Chengdu's Gaoxin District Attracting Huge Attention on Weibo

         Chengdu's Gaoxin District Attracting Huge Attention on Weibo

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CHENGDU, China, June 5, 2013

CHENGDU, China, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Chengdu people can't wait to see
the 2013 Fortune Global Forum come to Chengdu, particularly the ones working
in Gaoxin District, which is short for Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development
Zone. Just think about it: the top companies, which are like dreams for young
people here, gathering here from all around the world in the city where they
live and fight for their dreams.


A few days ago, a series of pictures about Gaoxin District spread widely on
Weibo, the liveliest SNS in China. Those pictures included 100 young people
working in Gaoxin District who held signs with the English slogan: "I'm in
Gaoxin, impressed by Chengdu". Weibo users responded with interpretations like
"You have your suits and ties, I have my shirts and jeans. Entrepreneurship is
lonely, but even more it is a celebration of many."

Moreover, these pictures also can be seen in the Chengdu bus station. The
enthusiasm even attracted some senior executives of Fortune 500 companies to
join thismassive gala, like Chen Jialiang from FEDEX and Uwe Michel from
Allianz SE. Uwe Michel wrote "I'm in Gaoxin, impressed by Chengdu" on a piece
of paper.Atthesametime, Chen Jialiangtook a smiling photo with the

Why is the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zoneso popular? Firstly, Chengdu is the centre of
science and technology, finance, trade and commerce in the southwest of China.
And the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone represents the industrial heights of Chengdu.
Secondly, ratified by the State Council in 1991, ChengduHi-tech Zone(CDHT)
is one of the earliest state-level hi-tech industrial development zones, an
ISO14000 National Model District and one of the six pilot zones established
under the project of "The World's First-class Park Initiatives" sponsored by
the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Now, the output value of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone has exceeded 200 billion yuan.
More than 1,000 high-level talented people have gathered in Chengdu Hi-Tech
Zone, fighting for their business. By the end of 2012, 510 enterprises had
been set up here. And 150 million yuan in talent funding was established to
support them.

Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone also gathered the most brilliant IT genius from the whole
country. More and more entrepreneurs tend to believe that Chengdu is more
attractive in terms of working andliving. These young people have dreams,
passions and motivations to succeed. The Fortune Global Forum is like a
leading star, igniting their inner flame. And time will tell, that Chengdu
Hi-Tech Zone will be the best place to make their dreams come true.

SOURCE Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

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