Northern Dynasty announces National Economic Impact Study of Alaska's Pebble Project

 Northern Dynasty announces National Economic Impact Study of Alaska's Pebble

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VANCOUVER, May 30, 2013

Pebble will support 15,000 American jobs and contribute more than $2.4 billion
annually to US GDP

VANCOUVER, May 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
("Northern Dynasty" or the "Company") (TSX: NDM; NYSE MKT: NAK) announces that
the Pebble Limited Partnership (the "Pebble Partnership" or "PLP") has
released a comprehensive study authored by IHS Global Insight, a leading
global source of critical information and insight, entitled The Economic and
Employment Contributions of a Conceptual Pebble Mine to the Alaska and United
States Economies. The IHS report is an independent expert study commissioned
by PLP that details the Pebble Project's potential economic contributions to
the State of Alaska and the United States.

"This study  confirms the  national  importance of  the mineral  resources  at 
Pebble, the  development of  which has  the potential  to increase  US  copper 
production by  20%  over  decades of  production,  while  supplying  America's 
manufacturing, construction and  clean energy sectors  with the raw  materials 
they require," said Northern Dynasty President & CEO Ronald Thiessen. "Through
significant capital investment, high-wage job creation, billions of dollars in
government revenues  and  supply and  service  contracts, Pebble  can  benefit 
generations of Americans and Alaskans."

Economic benefits  in the  IHS report  are characterized  in three  stages  of 
project development: a  five-year construction  phase, followed  by a  25-year 
initial production phase, and  as many as  three potential subsequent  20-year 
development phases. The IHS report is based on a conceptual mine plan using an
iteration of  the  ongoing engineering  work  undertaken by  PLP.  This  work 
continues and no  final project design  has been selected  or approved by  the 
Pebble Partnership at this time.

National economic benefits as  defined in the IHS  report are outlined in  the 
table below.

                                      Initial Production      Potential
  National Economic   Construction       Phase            Subsequent
      Benefits          (Year 1-5)       (Year 5-29)      Development Phases
                                                               (Year 30+)
(direct, indirect &        16,175           14,715               16,650
                                         $2.4 - $2.7^2
GDP (annual)            $1.6 billion        billion       $3.7 - $3.9 billion
Government Revenue
(annual: federal,       $323 million  $670 - $772 million $1.2 - $1.25 billion
state, local)

In  production,  Pebble  will  be  one  of  Alaska's  largest  private  sector 
employers, supporting an average  of nearly 2,900  Alaska jobs, including  915 
direct operations jobs. Total direct employment at the proposed mine over  the 
first 25 years of production will average  1,220 with an estimated 75% of  the 
workforce to reside full-time in Alaska. At $109,500 per annum, the  projected 
average annual salary  for Pebble  mine workers is  expected to  be more  than 
double the state average.

Economic benefits for the  State of Alaska  as defined in  the IHS report  are 
outlined in the table below.

State Economic                       Initial Production      Potential
Benefits              Construction        Phase            Subsequent
                         (Year 1-5)       (Year 5-29)      Development Phases
                                                               (Year 30+)
(direct, indirect &        4,725             2,890                2,750
GDP (annual)            $400 million  $1.1 - $1.4 billion  $2.1 - $2.4 billion
Government Revenue
(annual: state &        $27 million   $165 - $213 million   $351- 396 million

^1 Indirect  jobs  are  those  supported in  sectors  providing  supplies  and 
services to the Pebble  Project. Induced jobs are  those supported in  sectors 
benefitting from the spending of Pebble direct and indirect employee wages.
^2 The  IHS study  forecasts a  range of  GDP and  government revenue  impacts 
associated with  future  development  of  the  Pebble  Project  based  on  two 
different long-term metal commodity price forecasts.

"Pebble can deliver some 3,000 high-wage jobs, more than $1 billion in  annual 
operating expenses and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual tax  payments 
to the State  of Alaska  which is very  significant to  the state's  economy," 
Thiessen confirmed,  noting that  Pebble-related economic  activity in  Alaska 
will boost the  state's GDP by  more than 3%  over 2011 levels.  "But for  the 
people and communities of  Bristol Bay, Pebble  would literally transform  the 
regional economy - providing jobs  and business opportunities where there  are 
few and increasing  the tax base  of the  Lake and Peninsula  Borough by  some 

In the Bristol  Bay region  of southwest Alaska  in which  Pebble is  located, 
employment opportunities are scarce, the cost  of living is among the  highest 
in the nation, and  population is declining as  people move elsewhere to  look 
for work. According  to the  IHS report,  of the  5,394 working-age  residents 
living in the Bristol Bay  region, just 63% worked in  2011 and only 35%  were 
employed throughout the year.

"Mining creates more value per area of land affected than virtually any  other 
industry," Thiessen said. "In the case of Pebble, you have a project that will
occupy less than 1/20^th of 1% of  the 40,000 square mile area that  comprises 
the Bristol  Bay region,  and  yet would  significantly surpass  the  economic 
benefits generated by the world-class Bristol Bay sockeye salmon fishery.

"Let me be absolutely clear - the Pebble Partnership is designing a project at
Pebble that  will fully  protect and  even potentially  enhance Bristol  Bay's 
commercial salmon fishery, as  well as other  subsistence and sport  fisheries 
that thrive in  the region. So  the economic benefits  that are projected  for 
Pebble should only  enhance the significant  regional employment and  economic 
benefits already provided by Bristol Bay fisheries."

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood  Development Association recently released  a 
study authored by the University of Alaska's Institute of Social and  Economic 
Research (ISER) entitled  The Economic  Importance of the  Bristol Bay  Salmon 
Industry (April 2013). The table below presents key findings from both the IHS
and ISER studies,  and depicts the  scale of national  economic benefits  that 
will be generated  in the  region in  future should  PLP achieve  its goal  of 
developing and operating a mine at Pebble that co-exists with the  world-class 
fisheries of Bristol Bay.

                              Bristol Bay Salmon        Pebble Project
     Economic Benefits             Industry       Initial production phase:
                                    (2010)                years 5 - 29
Jobs            Direct          12,000 seasonal
                               (equiv. to 2,000           1,220 annual
                Total               19,800
                               (equiv. to 9,800           14,715 annual
Average         Direct       $12,100 (per seasonal          $109,500
Annual                                        job)
Wage            Total        $20,800 (per seasonal           $65,300
Annual Economic Contribution     $1.5 billion          $2.4 - $2.7 billion

To access a full version of IHS Global Insight's report The Economic and
Employment Contributions of a Conceptual Pebble Mine to the Alaska and United
States Economies, visit

About the Pebble Project

The Pebble Project is an initiative  of the Pebble Partnership to  responsibly 
develop  a  globally  significant  copper,  gold  and  molybdenum  deposit  in 
southwest Alaska into a  modern, long-life mine, which  will benefit not  only 
the proponent,its partners and the people and culture of the State of Alaska,
but also industries,  suppliers and consultants  locally and in  the Lower  48 
United States  of America.  The  project is  located  200 miles  southwest  of 
Anchorage on state land designated for mineral exploration and development. It
is situated  in a  region of  rolling tundra  approximately 1,000  feet  above 
sea-level, 65  miles from  tidewater  on Cook  Inlet and  presents  favourable 
conditions for successful mine site and infrastructure development.

The Pebble Project consists of the Pebble deposit, surrounding mineral  claims 
and a stream of financing provided by Northern Dynasty's project partner Anglo
American US (Pebble) LLC. The Pebble Partnership was established in July  2007 
as a 50:50 partnership  between a wholly-owned  affiliate of Northern  Dynasty 
and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anglo American plc. Both Northern Dynasty and
Anglo American have equal ownership and direction of the Pebble Partnership.

Under the terms of the Pebble Limited Partnership Agreement, Anglo American is
required to elect  to commit $1.5  billion in staged  investments in order  to 
retain its  50%  interest in  the  Pebble  Project. Funds  provided  by  Anglo 
American  are   currently  being   invested  in   comprehensive   exploration, 
engineering,  environmental  and  socioeconomic  programs  toward  the  future 
development of the Pebble Project.

About IHS (
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About Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.

Northern Dynasty is  a mineral  exploration and development  company based  in 
Vancouver, Canada, which  holds indirect interests  in over 500  sq. miles  of 
mineral claims in southwest Alaska, USA. Northern Dynasty's principal asset is
a 50% interest  in the Pebble  Partnership, owner of  the Pebble Project.  The 
Pebble Project is an advanced-stage initiative  to develop one of the  world's 
most important mineral resources.

Ronald W. Thiessen
President & CEO


                             Sole Responsibility

No regulatory authority accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of
this release.  Northern Dynasty  is solely  and entirely  responsible for  the 
contents of this  news release. No  other party, including  any parties  which 
have an interest in the project, are  in any way responsible for the  contents 

           Forward Looking Information and other Cautionary Factors

This release includes certain statements  that may be deemed  "forward-looking 
statements".  All  statements  in  this  release,  other  than  statements  of 
historical facts, especially  those that address  potential mine  feasibility, 
economic effects, estimated resource quantities, grades and contained  metals, 
are forward-looking statements because they are generally made on the basis of
estimation and  extrapolation  from  a  limited  number  of  drill  holes  and 
metallurgical  studies.  Although  the   Company  believes  the   expectations 
expressed  in  its   forward-looking  statements  are   based  on   reasonable 
assumptions, such statements should not be in any way construed as  guarantees 
of the ultimate size, quality or commercial feasibility of the Pebble  Project 
or of the Company's future performance. The likelihood of future mining at the
Pebble Project  is  subject  to a  large  number  of risks  and  will  require 
achievement of a number of technical, economic and legal objectives, including
obtaining  necessary   mining   and  construction   permits,   completion   of 
pre-feasibility and final  feasibility studies, preparation  of all  necessary 
engineering for  an  open  pit  and/or  underground  workings  and  processing 
facilities as  well as  receipt of  significant additional  financing to  fund 
these objectives as well as funding mine construction. Such funding may not be
available to the  Company on  acceptable terms  or on  any terms  at all.  The 
mineralization at the Pebble  Project has not yet  been classified as ore  and 
there is no assurance  that it will  ever be classified as  ore. The need  for 
compliance with extensive environmental and socio-economic rules and practices
and the requirement for the Company to obtain government permitting can  cause 
a delay or even abandonment of a mineral project. The Company is also  subject 
to the  specific risks  inherent in  the mining  business as  well as  general 
economic and  business  conditions.  For  more  information  on  the  Company, 
Investors should review the Company's annual Form 40-F filing with the  United 
States Securities and  Exchange Commission and  its home jurisdiction  filings 
that are available at

SOURCE Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.


For further details on Northern Dynasty please visit the Company's website or contact Investor services at (604) 684-6365 or
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