse mix of topics. Many of these talks are then made
available, free, at TED.com . TED speakers have included Bill Gates, Jane
Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sir Richard Branson, Nandan Nilekani, Philippe
Starck, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Isabel Allende and former UK Prime Minister
Gordon Brown. The TED2014 Conference will take place next spring in Vancouver,
British Columbia, along with the TEDActive simulcast in neighboring Whistler.

TED's media initiatives include TED.com , where newTED Talksare posted
daily; theOpen Translation Project, which provides subtitles and interactive
transcripts as well as translations from volunteers worldwide; the educational
initiativeTED-Ed; andTEDBooks, short e-books on powerful ideas. TED has
established the annualTED Prize, where exceptional individuals with a wish to
change the world get help translatingtheir wishes into action;TEDx, which
supports individuals or groups in hosting local, self-organized TED-style
events around the world; and theTED Fellowsprogram, helping world-changing
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