Top Quality Cu Diffusion Barriers from Picosun in the ENIAC JU Project ESiP

 Top Quality Cu Diffusion Barriers from Picosun in the ENIAC JU Project ESiP

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  ESPOO, Finland, June 9, 2013

ESPOO, Finland, June 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Picosun Oy, leading Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer,
reports excellent process results for copper diffusion barrier deposition. ALD
materials for copper diffusion barriers were investigated in the project ESiP
(Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package Integration - Reliability,
Failure Analysis and Test), running from May 2010 to June 2013.

In ESiP, Picosun worked in close collaboration especially with VTT Technical
Research Centre of Finland, developing processes for copper diffusion barriers
for Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) structures. Several different barrier materials
were investigated and evaluated, e.g. tantalum oxide (Ta [2] O [5] ), titanium
nitride (TiN), titanium-aluminium carbonitride (TiAlCN), ruthenium (Ru), and
tantalum nitride (TaN). Based on the studies made at VTT, TaN proved to be the
best option for diffusion barrier application. With the results of the ESiP
project Picosun's leading ALD reactor design ensures that the TaN process can
now run safely and be introduced to industrial manufacturing. The TaN films
deposited in the PICOSUN™ ALD tool showed high uniformity and conformality.
The process is also cost-efficient because of the low price of the precursors.

"We are proud to take part in a project such as ESiP - the project addresses
directly the challenges in European electronics and IC industry today and
collects together the finest expertise in the field. ALD process development
is in central role in our position as the leading provider of ALD solutions.
The now optimized, efficient, safe, and cost-effective TaN process for copper
diffusion barriers enables integration of Picosun ALD technology in the next
generation TSV manufacturing," states Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of

The project ESiP was funded by ENIAC Joint Undertaking* and Tekes - The
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. With its 41 partners,
bringing together the biggest actors in micro- and nanoelectronics from nine
EU countries, the project is the largest international R&D consortium Picosun
has participated in this far.

The goal of the project ESiP, which was managed by Infineon Technologies, was
to secure Europe's competitiveness on the global micro- and nanoelectronics
market. One of the technological solutions for this can be found from the
"More than Moore" approach. This approach pushes innovation not only by
downscaling the individual electronic component size, but also by developing
novel solutions for high density silicon multi-chip packaging, package
stacking methods, and failure and reliability testing of the new devices - the
core target of the project ESiP. This "System-in-Package" (SiP) technology
allows realization of highly sophisticated, highly integrated, and highly
miniaturized multifunctional micro- and nanoelectronic devices. Application
areas for these novel devices can be found e.g. from the sensor,
communication, automotive and healthcare industries.

TSV structures are a central part of upcoming and future SiP devices. The
active layers stacked on top of each other often need to be connected and this
is realized with TSV trenches the insides of which are coated with conducting
material such as copper. Diffusion barriers are needed to prevent copper
diffusion into underlying semiconductor material which could render the whole
device nonfunctional.

Picosun Oy is a Finland-based, globally operating manufacturer of
state-of-the-art ALD systems, representing continuity to almost four decades
of pioneering, exclusive and groundbreaking ALD reactor design and
manufacturing. Today, PICOSUN™ ALD systems are in daily production use in
numerous prominent industries across the globe.

*The ENIAC Joint Undertaking (JU) is a European, public-private partnership
focusing on nanoelectronics that brings together ENIAC Member/Associated
States, the European Commission, and AENEAS (an association representing
European R&D actors in this field).

Contact: Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director (email ;
tel. +358-50-321-1955)
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