Litigation Partner Introduces Process Efficiencies, Cost Containment Disciplines That Significantly Reduce Corporate Legal

     Litigation Partner Introduces Process Efficiencies, Cost Containment
         Disciplines That Significantly Reduce Corporate Legal Costs

New Web Tool Gives Control of Litigation Costs Back to Corporate Counsels and
Provides Top Management With Transparent, Predictable Cost Projections

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DETROIT, June 5, 2013

DETROIT, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TVM Solutions announces the launch of
Litigation Partner™, a budget management system that assists corporations in
controlling and reducing their cost of litigation. This cloud-based budgeting,
invoicing and data analysis software combines advanced process management
methods with state-of-the-art web technology to provide a precise framework
for understanding the costs associated with engaging outside counsel
throughout the litigation process. Developed over more than a decade,
Litigation Partner is grounded in a thorough understanding of how law is
practiced and the ways in which costs can be incurred.


Michael Derry, CEO of TVM Solutions, described the importance of Litigation
Partner and its impact on relationships between in-house legal departments and
outside counsel: "Large corporations spend millions of dollars in legal fees,
and executives reluctantly accept these payouts as a burdensome but necessary
cost of doing business. Despite these sizeable expenditures on litigation,
companies have not had a tool for understanding exactly how their money is
spent or what they are paying for. Litigation Partner imposes that discipline.
Our software assigns a dollar amount to every single task performed by outside
counsel during litigation, automatically matching value with work."

To test the validity of the concept, TVM Solutions has worked with PulteGroup
Inc., the $4.8-billion homebuilder, since 2010. Pulte ran a number of settled
legal cases through the Litigation Partner system. Ellen Padesky Maturen,
associate general counsel for Pulte, oversaw the process and summarized the
result: "We were looking for inefficiencies and analyzing costs. What we found
was a real eye-opener."

Ellen went on to talk about how Litigation Partner will change corporate
litigation. "This is a different way of looking at handling a case. It's a
whole new way to think about value and efficiency for us. It's the wave of the
future, because the typical hourly rate structure charged by outside counsel
just doesn't make sense to us anymore. They have to embrace it 100%. It's a
freight train coming straight at them."

Litigation Partner brings cost predictability to the litigation process. Case
managers can now provide the CFO, general counsel and their law firms with the
precise cost of litigation at the beginning of the process. Moreover, the
ability to create financial models for a variety of case strategies enhances
early case assessment.

Derry also emphasizes that the transparency and objectivity of Litigation
Partner-enabled collaboration can strengthen relationships between in-house
corporate counsel and their outside legal firms. "The system works to
eliminate uncertainty and waste by assigning specific values to each
individual task to be performed. That opens up the discussion, ensuring that
all constituents understand what's expected and the associated rates."

He goes on to describe Litigation Partner as an end-to-end system that
facilitates every aspect of corporate litigation oversight. "Our patented
system is the only product available that links a detailed definition of scope
of work to precise budgeting and control of every cost variable. The
authorized budget transforms directly into the invoicing system which, in
turn, launches data collection, business analyses and continuous improvement.
The fact that Litigation Partner works in real-time is a powerful advantage,"
Mr. Derry concluded. "Frankly, this changes everything. Now, our clients are
always on top of their legal expenditures, which is an essential factor in
helping them control costs."

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