Rogers and Videotron to build-out expanded LTE network in Québec and Ottawa

Rogers and Videotron to build-out expanded LTE network in Québec and Ottawa 
Shared network will bring benefits of LTE to more consumers and businesses by 
Expanded LTE coverage in rural regions 
MONTRÉAL, May 29, 2013 /CNW/ - Today, Videotron and Rogers announced an 
agreement to bring LTE to even more customers in the province of Québec and 
the Ottawa region. Under the 20-year agreement, the two companies will pool 
their efforts to quickly build out and operate a shared LTE wireless network, 
the most advanced wireless technology in the world. This network will deliver 
an optimal user experience for consumers and businesses in both key markets. 
This announcement builds on Rogers extensive LTE footprint across Canada, 
including Montreal, Ottawa and Québec City. The fast-paced rollout of LTE 
infrastructure will position the two companies to meet the steadily growing 
needs of consumers and businesses, ensuring many more can enjoy incredibly 
fast speeds, throughput and take advantage of the latest and greatest LTE 
enabled devices. 
"This agreement will benefit businesses and consumers and is part of Rogers 
focused, strategic game plan," said Nadir Mohamed, President and Chief 
Executive Officer, Rogers Communications Inc. "This network and spectrum 
sharing agreement, combined with the expansion of our LTE footprint, will 
allow even more consumers to experience the superior connectivity and 
incredibly fast speeds that LTE delivers." 
"This is excellent news for our customers and our shareholders. This agreement 
will enable us to go farther and to do it faster and is indicative of our 
determination to anticipate our customers' needs and to maintain the close 
relationship we have built with them." said Robert Dépatie, President and CEO 
of Quebecor Inc. and CEO of Videotron. 
Under this agreement, Videotron and Rogers will share the cost of deploying 
and operating a shared LTE network. This will deliver capital and operating 
savings, allowing both companies to reinvest in their customers and networks. 
Videotron and Rogers will maintain their business independence, including 
their product and service portfolios, billing systems and customer data. 
Benefits for consumers and businesses
The network sharing agreement will leverage existing infrastructure in many of 
Quebec's urban and rural centres. The fast build-out of the LTE mobile network 
will further improve the quality of the customer experience and enable both 
carriers to better anticipate and respond to their customers' needs. 
For its part, Videotron will also be able to expand its handset line-up. "It 
is always advantageous to have several options in a fast-changing wireless 
market," added Robert Dépatie. "This is another benefit that the agreement 
will bring our customers." 
Better rural coverage and competitive advantage for business
In addition to increasing network performance, this agreement will expand 
mobile coverage more quickly in rural Québec, helping to reduce the 
urban-rural digital divide. 
"These improvements will directly enhance the competitiveness of Québec 
businesses and help meet the demand for more powerful mobile services. In this 
sense, all of Québec and the Ottawa region will benefit from this agreement. 
The agreement we have reached will enable us and Rogers alike to make more 
efficient use of our spectrum, and to derive maximum benefit from our 
investments," said Robert Dépatie. "The required capital expenditures will be 
less than if the two companies would have built out parallel LTE access 
In addition to the network sharing agreement, Videotron and Rogers have also 
come to an agreement regarding Videotron's unused AWS spectrum in the Greater 
Toronto Area. Videotron will have the option to transfer its Toronto spectrum 
licence to Rogers, subject to regulatory approvals, beginning January 1, 2014 
for a price of $180 million. 
"Data usage is exploding and customers want to continue to enjoy the fastest 
possible speeds and throughput. Our plan is to put this unused spectrum to use 
to meet this demand, especially in a dense urban area, like Toronto," said 
As part of the overall agreement, Rogers and Videotron will each provide each 
other with services for which Rogers will receive $200 million and Videotron 
$93 million, payable over a period of 10 years. 
About Rogers
Rogers Communications is a diversified Canadian communications and media 
company. We are engaged in wireless voice and data communications services 
through Wireless, Canada's largest wireless provider. Through Cable, we are 
one of Canada's leading providers of cable television services as well as 
high-speed Internet access and telephony services to consumers and businesses. 
Through Media, we are engaged in radio and television broadcasting, televised 
shopping, sports entertainment, and magazines and trade publications. We are 
publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RCI.A and RCI.B) and on 
the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RCI). For further information about the 
Rogers group of companies, please visit 
About Videotron
Videotron (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quebecor Media 
Inc., is an integrated communications company engaged in cable television, 
interactive multimedia development, and Internet access, cable telephone and 
mobile telephone services. Videotron is a leader in new technologies with its 
illico interactive television service and its broadband network, which 
supports high-speed cable Internet access, analog and digital cable 
television, and other services. As of March31, 2013, Videotron was serving 
1,849,200 cable television customers, including 1,500,300 subscribers Digital 
TV. Videotron is also the Québec leader in high-speed Internet access, with 
1,397,300 subscribers to its cable service as of March31, 2013. As of the 
same date, Videotron had 420,900 subscriber connections to its mobile 
telephone service and was providing cable telephone service to 1,274,000 
Québec households and organizations. For the eighth consecutive year, 
Videotron was ranked as Québec's most respected telecommunications company by 
Les Affaires magazine, based on a Léger Marketing survey. 
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Jean-François Pruneau Senior VP and CFO, Quebecor Media Inc 514-380-4144 
Media: Patricia Trott Director, Public Affairs, Rogers 416-935-7359 
Martin Tremblay Vice President, Public Affairs, Quebecor Media Inc. 
SOURCE: Rogers Communications Inc. 
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