EU Parliament to Sniff out the Scent of Innovation

              EU Parliament to Sniff out the Scent of Innovation

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  BRUSSELS, June 3, 2013

BRUSSELS, June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

An exhibition from the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), sponsored
by MEP Marielle Gallo, will be held in the European Parliament from June 4 ^th
to 6 ^th 2013. The exhibition called 'Innovation in Every Sense' will be the
centrepiece of a series of meetings and debates during the week on the subject
of 'Innovation for Growth'.

Visitors will be transported to the citrus groves of Calabria in Italy, the
fresh sea air of the Western Isles of Scotland and the stress of the Paris
Metro during rush hour. The exhibition will use multi-sensorial approaches to
explain how the fragrance industry exists to innovate and innovates to exist.
Three individual zones will explain how the fragrance industry invests in
social innovation, scientific innovation and market innovation providing
sustainable jobs and growth for Europe.

The Capua family has been supplying essential oils from Calabria for five
generations and is one of the world's most renowned suppliers of natural
bergamot oils. Bergamot has extraordinary properties for fine fragrances
providing beautiful and complex citrus notes. It is used in approximately one
third of all male fine fragrances and half of all female perfumes. The Capua
family business has thrived through a continual focus on social innovation
with the local community building strong and sustainable relationships based
on mutual respect and benefit. The business acts like a cooperative helping
develop important infrastructure within the community such as education and
distribution. This mutually beneficial relationship is a socially innovative
approach to doing business in true partnership with a community.

Off the coast of the Western Isles of Scotland, sperm whales gather year in
and year out. Every now and then, a lucky walker comes across what looks like
a strange looking lump of rock on the beach. What it is, actually, is a lump
of Ambergris, a complex mixture of digestive juices and mucus spat out by
sperm whales. After years of floating in the ocean and drying out on a beach
it is then ready to be used as a perfume ingredient. Such lucky lumps of
Ambergris can fetch up to 150,000 euro at auction.

For this precious fragrance material to be available to perfumers on a regular
and cost effective basis, the fragrance industry embarked on a long trail of
research and development to recreate the rare scent of Ambergris. This type of
scientific innovation relies on specialised fine chemistry to recreate
nature's genius in a sustainable manner.

Finally, visitors will be transported to the urban bustle of the Paris metro
during rush hour. As modern lifestyles pile more stress onto our daily lives,
the fragrance industry is constantly striving to help relieve the stress,
solve every-day hygiene problems and improve our sense of wellbeing. Fragrance
houses work hand in hand with brand owners to develop innovative new delivery
systems for scents, such as encapsulation technologies, helping the soothing
smell of fabric softener release gently throughout the day. Or, if you have
had a very stressful day, you can enjoy a wonderful spa treatment with
specifically designed scents to relax and calm. Such market innovations are a
result of unique collaborations between fragrance houses and consumer goods

These different types of innovation can all be experienced at the exhibition.
Visitors can gain a real and sensual insight into how vital the ability to
innovate is for European growth in the industrial and creative sectors.

Notes to Editors:

There will be a launch press conference on 4 ^th June at 16:00 hrs at the
European Parliament in the RaoulWallenberg room ASP 5G2. Attendees will be
available to answer questions on the exhibition and the need for an EU wide
industrial policy framework to encourage innovation and growth.

Attendees include:

  *Marielle Gallo, Member of the European Parliament, EPP
  *Julie Girling, Member of the European Parliament, ECR
  *Jean-François Serrier, Solvay SA, Senior Executive Vice President, General
    Manager Intellectual Assets
  *Pierre Sivac, International Fragrance Association (IFRA), President

IFRA is the global trade federation representing the fragrance industry. Over
the last two years IFRA has been leading a campaign to strengthen the European
legislative framework for the protection of intellectual property rights,
particularly related to know-how and redress for its misappropriation. IFRA
has cooperated with the EU Commission to carry out an impact assessment and is
now looking forward to a legislative proposal in this area.

Contact: For more information, please contact: Contact person: Stephen Weller,
Company: IFRA, Phone number: +32-2-214-2067, Mobile number: +32-497-57-33-94,
E-mail address:
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